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Chapter 21

The air is still, soothing as the quiet river. The distinct chattering among Telemarines and Narnians begin to fade into the background as the hours of the day turn into night. The moon, so bright and radiant, continue to light the entire castle as King Caspian remain in the balcony of his quarters, staring idly at the dark sky filled with endless stars that glisten before his eyes. Moments have passed so quickly as the King of Narnia find himself in the courtyard, wandering aimlessly hoping to find the answers to fulfill the hole penetrating his heart.

"Oh Susan." The King sighed deeply at the thought of the Queen as her condition continues to sadden him and put all of Narnia in a state of despair.

While outside way past sunset, the skies darkened as the light breeze made Caspian slightly shiver. Suddenly he spots a shadowed figure lurking beside him, causing him to look over his shoulder to face unexpected company. His thoughts of Susan were then interrupted and put aside. "Peter?" He whispers in surprise as the High King of Narnia approaches him. "What are you doing here?"

"I was looking for you actually." Peter joins him on the stair steps that lead up to the exquisite fountain placed in the middle of the courtyard. There is a moment of silence as the two Kings stare off into the distance.

"What do you want?" Caspian asks straightforwardly with no hint of resentment, anger or sadness in his voice. He lowers his eyes as Susan continues to cloud his mind.

"You know, don't you?" Peter spoke softly to break the silence that hung over them for a brief moment. "I saw you at the courtyard this morning. You heard everything."

"What difference does it make?" Caspian retorts, causing Peter to flinch at his abrupt response. "Either way, I've lost her." The King of old stares at his male companion with great sympathy and sadness. "Is it selfish of me to hope she never wakes up if it means she stays here in Narnia?" Caspian spoke regretfully as though the words struck him like the tip of a blade piercing his tormented heart. Peter remain quiet, confused, and at a loss for words.

"You shouldn't be here." He finally says, placing a comforting hand on Caspian's shoulder as their intense gazes meet. "You should be with Susan."

The castle is sound asleep with only the faint echoes of soldiers' footsteps guarding the entire grounds. Caspian makes his way down the empty dim corridor which leads to the Pevensies' quarters. He stops as soon as he spots his trusted General Glozelle standing guard in front of Queen Susan's room. "Your majesty," he addresses his king out of respect as Caspian simply nods his head in return. General Glozelle then steps aside and allows him to enter.

"Caspian," came that familiar innocent voice heard from the other end of the room, causing the King to look up in surprise.

"Queen Lucy?" He spoke softly. "I didn't think anyone else was in here."

She gets up from the window sill and makes her way towards Susan's bedside. "I couldn't sleep." Lucy responds, looking down at her sister sadly. Caspian stares at her, matching the forlorn expression on her face as he takes his place beside her. Lucy briefly breaks her gaze from Susan and looks up at him as they share a moment of each other's company. Moments later, tears begin to stream down the young one's face as she spontaneously wraps her arms around Caspian in a warm embrace.

"Aww Lucy," he tightens his hold around her, "Everything is going to be okay."

She looks up at him, quickly wiping the tears away from her face. "I am going to miss you."

Caspian weakly smiles as the short moment of comfort have become consumed with sadness once again. "You should get some rest," he insists; immediately noticing Lucy's fatigue eyes, and the dark circles around them caused by lack of sleep. She shifts her gaze over to Susan before looking back at Caspian. "Don't worry," he smiles, "I'll look after her."

Lucy simply nods her head as Caspian walks her out the door and orders General Glozelle to escort the Queen to her room.

A heavy sigh escapes from his lips as Caspian returns to Susan and gently takes her cold hand in his. "Susan…" he spoke ever so gently, his eyes softening in her presence as she remains still and lifeless. "I don't know if you can hear me." Sadness filled his voice as tears begin to well up in his eyes. "But it looks like we'll be parting ways soon." Weakness and heartbreak consumed his soul as Caspian suddenly put his guard down, unable to contain the emotions that have fallen upon him. "From the moment I laid eyes on you, I felt something I've never experienced before; something that even now has put a mark on me for many years. But the truth is, I love you, Susan." Caspian pauses to regain his composure as he continues on nearly struggling with his words. He lowers his eyes in sadness, unaware of the slight quick movement coming from Susan's free hand as he continues on unknowingly. "And I know we will meet again." Caspian finally looks up, slightly parting his lips to speak when he immediately notice movement behind Susan's eyelids. The King gasps in surprise as he felt his heart come to life once again. "Susan?"

As seconds and agonizing minutes passed, Susan's body begins to fidget to even greater movements causing Caspian great distress and anticipation. Just momentarily, the Queen finally opens her eyes.


