"Oh, crap. This isn't really happening is it, Ryou?"

"Do you want me to lie, or do you want the truth?"

"Lie. I know the truth, and we are screwed, to put it simply."

Ryou grinned as he looked up at me. "My, my, Ichigo Momomiya. I never expected to hear you say that."

I merely grinned at him through the dark. "Better get used to it, I'll probably say it many times over as this summer goes on. How did we get into this mess to begin with?"

"You shut the door, remember? This room was built purely for someone under house arrest! How could you go and forget that and shut the door?!"

"Hey! You're making it seem like this mess is purely my fault! If I remember right it was you who decided to take a look in here while the others head to the airport without us! Damn that short stick! If I hadn't gotten that one I'd be flying to the Bahamas right now, but noo, I go and choose the stick making me the odd man out of the girls' car! If there had been just one more seat in there it would just be you locked up in here."

Why are we in this room to begin with? I honestly wish I knew. I was merely following Ryou as he walked down one of the many hallways in his mansion when we stumbled on this room.


"Hey, check this out." Ryou had just turned into a room along the hallway.

I followed. "Huh? What is this?"

"It's a room built for my father years ago. He was placed under house arrest for digging up artifacts he wasn't supposed to. It has everything he needed, or could possibly need. Just be careful not to shut the door, it's locked on the other si-"

Ryou was staring at me with a look of utter horror. I myself felt my body go cold, as I turned my head to look at the thing I was leaning against. Too late, I realized I wasn't just falling backwards. I was falling with the door going with me, and a loud clunk! As it shut only assured me that I had just done the stupidest thing alive. "Uh, oh..." I whispered. As it sunk in that we were trapped, both of us fell silent.


- - - - -

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