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I anxiously walked into the hallway. Students filled the long foreboding corridor. Laughter and chatter filled the air, girls whispered and giggled as they passed me. I made my way down the hall to my locker and opened it. Suddenly I saw a flash of orange in the corner in my eye, but it was too late.

"'Ey Brudda" Wakka exclaimed as he caught me in a noogie.

"Hey Wakka" I grunted and released his death grip from myself.

"How were your holidays?" I continued.

"Yeh, alright, I guess. Hey, you know that girl Rikku, ya?"

"Yeah, what about her?" I furrowed my eyebrows

"I heard she got an awesome hot cousin coming here this year!" he said in a lowered voice.

"Really? Awesome, You know her name?" I wanted to find out more about this 'awesome hot' girl.

"Nah, Rik told me but I forgot. Hit in the head too many times with a blitz ball, ya?" He chuckled.

"But it did start with 'Y'" He continued, scratching his head.

I turned back to my locker and took out my time-table. "What u got first 3 sessions Wakka?"

"Ahh, P.E, art and math. You?"

I looked at my list. "Damn. I got art, black magic but we got math together." I said with a grin.

"Yo Ti!" I turned to see blonde spiky hair making its way through a crowd.

"Hey Gip," I said doing a secret handshake with him

"What u got first?" I continued.

"Science, History and Tech."

"Ha! You got no classes with us" I said messing up his hair.

"Hey! Watch it!" He said fixing up his hair.

The bell rang. "I'll see you guys later" I said waving at them and walking off with my books.

I entered the art room and took a seat at the back at my usual seat. Not soon after Mr. Guado entered the room. "Damn! Why do we have to have him." I said to myself.

He was bad. I had heard previous rumours that he harassed students. He had a bad look and vibe around him but he acted nice to all of us. He made his way to his desk and placed his books on his desk.

"Good morning class," He announced

"Im afraid Mr. Braska is no longer your art teacher, due to an inconvenient accident. I will be taking his place for this semester." He said with a sly grin.

He started to mark the role.


"Here" He replied raising his hand


"He's sick" Some answered.

All of a sudden a girl walked into the room.

"Excuse me." She said soflty

"Ah, yes, are you the new student?"

"Yeah." She replied.

"Please take a seat" Seymour said kindly.

I could see him eyeing her, but it was obvious why. She was gorgeous! Short brown hair, great body and the cutest face, but the most alluring part of her was her eyes. They we're bi-coloured, one emerald green and the other sky blue. Luckily for me the only available seat was next to me. She put her books on the desk and sat down, my eyes never leaving her.

"Shelinda" Seymour continued

"Here" She replied.

Yuna looked up at me and I quickly looked away. She then leaned towards me.

"Hi, I'm Yuna" She whispered.

I could feel her warm breath against my skin. My mind suddenly flooded with bad thoughts. I shook them out of my head and turned to face her, "Tidus" I whispered holding out my hand, she took it and we shook hands. Her skin was so soft. I yet again was flooded with thoughts. I shook my head and quickly removed my hand to face the front again. Yuna sat facing the front with full attention. Seymour still marking names in the background. I sat there yet again staring at her, she didn't seem to notice. She was so beautiful, so graceful, just so-

My thoughts were cut off by an annoying voice. "Mr Tidus, would you please stop staring at your fellow classmates and answer to your name, or are you not Tidus anymore?"

The class started to giggle and I blushed and looked away.

"Okay class, today we'll just be doing some sketching of anything you want."

The class all got out their sketchbooks and started to draw. I quickly followed instructions and started to draw.

Before I knew it I realised I was drawing a girl. I looked closer and realised it was Yuna. I quickly turned the page to start a new drawing before anyone noticed.

Why am I thinking about her so much? Sure, she's hot so why don't I just invite her back to my place like every other girl?

I sat there thinking of something to draw, so I just settled on a simple blitzball. I stopped and looked over at Yuna's sketch, it was a sunset, a really good one too!

"That's really good," I whispered.

She looked up at me again "Thanks," She said

"Yours is nice too." She said with her smile.

Oh Yevon, her smile. She's soooooooooooo hot! I smiled back at her and turned my attention back to my blitzball. I finished the outlines and started the shading. Seymour walked behind us and looked at our work, "Very nice work, Yuna" he said.

"Thanks" She said looking up at him with a smile. I could see something in his eyes that a teacher shouldn't look at a student to. Yuna didn't see it for she only looked at him for less than a second. I had to find out his intentions with this newly found beauty, I opened my mouth but the bell rang before I could say anything.

I packed up my stuff and headed off to my next class.

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