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Chichiri- Jun

Kouji- Koji

Hotohori- Seiji

Nuriko- Ryo

Mitsukake- Mikio

Chiriko- Daiki

Tamahome- Taka

Hikou- Hiro (Hikou and Hiro act totally different from each other, but they are the same spirit. SORRY FOR YOU HIKOU LOVERS OUT THERE!)

Taiitsukun- Obaasan

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What I'll Give...

Chapter Two: Plotting With Hana


"Chichiri…" Shun'u said, frozen to his spot in the hot sand. He was blonde now, but it was the monk for sure, no mistaking it. He looked over his body and smiled. He was wearing a baggy gray sweater with deep blue sleeves and red stitching holding it together, and of course, baggy jeans that didn't seem to go with the sweater. Well, Chichiri always was a man for comfort over style.

The man continued standing there, his hand out stretched with the silver circlet offered to him. Shun'u looked down at the circlet, his heart pounding. How long had it been since he saw that thing? He hadn't been able to bring it with him into this world, and yet, here it was; the same person who had given it to him in the first place giving it to him again.

"I can't believe the nerve of those guys! Hitting on MY boyfriend!" Tasuki grumbled as he walked along side the monk, hugging his arm in a possessive manner.

"Well it's not like they can tell no da. To them, we're just two friends traveling together no da." The monk responded, moving to hold his shakujo with his opposite hand where Tasuki wasn't clinging to his arm.

"It sucks." Tasuki grumbled as he continued walking with the monk. "Maybe I should just start announcing your mine every time we walk into a village."

Chichiri seemed to consider the idea before shaking his head. "I have a better idea no da. I'll be back in a moment no da!" He then brought the kasa down over his head, disappearing into it.

Tasuki shrugged softly before picking up the kasa, beginning to walk once again. In only moments, the kasa made it out of his hands and the monk appeared out of it again, holding two silver circlets.

"Alright no da!" Chichiri said, as if Tasuki would automatically understand what he did. He then grabbed the bandit's hand and took one of the silver circlets with a blue character, '' on it, slipping it onto his wrist. "This will tell others that you're mine and no one else's no da! That's why it has one of kanji of my name on it no da! I also put some of my life force into it no da. Just wear this and you'll always be able to find me no da." The monk said with a bright smile, obviously proud of his little creation.

Tasuki lifted his wrist, watching the character dangle there before he gave a fangy smile. "I'll always wear it then, so you'll never leave my side." He then quickly snatched the other circlet from him, focusing his energy on it until the character '' turned red on it. He then took the monk's hand and slipped it onto his wrist. "Promise me, you'll always wear yours."

Chichiri removed his mask, showing the charming smile of his true face along with a soft blush. "I promise, I'll never take it off no da."

Tasuki captured the blunette then, kissing him deeply.

Shun'u had never wanted that to end, and for a long time, it hadn't. He shook his head as he stepped forward, as if he was going to grab the circlet but instead grabbed the man's hand, pulling him to him and hugging him tightly. "Chichiri, at long last, we're together again."

The man blushed, not exactly sure what to do. After a moment, he softly pushed the red head away. "I'm sorry no da, but I believe you have the wrong person no da. My name is Jun." He said, offering his hand to the red head.

Shun'u stood there, staring at the blonde. What…what was he saying? "No, you are definitely Chichiri. You have the hair style, the eyes, and even the 'no da's." He grabbed the offered hand, pushing it down as he stared him the eyes. When he saw the confusion, his heart stopped. "Y-You don't remember me…do you?"

Jun stared back at the red head, slowly shaking his head. "I'm sorry no da, but I don't believe I've met you before no da. I'm not one to forget faces so I couldn't have met you before no da."

Shun'u slowly stepped away from Jun, his heart falling to pieces now. How could they do this to him? How could they make his beautiful, thoughtful boyfriend forget him? His eyes were hidden by his hair then as he slowly took the circlet from him. "Th-Thank you for returning this back to me, it means….it means a hell of a lot to me."

Jun smiled brightly; glad to have helped the red head. "It's no problem at all no da. I just noticed it shining there in the sand and figured it was yours no da, since it wasn't there before no da." Jun glanced over his shoulder and sighed, a little girl had taken the swing he had been sitting on, but it couldn't really be helped. "So, I don't believe I caught your name no da."

"My name is Shun'u, but I'd prefer if you called me Tasuki." Shun'u answered, then looking up with a new determination. So Jun didn't remember him huh? He'd just have to make Jun remember him, somehow.

