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- - - - -

"Hermione, how long do you plan to stand there gawking like an idiot, hmm?" Snape was blocking my path, arms crossed over his chest as he tried and failed to give me an intimidating look. He knew that I knew that neither of us could truly intimidate the other any more. Maybe my first year that glower would have worked on me, but now that we were colleagues it had long since lost the effect.

"As long as I feel like, Professor. You can stop anytime now, too." I stepped out of the doorway I previously occupied and allowed the flabbergasted man to pass me. "I no longer have a reason to 'gawk' anyway." with that said, I turned from him and walked down the hall way towards my class room. Snape was still the potions master, and it never stopped him from coveting my job as Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher. We had been colleagues for two years now, and it seemed I would be cursed to run into the man every day for the rest of my life.

As it were we sat next to each other at meals as well, and our classrooms were practically neighbors, mine was just a floor above his own, my private chambers directly above his own. Here I am a 23 year old woman, whose never been outside a school in her life.

While I may still distrust Snape from my childhood times, lately he'd grown on me as a fellow instructor. Now I understood everything we had put him through, and thoroughly wished we hadn't. It would be just my luck to get some students who were mirror images in personalities as my friends Ron and Harry.

I was on my way back to my own classroom when I had glanced out of the window. The lake was exceptionally gorgeous today, with the sunlight glittering upon its glassy surface. I couldn't help but gaze at it for a little while. It wasn't often that it shined like it did just then, and when I was able to I'd spend the moment to reflect in its beauty.

Snape was still watching me as I left, I could feel his stare as I walked away, leaving him to a lonely hall way. Rapid footsteps caused me to turn back to him alarmed as a hand slammed into the wall next to me. Snape was glaring down at me with a loathing stare.

"You might be my equal, but there is only so much of your wit I can stand. Once you hit my breaking point, there will be no turning back for you."

"Severus," I replied in an innocent tone, "is that a threat or an invitation?"

With a final look of fury he stormed off. I had been close to hitting it that time, I knew. Such as the scene previously entered is how things had gone since I'd first arrived. As an adult woman I now knew how to say all of those things most would considered a flirt, and on Severus snape they worked like a charm. Though he was not necessarily an attractive man, his intelligence attracted me. The more we clashed, the more I saw him watch me. At meals we may even hold a civil and interesting conversation. In the halls we'd never fail to acknowledge one another.

I had made it to my classroom by that time, and found it empty, as I'd expected. What I didn't expect was a note to fly through my door twenty minutes after I'd settled down to a pile of essays to grade.

It was a summons, to none other than Severus Snape's personal chambers. It was set for dinner time that evening. With a chuckle I sent a reply saying I would indeed attend, and asking what he desired I wear, knowing the last comment may either revoke the invitation or make things more interesting.

"Severus, I shall be delighted to join you, but first must inquire as to what you desire me to wear, for otherwise I shall have no idea. Quite frankly I would much rather not got nude so as to avoid improper dress. Hermione." I read the note aloud, infuriated. "Even when I try to make amends she laughs at me..." I muttered, storming around my office. Very well, two can play at that game. Whipping out my quill again, I sent her a reply.

"For while I only ask that you neglect the usual robes tonight, as a way of showing informality to allow us to indeed be 'frank' tonight, however you decide best to dress may very well change the plans for the evening as soon as you walk through that door...


With a flourish of my quill I sent the note back immediately, hoping I'd conveyed a suitable comeback. Hermione, once such a bushy haired eleven year old, was now a fully bloomed woman, and very attractive. Her looks were not what attracted me to her so indefinitely. Her spirit and that very wit I had warned about earlier drew me to her as the strongest aphrodisiac may to a succeptible victim.

I had long since admitted to myself the lust I felt for Hermione Granger. Tonight, i would ensure she admitted of her own to me.

- - - - -

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