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5 a.m… The sun slowly seeped through the curtains of the dark room. The figure on the bed stirred, rolling over to avoid the invading light.

Suddenly, without warning, the radio on the bedside table burst into life as it's noise filled the room;

Kill your enemies,
My brothers dead around me,

The figure quickly jumped out of bed to turn down the music. His body now slowly being embraced by the brisk cold of the early morning.

Wounds are hurting
Death is creeping for me,
Smoke is blinding
Hearts are pounding
Chaos soon ignites

The call is made
It's one for all
Will I meet my maker

75… 76… 77… Sweat was forming on the figures forehead as his hands and arms were forcing his body away from the floor.

Over The Top Over The Top
Right Now It's Killing Time

Over The Top Over The Top
The Only Way Out Is To Die

One motivation.

God Has Spoken Through His Conscience
As I scream aim and fire
The death toll grows higher

Today was the day.


"Tiiiiiiddduuuuusssssss!" I heard the nagging voice of the perky Al-Bhed call, "Hurry Uppppppppp!" she continued.

"Fiiiiiiiiiiinnneeeeee!" I called grabbing my bag and feeding Zada.

"Again with this talk?" Gippal sighed, "I need some new friends."

"HEY! That doesn't mean a new girlfriend too?" Rikku asked pouting and pointing to herself.

"Haha, of course not!" he said picking her up in a warm embrace.

"Teehee!" she giggled.

Then I was reminded of Braskas words, "I will know your every word, every move, everything." Playing over and over in my head, what if he did watch me all the time? What if he could know everything? Nahh.. He's not like a magician or anything! But he was a summoner… Can summoners do tha-

"TIDUS!" Rikku yelled snapping her fingers in my face.

"Huh? Oh. Uhm. 10?" I stuttered.

"Haha, This isn't Maths Tidus." Gippal laughed.

"Haha, sorry, just thinking…" I trailed off.

"About what?" Gippal asked.

"Yuuuuunnaaa????" Rikku nagged.

"Uh.. Kinda, but not really." I said rubbing the back of my neck.

"D'awww… Well that's still thinking of her!" Rikku said.

"Thinking of who?" Came a voice.

"Oh, hey Yuna!" I waved.

"YUNA! TIDUS WAS THI-" I held my hand over Rikkus mouth before she could finish the sentence.

"Thinking about our art project!" I said in substitution for Rikku.

Rikku fumed and hit me playfully across the head before walking ahead with Yuna.

"She's gonna tell Yuna anyway." Gippal said.

"Yeah I know, but I just saved an awkward moment for us back there." I stated.

"Haha, true." Gippal laughed.

"So how's things with you and Rikku?" I asked as we turned a corner.

"Yeah, really good, I really like her." Gippal blushed.

"WHIPPPPEEDD!!!!" I yelled smacking him on the back.

"Who's whipped?" Came yet another voice.

"GIPPAL IS WHIPPED!" I yelled loud enough for Rikku to hear.

"Hahaha, don't be too cruel, ya?" Wakka laughed putting his arm around Gippal.

"I hate you guys…" Gippal said hiding in his jacket.

"Speaking of girls… Who are you crushing on Wakka? Anyone yet? Coz it's kinda sad that EVERYONE in our group is hooked up, and you're kinda the black sheep." I teased.

"HEY! That's not nice." He said crossing his arms. "But if you MUST know, there is this one girl, ya?" He said catching even Rikkus attention way in front.

"WHOWHOWHOWHOWHO!" She almost screamed running towards us.

"I'm not telling. I refuse." He said crossing his arms even further.

"Awww, Come onnn!" she bugged.

While the two argued on whether they should hear this mystery girls name, my eyes and thoughts wondered to that of the beautiful brunette but a few paces ahead. I figured my walk to school would be more enjoyable with her and ran to catch up to her.

"Hello stranger." I said wrapping my arms around her.

"Haha, why hello there." She said holding my arms in place. "So I heard that your thoughts are occupied with someone. Is it someone I would know?"

"Hmmm… Maybe." I said, playing her game.

"Oh, well maybe if you described her I could probably pick her out." She smiled.

"Well, where to start. She's the most gorgeous girl in the world, beautiful flowing brown hair, a VERY sexy body and you wanna know what I love about her the most?" I asked.

"What?" She stopped and looked me on the eyes.

I leaned forewards pressing my forehead against hers, "She has a really hot cousin." I whispered.

Yuna gasped and hit me on the back.

"Haha, I was kidding!" I reasoned as she stormed away from me.

She turned and poked out her tongue then continued to walk to school.

"Ohh.. Harsh." I said re-adjusting my bag and walking with the rest of the group.

Gippal and Rikku were engaged in a deep conversation so I began to talk to Wakka.

"So who do you like?" I asked.

"Ahh… If I tell you, you promise not to tell anyone?" He said.

"You know it, buddy!" I reassured.

"Right well, her name is Lulu." He whispered.

"NO WAY! OH MY YEVON!" I yelled.

"HEY HEY! SHHHH!!!" He said grabbing my head.

"Haha sure. But hey, good luck man, I know she can be a bit harsh." I sighed.

"Yeah I know… I don't know why, but it's like when I look at her, I never wanna look away, ya know?" He trailed off, looking off in the distance, obviously thinking of her.

"Hey man, she's in my Black magic class! I could help you, ay?" I asked.

Wakka really had a problem with girls, sure he's the blitzball captain meaning he get's heaps of girlfriends, but he always has problems keeping them.

"Really? Thanks Ti!" He said giving me a short hug.

We suddenly saw the school down the street as the bell rang.

"Shit!" Gippal and Wakka chimed.

"Hey! Language!" Rikku shouted smacking Gippal on the back of the head.

"Sorry!" He said shielding his head.

"Haha, stop fighting and lets get to class." Yuna laughed as she raced towards the main building.

"Last one there is a rotten chocobo egg!" Rikku yelled.

"And the first one has to eat it!" Gippal added running ahead.

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