"It's nice too meet you no da! Ya know, I have a circlet similar to yours no da. Mine's red and has a different character on it though no da." Jun then rolled back his sleeve to reveal his own circlet to the red head.

Shun'u smiled warmly; after all this time apart, Jun still had his. At least their relationship hadn't been taken completely apart. "So where'd you get yours?"

"Oh, my obaaan runs an antique shop and she gave it to me no da. She said there was only one partner to it and that when I found it, I'd find my destined partner no da. I guess she lied though no da." Jun said with a sigh.

Shun'u blinked. Taiitsukun, it had to be, but what did he mean that she lied? Obviously, Shun'u was his destined partner, just as it should be, and he had the partner to it so why would he say that? "What do you mean?"

"Well, my ex has one just like yours no da. The only difference is that his character is the same color as the circlet no da. Yours if obviously blue no da." Jun replied, gesturing to the circlet.

"That one is a fa-"

"HEY! WHAT DO YOU THINK YOU'RE DOING?!" A feminine voice yelled, a girl with strawberry blonde hair then shoving Shun'u away from Jun. "Look, if you're here to preach for Hiro, tell him we'll have nothing of it! So stop haras-"

"No, wait Hana, he wasn't harassing me no da. I started talking to him no da. Plus, he's not here for Hiro no da." Jun said, quickly grabbing the girl before she had the chance to pummel the red head.

"What? Are you sure?" The girl looked up at him then, and when Jun gave him a nod, she quickly bowed. "Oh my, I'm so sorry! I was just…see people have been bothering my brother lately and I jus-"

"It's fine." Shun'u interrupted, dusting himself off as he looked at the girl. Honestly, she looked nothing like Jun except for the fact that they both had blonde hair. "I'm a friend here, so, don't jump to conclusions." He grumbled, though looked away. At least SOMEONE was taking care of Jun. "How old are you anyway?"

Hana blushed as she looked away. "Oh well, I'm sixteen. I know what you're thinking. 'Why is a sixteen year old girl being a bodyguard to her older, twenty-one year old brother?' Well, Hiro's a real ass, but he won't dare hurt a girl, so if I defend Jun, he won't touch me." Hana smirked, nodding her head then.

"Twenty-One?" Shun'u said, then looking to Jun. Chichiri had always been older then him by seven years, but Jun was now closer in age to him, being only two years older.

Jun nodded to the question before looking at Hana. "Are you done stalking your 'boyfriend' yet no da?"

Hana blushed, socking her brother playfully in the arm as she looked in the direction of where Miaka and the other's were. "Sh-Shut up Jun! And for your information, yes, I am done!"

Shun'u watched her eyes land on Ryo and couldn't help but snicker. "Ryo's a good friend of mine ya know?"

Hana quickly looked up at Shun'u. "What makes you think I'm looking at Ryo?!"

Jun laughed, poking his sister in the arm. "You've been caught no da!"

Hana playfully socked her brother again. "Come on Jun, we need to get back to the house and prepare for Obaasan. You know how cranky she gets if her room and dinner isn't ready."

Jun nodded softly before turning back to Shun'u. "It was very nice to meet you Tasuki."

Hana nodded, a grin appearing on her features. "It sure was. Now come on Jun, let's go." She said, grabbing her brother's hand and beginning to tug him away.

"Wait!" Shun'u said, making both of them turn to look at him. "Can I…see you again some time?" He asked, looking Jun square in the eyes.

Jun stared back before smiling. "Of course no da. I live in the apartments just down the block from here no da. Just look for 'Jun and Hana' on the door bells and you'll find me no da."

Shun'u nodded. "I'll see you soon Jun."

Hana then tugged her brother away, both giving waves back before she turned to her brother. "Do you believe that was wise?" She whispered, looping her arm with his.

"He's different no da. He has a good spirit and…I know this is strange, but I feel like he was someone important to me a long time ago no da." He responded, watching the sidewalk in front of them.

"Oh Jun, you are hopeless." Hana responded, nuzzling into her brother's arm.


Shun'u groaned as he plopped on the couch. "This has just gotten so much harder to deal with." He muttered, staring up at the ceiling.

"This is one HECK of an obstacle if you ask me." Taka said, sitting in a recliner. "It's just like when my memories were sealed away in the jewels."

"It's nothing like that. Your memories of Miaka weren't taken!" Shun'u growled before he turned, his back facing everyone else. "Plus someone is impersonating me! I don't even see how anyone can know what the circlets mean besides me and Chichiri!"

