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Chapter 1

It has been exactly two months since the Pevensie's last visit to Narnia and things gradually went back to normal as they re-adjust their lives in London. Peter, Edmund and Lucy appear to be moving on quite easily except for Susan who has become rather distant with the family. Though the thought of never returning to Narnia troubled the two older siblings, Peter is the one who learned to finally accept it. The news, on the other hand, changed Susan the most as it transformed her into a whole different person. Peter, Edmund and Lucy come to realize she is no longer the Susan they used to know.

As soon as school ended for the day, Susan and Lucy, in their matching school uniforms, started heading towards the train station to meet up with Peter and Edmund just as they do everyday before they head on home. Lucy looks up at Susan who is obviously in her own world with the same stoic expression on her face she had on for the past two months. Lucy's sad eyes falls to the ground as she lets out a sigh. Once they stop at an intersection to cross, Lucy begins to ponder on how much fun they used to have together. Their walks were once filled with laughter and gossip about their adventures in Narnia and how they look forward to vacation because school is never appealing to either of them. But now everything is complete silence with Susan, and it worried Lucy deeply just as much as it worries both Peter and Edmund, but neither of them are able to get through to her as she continues to deny the fact that something is bothering her.

When it is time to cross, Susan immediately takes Lucy's hand in hers, one of the very few things about Susan that hasn't changed as the gesture simply made Lucy smile. Despite her drastic change of behavior, Susan continues to play the caregiver role in the family; making sure food is always on the table and putting some sense into her siblings whenever things get out of hand. She is the one who seem to always worry, wanting to make sure everything and everyone is okay. But not everything is okay, and soon enough they too hope she'll finally see that.

As the two girls begin walking across the intersection, Lucy notices a group of students, a few girls she recognized from her school and boys that begin crowding towards the train station. She looks up at her older sister who remains oblivious to the situation. "Susan." Lucy calls out to her as she lightly tugs onto her red sweater to get her attention. "Susan!"

Susan finally snaps out of it and returns to the real world as they reached the other side of the street and stood on the sidewalk. She looks down at her younger sibling irritably. "What is it, Lucy?"

Susan stares at the direction Lucy is pointing at as more students continue running anxiously towards the train station. The two girls furrow their eyebrows in bewilderment as a low grunt escape from Susan's lips. "Peter," she mumbled as they too begin running hurriedly towards the crowd.

As soon as they enter the underground station, Susan and Lucy fight their way through the noisy crowd as a number of students watch and cheer on the fight that is going on. Susan and Lucy widen their eyes in horror as they watch Peter and Edmund get into another fight with the same boys from school. They were outnumbered as Peter and Edmund continue to endure the beating the four boys have put upon them. Susan and Lucy immediately look away as Peter receives a hard blow to the face that split his lip open and made him stumble backwards. Tears begin to well up in Lucy's eyes when one of the boys suddenly grabs Edmund by the collar and shoved him aggressively against the wall. As he clenches his fist together in mid-air, ready to lay one on him, Edmund shuts his eyes when suddenly he felt someone pull the boy away from him.

"Leave him alone," Edmund heard him say as his eyes sprung open at the familiarity of his voice. Although his back is towards him, he recognizes the dark hair that went slightly past the shoulders and the way he carried himself as he watches the "stranger" in the same boy's school uniform he is wearing take care of the others with grace and power. He was also much taller and stronger that it made the others run for it, leaving Peter lying helplessly on the ground.

The show is over as students, to their disappointment, begin drifting off going about with their own business as Susan and Lucy run to their brothers. "Peter! Edmund!" The two girls yell out simultaneously as they fall to the ground next to them and immense themselves in an emotional group hug. Peter suddenly groans in pain as Lucy wraps her arms around him tightly. She stood back with worried eyes. "I'm sorry."

He smiles weakly in response. "I'll be alright, Lu." Peter rubs the top of her hair playfully as he turns his gaze over to Susan who lets go of Edmund and glares coldly at him.

"Have you two learned nothing?" She retorts angrily as the boys exchange solemn looks. Susan looks from Edmund to her older sibling as her anger intensifies. "What is it this time, Peter? Did you push him and refuse to apologize again?"

"They started it." Edmund comes to his brother's defense as Susan shakes her head in dismay. "They wanted to finish what they started."

"I'm sorry to interrupt," a familiar voice cuts in as the Pevensies look up at the boy standing before them. Their eyes widen as they exchange looks of bewilderment. "I just want to make sure that you're both okay."

The Pevensies remain completely speechless in his presence, but it is Susan who reacts first as she stood up in front of him with her lips parted in disbelief. She searches his dark eyes carefully as she could feel her heart beating rapidly. "Caspian…" She whispers, but he didn't seem to hear her as his gaze remain on Peter and Edmund.

"Will you guys be okay?" He asks in the Spanish accent they were all very familiar with as the two simply nod their head.

"Thank you," Peter manages to say as the Pevensies continue to stare at him in surprise. He smiles sincerely in return.

"Very well, you all take care." He turns around and re-joins his friends nearby. Peter, Edmund and Lucy exchange bewildered looks as Susan continues staring at him.

"He doesn't seem to remember us…" Lucy says surprisingly as Peter finally got to his feet with help from Edmund.

"Perhaps he is not what we think he is." Peter responds as they continue to stare at him from the corner of their eyes to avoid suspicion.

"He does look a lot like him though." Edmund adds they all turn to Susan who remains silent, studying the boy that saved her brothers real closely. "Susan?"

"Caspian," they hear her call out to him as Peter, Edmund and Lucy turn to his direction whose back remains facing them. "Caspian!" Susan says even louder, and this time he look at her for a brief moment before turning back to his friends. She winces hurtfully in response.

"Susan," Lucy says softly as she stood by her side. "I don't think that's him."

"I know Caspian when I see him." Susan retorts hotly as she begins walking towards his direction. Peter, Edmund and Lucy stood back and watch carefully.

"Caspian." Susan approaches him as he turns around and faces her. His friends all stare at her with mere curiosity as they begin whispering among themselves. Susan simply ignored them as she focuses her attention on Caspian. "What are you doing here?"

"Caspian?" He grins, looking at her questionably and with amusement. "I'm afraid you've mistaken me for the wrong person." Susan stares at him in confusion. "My name is Tristan." He smiles, offering an open hand. "I'm new here. And you are?"

"Susan." She responds, surprising herself as she returns the handshake with a soft grip. There is a moment of silence as Susan lets go of his hand once she realizes her hand was still resting on his. Silence lingers in the air as she studies him carefully in awe.

"Well it's nice to meet you, Susan." He says to break the silence.

"Yeah…" she replies as a smile finally crept over her face. "You too…"

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