Susan flutters her eyes open, regaining her slightly blurred vision as she takes in her surroundings. To her surprise, she was alone with a spare bed neatly fixed across the room and no candles giving it some light. Instead they were replaced with the natural sunlight seeping through the pane windows, which all became very familiar to her. Susan furrows her eyebrows as she sits up and noticed the room was different. Ceilings were low, the walls made of wood and not marble. The bed, uncomfortable and rigid…it is as though she has returned to a place that was dull, imperfect and filled with endless wars. And that's when Susan realizes where she was as she immediately jumps out of bed, anxiety and fear washing over with every step she takes.

"Caspian!" She cries out, desperately following the hallway and searching at every corner hoping to find him. Susan made it down the stairs as she burst into the kitchen where her senses first took her. "Caspian?"

She enters the room filled with the alluring smell of toast and coffee, only to be greeted by six familiar eyes staring at her. Susan smiles in relief at the sight of her family and later frowned when there was no sign of him. "Where's Caspian?" She asks, first looking at her young sister and brother and then at Peter who then stared at her with no hint of emotion. "How did we-"

"Some things never change." Edmund mutters, looking back at his older brother. "I told you it was going to be like this…like it has been for the past month."

Susan furrows her eyebrows. "What are you talking about?"

"Caspian is not here, Susan." Edmund retorts causing her to part her lips in disbelief. "We are in London."

"Ed," Peter scowls at him as he looks up at her sister with great sadness.

"What?" Susan spoke in utter confusion. "I don't understand." She looks at Lucy who mirrored the same sad expression as their brothers causing her to feel even more nervous. "What's going on?"

"Susan," Peter rises up from the chair, placing both hands on her shoulders. "Do you remember the last time you were in Narnia? What happened?"

She averts from his intense gaze, reliving the memories that seem vague but clear enough to remember bits of pieces. "I just know I was captured…and then I could hear Caspian's voice."

"You were put in a deep sleep and once you wake up, you would no longer be Narnia."

"No." Susan shakes her head, releasing Peter's hold from her. "I heard Caspian, I could feel him near me."

"It's been a month. You must be dreaming the same thing every day."


"Susan, please…"

"This can't be!" She retorts as tears begin to fill her eyes. "We—I have to go back!"

Peter sighs. "You know we can't go back. Aslan said…"

"Yes, I know! But we somehow managed to return to Narnia the third time didn't we, Peter?" Desperation was evident in her face as Peter, Edmund and Lucy exchange worried looks. "You believe we can come back, don't you?"

Peter simply shrugs his shoulders. "I don't know, Susan." He sighs. "I don't know what the future holds for us."

She lowers her eyes in sorrow as Peter, Edmund and Lucy continue staring at her in sadness. "I didn't even get the chance to tell him that I love him." She spoke weakly and looks back up as tears stream down her cheeks. "We are never coming back."

A gasp escapes from her lips as she sprung her eyes open where they were met with clear blue skies above. She could feel the grass prickling against her bare arms and neck as she immediately sit up unaware of where she is until she felt someone beside her rise up from the ground.

"Susan?" Came that familiar voice, so soothing and familiar it was as though his voice finally brought music to her ears. She turns around to meet with his dark chocolate eyes that instantly made her smile.


He furrows his eyebrows in bewilderment. "Caspian?" He questions as Susan felt her heart drop like the first time she saw him at the train station just months after they returned from Narnia the second time. The two stare at each other in silence when he finally cracks a smile to ease up the tension. "At least not in this world," he added with a smirk, causing Susan to sigh in relief and shove him playfully to the side. She took a moment to observe their surroundings which didn't take her very long to know that they were in a park, lying down on a blanket with a picnic set up. She turns around and spots Peter, Edmund and Lucy laughing hysterically while playing on the grass and kicking a ball around. Susan smiles as she turns to her male companion and frown with an unsettling thought in mind.

"I must be dreaming again." She thought sadly as Caspian gently strokes her face. The touch of his skin made her slightly shiver.

"No, you're not." He spoke with a reassuring smile. "I promise."

Susan weakly smiles as a silence hung over them. "I just can't believe you're here. It still feels like a dream." He simply smiles in return. "It must be hard for you to leave your home."

Caspian nodded, "It was hard to leave my people behind, but watching you go was even harder." Susan purses her lips as she squeezes his hand for comfort. "I started a new life here. So when Aslan gave me the choice to stay in Narnia or return to London and continue my life here, I knew that coming here is what I wanted—to be with you." He trails off while staring into her fierce blue eyes that were so beautiful and mesmerizing, he can easily get lost in them. "This is my home now, Susan…and I can't live another day not being with you." She smiles, her heart jumping in joy. It is as though life has finally come full circle. She may not be in the one place she loved the most, but she was with someone she will fully give her heart to.

"I love you, Caspia-" she trails off and blushes, "or erm…Tristan. Or however you want to be called here." He chuckles as he nears towards Susan, his lips just inches away from her own as their heavy breaths touch gently against their faces. He smiles, "And I love you, my Queen."

The End