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At promptly seven that evening, as the note instructed, I stood outside Severus' door, waiting for him to let me in. I had decided to be a little daring, and modest at the same time, wearing a simple cocktail dress, knee length with a single strap over my left shoulder. It was modest in that no cleavage showed, but what was concealed was emphasized through the tightness of the dress itself. If this were truly his intent, Severus would be getting an eyeful, and with luck I would be able to keep it at only that.

The door opened to Severus standing there in a pair of tightish black slacks, and a gittering green button up shirt, opened from the middle up to reveal pale, taut skin.

It was obvious we both approved of the other's ensemble through our smirks of satisfaction. I swear, the man was rubbing off on me.

"Good evening, Hermione." he muttered, giving a husky tint to his words.

I nodded. "Good evening to you, as well, Severs. I trust I'm not late?"

"Of course, you were right on time, as I knew you would be."

It was obvious tonight was going o be a game. As soon as the door was shut he offered his arm, which I took, gently tucking my own into the little gap, and taking care to pull his arm all the way back to my chest as we walked.

A slight blush was creeping into his cheeks, but just as soon as it appeared so too did it vanish.

He led me to the small couch he had in his drawing room, a very soft and poofy thing I noticed when I began to sink within the thing. I lost a bit of dignity as I tried to straighten myself up enough to sit comfortably without looking like a child.

Severus chuckled. "As always, you are the picture of grace, Hermione."

"As are you, Severus. You're spilling the tea." As I struggled he had started to get us some drinks, and at my comment glanced down to find he had more than adequately filled the cup, and the tray for that matter.

With a muffled curse, he whipped his wand out and cleaned the mess with a simple flick of his wrist. "Terribly sorry about this Hermione." he muttered, a definite blush now, "I must admit to being the slightest bit preoccupied with watching your humorous attempt at sitting like a lady."

I blushed as well, finally sitting correctly. "No need to apologize. I enjoyed the battle of mastering your couch. It seems just as intent to eat me as you are sometimes."

He grimaced. Point for me.

"Yes, sometimes you make me wish I could just eat you up, in many ways and for just as varied reasons..."

I blushed. Point for him.

Embarrassment over for us both, Severus re-poured some tea into each of our glasses, walking carefully to me and leaning down from his splendid height to my shortened level on the couch so as to present he glass to me. His shirt dipped open just enough to reveal some very nice muscles hidden beneath the fabric, something I believed him to have done on purpose. As an added bonus, when he gave me my glass, he was careful to graze his fingers down the length of my hand, leaving a tingling sensation in their wake.

"Severus, is this to be a dinner party or a battle of the senses? So far we seem more intent on teasing each other than was originally intended."

"Indeed, you may be right. Would you care to begin the main course, then?"

I nodded, and joking around aside, stood from the couch with a hand up from Severus. At least there wasn't any kidding around until I was up. Immediately after it began again. I don't know if he meant to do so on purpose, but as soon as he pulled on my arm to help me I went up, nearly flying into him. Luckily neither of us fell over, and he caught me fairly easily, cradling me to him, our clasped hands in between our bodies.

We each blushed, and separated. Minus one point for each of us.

Once again he offered his arm, and he led me to his bedroom, where an elegant table for two had been set up, complete with candles floating above for that romantic setting. I raised an eyebrow at the stain sheets.

"Severus, by having your dinner party in here, were you meaning to imply some after dinner entertainment?"

"I thought it best to give us each a fair amount of space for while we ate, and the most relaxing room in my quarters happens to be my bedroom. The view also happens to be one of the most striking in this castle."

We reached the table, and pulled my seat out for me, before pushing it back in. As he sat I tried again. "Severus, I do believe you just evaded my question."

He managed to keep himself from blushing this time. "Then allow me to be perfectly blunt in answering this time. Whether or not this evening ends in sex will be entirely up to you and your teasing nature.

This time I blushed furiously, and knew he'd won a small protion of the battle by saying that alone.

As my composure came back under control, I smiled sweetly at him, irritation evident in my eyes. "I believe you have just issued a challenge, and I do intend to answer it. Let the duel begin."

With another smile, Severus raised his glass and we toasted to what would surely be a very interesting evening.

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