"Well, laying here complaining about it won't solve anything." Keisuke said, grabbing Shun'u by the collar of his shirt and standing him up. "If you're feeling this miserable, then imagine how Chichiri feels. Sure, he might not remember now, but when he does, he's going to feel worse then he did before unless you're there to tell him everything's alright between the two of you."

"Wow Keisuke! That's excellent advice!" Miaka said, sitting in Taka's lap.

"Well I've had to deal with both yours and Tetsuya's relationship problems! I would hope I know SOMETHING about relationships by now!" Keisuke said, looking to his sister before turning back to Shun'u. "Go, Tasuki. Make him fall for you again, and then be there for him."

Shun'u stared at him for a long time before looking down, a smile on his face. "Thanks Keisuke. I appreciate it." He then looked to Ryo. "Will you call Kouji and tell him what's going on?"

Ryo nodded and winked softly. "You can count on me!"

Shun'u nodded then before running to the front door. "I'll call you all later!" And with that, he was gone.

"Hopefully, everything will turn out alright." Seiji said with a soft sigh, looking to the window. Night was already beginning to fall on the crowded city of Japan; as good a time as ever for miracles to happen.


Shun'u ran from building to building, breathing a bit unevenly. He'd been running around for almost an hour now and couldn't seem to find this so called apartment of Jun and Hana. It was getting on his nerves, but he wasn't about to give up.

"Tasuki." An elderly woman's voice said, making him turn to it.

"Taiitsukun?" He asked, staring at a surprisingly attractive older woman.

The elderly woman chuckled. "Would you happen to be looking for 'Jun's' apartment?"

"Why did he forget me Taiitsukun? Why does he have to be effected just because I need to be tested?" Shun'u asked, walking up to the older woman.

"Chichiri was a wreck when he came to the spirit world. If we had left him with his memories and then put him through the trials of this world, he would have surely broken down by now and would have killed himself. So, in order to prevent that, we robbed him of his memories." She explained, walking away from him making him follow. "He'll get them back soon, I promise that but it will be in an unexpected fashion."

Shun'u nodded softly, looking down at the ground as he walked. "I guess that makes sense. Do you know anything about this person with the same circlet as mine?! What's he trying to do?!"

"I know nothing of that." She responded, now at an apartment door and ringing the door bell. "Make yourself presentable." She said to Shun'u before a voice came over the intercom.

"Who is it no da?" Shun'u couldn't help but smile at the voice.

"It's your grandmother dear. I brought some company, I hope that's alright."

"It's no problem grandma." Hana said now. "Jun will set up a spot for them at the table." There was then a loud buzzing and Taiitsukun opened the door. "They're on the third floor." She then gave a wave of her hand, Shun'u suddenly holding some grocery bags. "Now let's go up shall we?"

"Why do I gotta carry these groceries?" Shun'u complained as they walked up the stairs.

"Because otherwise they'll believe you were stalking Jun. Which, you were, but the truth isn't going to get you into his pants is it?" She said, laughing.

Shun'u blushed. "WHAT?! I wouldn't even think of doing that with his condition!" He looked away then, grumbling something.

Taiitsukun laughed before they were finally on the third floor, then reaching out and knocking on the door.

After a moment, the door opened and Jun poked his head around the corner. "Konbanwa Obaasan! How was your trip here no da?" He said, not noticing Shun'u behind her.

"Oh it was simply awful! I went and got the groceries you kids asked me to when I was attacked by a group of thugs! I don't know what would have happened if this young man wasn't there to help me!" She said, moving inside and then turning to Shun'u.

"I can't believe that happened I'm sorry Obaasan no da!" He then turned to Shun'u and his eyes widened. "Tasuki? You saved my grandma no da?"

"Yea, I was walking to the train station when I saw 'er getting attacked. After I kicked the thugs' asses, I offered to carry these HEAVY groceries for her. I had no idea she was your grandma though." He replied, looking at Taiitsukun as she winked at him before turning and going in deeper.

"Oh, well thank you for helping her then no da! Would you like to come in and have dinner with us no da?" Jun said, moving to help him with the groceries.

"Heh, sure. I haven't had a decent home made dinner for awhile." He replied, giving Jun one of the groceries before walking in, Jun shutting the door behind him.


Dinner was going off great. Shun'u was sitting next to Jun and Taiitsukun, and they were having a great time. Suddenly, a buzzer went off and everyone got quiet.

"I'll get it." Hana said after a moment before pushing out of her chair and walking to their intercom. "Who is it?" She said, holding onto the button as she spoke and then let it go.

"Let me talk to Jun."

"Go away Hiro. I told you already, he doesn't EVER want to talk to you again. He's going to move on and I suggest you do too."

