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A need to kill, or at least seriously injure someone overcame Rukia as she watched the two orange heads disappear out of the hall. She had a good idea of what was going on and felt her heart sinking as she thought about it. Matsumoto spotted her and hauled her over to the bar, simultaneously signalling to the bartender to get Rukia a drink (non-alcoholic of course). She walked away when she saw a random guy winking at her, leaving Rukia to her thoughts. Looking at her faint reflection on the shiny surface of the bar top, she realized Inoue had a better chance of winning any randomguy's heart than her any day.

Inoue's long, flowy auburn locks compared to her short raven hair which stuck out in odd places. *gulp*

Inoue's height, which although average, was comparably taller than her petite frame. *gulp*

Inoue's bubbly personality which was in contrast to her own calm and occasionally icy demeanour. *gulp*

Even Inoue's boobs completely outclassed her own. *gulp*

Rukia banged her now empty glass down onto the table as these thoughts piled up in her mind. She really felt like having some alcohol (she was 150 after all) but knew she couldn't in order to keep up her innocent schoolgirl persona. The startled bartender hurried to refill the glass. Rukia's now apple juice-inebriated mind barely noted this before she was swinging herself off the barstool and hurrying to the exit. She stumbled and tripped as she weaved through the crowd, tears welling up in her eyes.

Kuchiki Rukia did not cry often. The first time she remembered crying was when Kaien died. The second time was when Ichigo had been hurt when trying to save her from Byakuya and Renji. Both times she had a valid reason; she supposed this was a valid reason as well.

Her thoughts drifted like a plastic bag in the wind as she recalled the events from a few hours ago.


"I'm gonna confess to Kurosaki-kun today at the wedding!" whispered Orihime excitedly with her signature bright chirpy smile plastered across her face.

The other girls crowded around Orihime and began to squeal and giggle excitedly at the latest revelation, Orihime shushing them halfheartedly and blushing at their comments.

Having successfully hidden the shocked and alarmed expression that flitted across her face, Rukia tried not to puke out the ham and cheese omlette Yuzu had made her that morning.

End of Flashback

Right as she reached the exit, she heard Ichigo's voice.

Rukia felt her brain go a number with each word that was said. It wasn't a dull kind of feeling though. She felt like she was flash stepping on the clouds. Suddenly she looked up to see Ichigo in front of her. He grabbed her arm.

"Come with me."

Rukia's numb brain immediately recovered when Ichigo started dragging her through the garden.

"What are you doing? Let me go you imbecile! You barbarian! You fool! You walking catastrophe! You-"

"Shut the hell up and just follow me, midget," growled Ichigo, annoyance lacing his words.

When Rukia tried to bite his arm, Ichigo had had enough and swung the tiny girl over his shoulder. She grunted when her stomach pressed hard against his shoulder, retorting with a painful jab of her elbow to his head. Wincing at the painful hit, he continued deeper into the garden, ignoring her very verbal protests at being treated in an undignified manner. Despite her protests however, Rukia's mind was racing at what she had just heard. Even though she wasn't the type to jump to conclusions, she couldn't help the bubble of hope that had formed inside her. Ichigo stopped abruptly but in contrast, put Rukia down gently. He then walked a few feet away and started pacing, while Rukia was just standing there, officially confused.

Ichigo's Silent Conflict

Ichigo had a very convenient realization after Orihime's confession. If he didnt tell Rukia his feelings soon, he thinks someone else, "coughRenjicough", is going to do it and he will lose Rukia.

Should I tell her now? What if she rejects me? My carefully crafted reputation will be destroyed. I'll have to become a hermit or something.

Heh, you'd better do it, or I will.

Shut it! Who asked you anything?

Oh please, anyone with half a brain can figure out that she likes you too.

Ichigo had been attempting to force the hollow out of his mind but those words caught his attention.

A-Are you sure?

See, that's why I said anyone with half a brain because you obviously have less than that. Or no brain at all.

Cut the crap, Hichigo! Does she really like me? How do you even know anyway?

You know what, I'm not even gonna bother answering that.

Ichigo knew that Rukia would probably kick him in the head if she saw him wallowing around like the idiot he was known to be (by Rukia at least) and marched back to her with a little newfound determination. He clapped his palms onto Rukia's shoulders and bent down.

"Rukia, I-I…" Ichigo lost his already shaky train of thought as he looked into her uncertain violet eyes.

Spit it out you idiot.

Ichigo stuttered incomprehensibly.

Sigh. You're really useless King, I hope you know that.

Hichigo decides to take action and nudges Ichigo's voice box.

"I love you!" blurts out Ichigo.

He claps a hand over his mouth and tries to think of Orihime to help him stop blushing, while cursing Hichigo violently in his mind. He was completely mortified!

-In between cursing Hichigo-

She's not saying anything! Why is she not saying anything? She's just standing there and smiling! Oh no, she must be smiling at what a fool I am. But why is she smiling? Oh my god! She must be dating Renji! I was too late! Maybe I should have said I was in love with her. Whats the difference anyway? FUUUUUUUCCCCCKKKK-

Rukia could practically read the thoughts going through Ichigo's mind through his horrified expression. The diehard Chappy fan would bet her limited edition Chappy pyjamas that Renji would crop up somewhere in those thoughts. She decides to tease the carrot-top further since it took him this damn long to say it. Grabbing his shoulders, she pulls him down forcibly, leans in and kisses him, and this time, not even thoughts of Orihime can stop Ichigo from blushing. Rukia hopes this suffices as her response, because she was definitely incapable of coherent speech now.

Got your answer now, dumbass? I deserve compensation for all your cursing just now. You should be licking my Lanvin boots!

Yeah thanks, I guess.

You guess? Ungrateful bastard…

Ichigo tunes the hollow out of his mind to concentrate on the girl in front of him. He wrapped his arms around her waist the same time she did around his neck. When it became too difficult for her to keep staying on her toes, Ichigo lifted her up slightly so she was hovering just slighly above the ground. He smiled when she let out a small whimper.

I guess I won't have to become a hermit after all.

"Oh hoho, would you look at this," Urahara says behind his fan, looking suspicious as usual.

"Tch, took them long enough," replies his new wife. Her arm was hanging around his neck as she pressed their cheeks together.

"Hmm. Better late than never, wouldn't you say?"

"Should we be having another wedding today?" Yoruichi calls out with a devilish smirk, loud enough for the new couple to hear.

Ichigo gulped and pulled away quicky, removing his arms from around her even when her arms remained where they were.

Oh, crud.

Still hanging above the ground by his neck, Rukia only smiled brightly, because she wouldn't have minded getting married. Nor did she oppose of the public display of affection; as long it was her and Ichigo of course. In the back of her mind, she wondered how Ichigo could have possibly chosen her over the bubbly and busty Inoue Orihime.

But then again, Ichigo wasn't just any random guy, and she should've known from the beginning.

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