"It wasn't me who left. It was you. You're on your own now, Tamahome. Go to her. Yui needs you more than I do." the look he gave me as I turned from him should have broken my heart, but strangely I no longer cared if I hurt him. Yes, I had loved him, but it was in the past now.

Even as he whispered my name in defeat I didn't turn back to face him. Instead I just kept walking out of the life of the one man I had truly loved. It would be awkward should he come with us on our trip to Bei Jia, but I'll live. I hope.

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Hotohori was waiting for me in my room when I returned. With him stood Tasuki, who still seemed ready to kill because of everything that happened in Qu Dong. True, our wounds have healed but my mental anguish hadn't, or so he believed. It was obvious I'd struck a chord in him when first we met, and since then he seemed to grow quite fond of me. Hotohori had never stopped loving me, yet I'd turned him down. If I could help it I wouldn't fall in love with anyone else in this world and when Suzaku was summoned I'd return to my own world without regret.

"You have accomplished your mission?" the emperor asked solemnly. I nodded, but didn't speak. It killed me to know I'd hurt him so badly, yet still he worried about me. In a small way, yes, I did love him, but not in the right way.

A fist pounded on my wall as the fiery headed bandit shook in frustration. "After all we went through to bring the jerk back, you still don't end up with him. All our work and efforts were wasted!"

"No, not all. If we hadn't gone through all that we did, I never would have seen the way in which he looked at Yui. It was such a calm look that he reserved for his family. Yes, he said he loved me, but he couldn't look at me like that. It was when I saw him stare at Yui like that that I realized I couldn't see him in that light either." even though I didn't feel depressed about everything at all, a tear was tugging at the corners of my eyes.

Tasuki was the first to notice. He pulled me roughly into his arms as he held me tightly to his body. "Arggh, damnit. Women are so much trouble! Quit acting like it don't faze you. If ya gotta cry, cry, and I'll hold you until you feel better, al'right?" slowly I raised my arms to grasp at his, still fighting the tears back. It went unnoticed when Hotohori left the room.

The bandit didn't complain when I started sobbing uncontrollably into his jacket, nor did he push me away until my crying had subsided into soft whimpers. Gently he bonked me on the head. "There. Now don't ya feel a lot better? Just come to me when you're feelin' like crap, and I'll cheer ya up." without another word he left the room, too, and it was only then that I noticed the missing emperor.

'He must have been hurt by me holding Tasuki... oh Hotohori, I'm so sorry... I don't mean to hurt you like this, but I keep doing so...'

- - - - -

Hotohori stood leaning against his door, eyes downcast. He'd known this was going to happen. Half of the priestesses warriors had fallen in love with her, and her eyes were always being caught by only two of them, one of which had just been deemed doomed. Tamahome and her would never get together again, but there was a chance she'd fall for Tasuki. Just looking at the bandit holding her so tightly to his own body sent a wave of depression over the young emperor. Miaka would never love him, but she might the bandit. Oh, how he hoped that she would, and that she would find her true happiness.

- - - - -

'What was I doing?' Tasuki thought to himself. 'I basically just told her, come to me, I love you. What was I doin' that for? She still loves Tama-boy... an' she won't go for some run-out bandit. Damn...'

It seemed to him that he would never be happy. He was in love with the priestess since she had gotten struck with the plague on their first journey together. It hadn't occurred to him then how much he'd worried over the girl until he'd seen her pain over Tamahome's changed feelings. He'd sworn on that day to try to ease her suffering, even if he believed it to be impossible himself. How would he ever be able to get a girl's love, especially one who knows he detests women, anyway?

- - - - -

Another man stood speechless in his room, thinking about how horribly he'd screwed up. Miaka just dumped him, and he couldn't blame her in the least, because it was his fault. It was true his heart had started to ache for his girl friend's best friend, but he had hoped to cool his emotions upon returning to Miaka's embrace, so that he could stay with her. Yet, she had no interest in that, at all, as her cool demeanor had indicated.

'Maybe it would be best to go to Yui... she loves me, too, and it might end the war between their friendship. I'm sorry, Miaka, but I will do as you said, and go to Yui. I loved you, I still love you, but maybe in the end its for the best if we go our separate ways...'

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