Show Me
A NearxMello Ficlet


Mello grinned triumphantly as he stared at the piece of cake he had 'rescued' from one of the younger kids. With a fairly large chunk of the spongy, devil's food cake on his fork, he took in the first bite. He sighed, gently, and chewed slowly, savoring every taste he got of the confiscated good.

However, savory was not in the younger boy's mind as he sat beside the temperamental blond. Said blond cracked an eye, and the faintly smug grin on his face vanished. "What do you want?" he spat after swallowing.

"Mello," the younger began, "may I ask what you were doing before?"

He blinked at the albino, questioning his sanity. "I was eating… Duh," he stated without haste. "That was a stupid question," he mumbled.

"No. That's not it," the colorless boy stated with a shake of his head. He watched as Mello's lips turned upward the longer he stared at the cake. "That," he said quickly, breaking Mello out of his trance-like state. "What is that?"

Mello's smile once again fell from his face. "What the hell! Are you stupid or something?" he groaned, though he knew that wasn't the case, as he'd seen this particular kid's name above his after the tests. He mumbled and pointed at the cake. "This is chocolate. Choc-o-late."

The other shook his head. "No, I know what chocolate is. What you were doing with your facial muscles. What was that?"

Mello drew his brows together. "Show me." The blond watched as the white-haired boy struggled to pull his lips taut and turn the corners of his mouth upwards. "Er… that's called a smile," the blond said, allowing the younger to let his facial expression return to it's blank state.

"Oh… Why did you smile?"

"Usually people smile when they're happy."

"Why were you happy?"

Mello looked at the cake. "Because… I have chocolate?" He watched as Near nodded, obviously contemplating his next move.

Grey eyes looked down at the slice of sugary delight and scraped the tip of his finger along the top and placed it in his mouth. He glanced at Mello and nodded, a discreet smile forming around his finger. He slipped his finger from his mouth and smiled sweetly at Mello. "I am happy," he told Mello, a light feeling billowing from just above his stomach, closer to his heart.

With a pasty sort of blush across Near's five-year-old features, he thought back on something that Linda—the strange girl that always talked to him—had done to that red-headed boy who always sat in front of the television with a game hooked up. "Mello."

Said blond leaned his head into the palm of his hand, watching the albino closely. "What is it now?" he asked, slightly annoyed with the fact that the one kid that could calculate the square root of five without blinking, but didn't know expressions.

"Can I ask about another facial… expression?" he asked, questioning his own choice of words.

With a shrug, he stated 'sure'.

"What's… this?" he asked, leaning forward and pressing his lips against the apple of Mello's cheek.

With a heavy blush on his cheeks, the blond pushed away from the table and stood up. "Stupid…" he murmured. "You did it wrong." Glancing around the room to make sure eyes weren't on him, he leaned forward and brushed his lips against Near's. "That's called a kiss, by the way. And if you wanna know what it is so badly, look it up."

Arranging his seven-year-old features, Mello looked smug as he walked away; although anyone could tell by the hint of pink to his cheeks that he wasn't.


All right, before I get any 'wtf, mate's, I wrote this because I had nothing better to do, and my mind was on Mello, Near and the phrase 'show me'. So… Please, review on this, so I can see how to improve my writing abilities, especially since I know my ficlets aren't as awesome as they could be.

Hugs and Kisses!