"Jun, I know you're listening. Look, I'm really sorry! I never meant to hurt you."

"Hiro, go away or I'll call the cops!"

"Please! Take me back Jun!"

Jun suddenly got up, walking to the intercom and pressing the button. "GO AWAY HIRO! YOU'VE HAD ONE, TWO, THREE CHANCES!" He then let go of the button, taking in a shaky breath before pressing the button. "I've been abused by you…for the last time."

Shun'u looked at Taiitsukun. "Who is he?"

"That's Jun's ex boyfriend." She then leaned forward and whispered. "You might remember him as Hikou."

"Who's in there with you Jun? Have you already moved on to someone else?! You little whore, you're probably giving him a hand job right now aren't you?!" Hiro's voice came back, angry and sinister. "I don't care if you don't want me Jun. You WILL be mine and there's nothing you or your slutty sister can do about it."

"GET THE FUCK OFF OF OUR PROPERTY HIRO! I'm calling the police!" Hana then hung up the intercom and went to the phone, dialing the police.

Shun'u growled as he got up, now walking to the door. No one, NO ONE insulted Chichiri like that and lived, he didn't care who they were.

"T-Tasuki-kun, where are you going?" Jun said, grabbing his arm.

"I'm going to go give that fucker a piece of my mind!" Shun'u growled, pulling away from the older man and opening the door.

"Please don't." Jun said, grabbing his arm and clinging to it. "H-He's desperate and carries a gun with him."

"He insulted you though Chiri, I'm going to punish him for that!" He growled, though resisted the urge to pull away from him.

"I'm begging you Tasuki, don't go. I-If you got hurt on my account I'd die!" He shouted, burying his face into his arm.

Shun'u remained silent before slowly closing the door. "Alright, I won't go." He said, turning back to the older man with a gentle smile.

"You won't go out there no matter what he says or does." Jun said, looking up at him with tears in his eyes.

"I promise, I won't go out there and kick his ass. Even if he does deserve it." Shun'u said before standing the older man up straight. "Now come on, let's get back to eating."


Later that evening, after the police had left, doing nothing for the group, Jun asked if Shun'u would stay the night, which of course the red head said yes.

"I'm sorry about all this no da." Jun said as he made the red head's bed on the couch.

"Oh, don't worry, I sleep on the floor in my apartment, so this is an improvement." Shun'u responded, watching the back of the blonde's head, resisting the urge to let his eye's travel downwards.

"I meant about Hiro no da." He responded as he finished making the red head's bed and then turning to him. "I thought he'd just leave it alone no da."

"Don't worry about it Chiri. Look, if he bugs you again, call me alright? I don't care who he is, I'm not going to let him treat you like that." Shun'u said, plopping down on the couch.

"Why do you keep calling me that no da?" Jun said, staring down at the red head.

Shun'u looked up at him and blinked. "It's just a nickname, but if ya don't like it, then I could just call ya Jun."

"Please, keep calling me that no da." Jun said with a smile. "I like it no da." The blonde then bowed slightly. "Sleep well Tasuki." He said before walking away.

"You too Chiri." He said after him before slowly closing his eyes with a sigh. An hour passed and Shun'u had almost fallen asleep.

"Tasuki, hey, are you awake?" A feminine voice whispered, Shun'u's eyes slowly opening to look at Hana.

"Hana…what do you want?" He said with a yawn, shifting to sit up.

"I have a proposition for you. You like my brother, don't you?"

"What?!" Shun'u blushed deeply before looking away. "I might like him…" 'Love is more like it.'

"Well, listen, I trust you so, if you try to set me up with Ryo, I'll set you up with Jun." Hana said with a smirk.

"I only have to try to set you two up?" Shun'u asked, arching a brow at the girl.

"I just need one date with him. If he likes me ore not after that is my own doing." Hana said with a nod.

"And for setting you up on a date, you'll help me get Jun?" Shun'u asked.

"Well, he pretty much likes you already. You only talked to him for five minutes today and he was chattering about you the whole walk home! I'll set you two up on a date and you just need to use your charm on him."

"Alright Hana, it's a deal."

"Oh, and Tasuki, if you EVER hurt or insult my brother like Hiro did, you are going to regret it faster then a bullet shooting from a gun."

"Trust me, I never want to hurt Jun. Not ever again…" He muttered the last part as he shook the girl's hand in agreement.

"It's decided then. Tomorrow, we start Operation: Date." Hana said with a fangy grin. Shun'u, when noticing the look, couldn't help but grin. Man, this girl reminded him of someone…but who…?

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