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Author's Note: It's been a while, hasn't it? Since the last update, I've graduated high school, found me a job and applied for college. I feel like such an adult. School's started up again, so I kinda like laughing at the kids waiting at the bus stop in the remnants of hurricane rains.

I've been re-editing the book my brother and I wrote so that we can send it off to a few more publishers in the hopes that it'll get published. It's taking forever, but it's kind of interesting going back months later and seeing stuff I don't remember happening or wondering if we really wrote some of it.

ecently, Minato's decided that Kushina's insane. She'd left that morning for a day with the girls—most of whom were mothers now, save for Shizune, and Minato wondered when they all grew up—and told him that the baby was staying with him.

And really, who gave a man raised as an only child a baby hardly a few months old and thought it was a good idea to leave them alone together?

"I'll be back before sunset," Kushina had assured him. "Relax. He's only a baby."

Minato had watched Kushina—and Rin, because Kushina had been only marginally less clueless about the subject of babies than he was—take care of Naruto. He'd tried to help, but the thought of hurting or dropping the baby always made him flinch back.

And here he was, staring off with his three-month old son in the crib. Naruto looked like him, perhaps too much. There were touches of Kushina in the softer edges of his face and in the angle of his eyes, but the majority of looks came from him. Weren't sons supposed to look like their mothers and daughters like their fathers? Minato had read that somewhere once.

But it was morning and Naruto was hungry and Minato couldn't just leave him there. He reached in and carefully, gently, lifted his son up. Naruto didn't protest, just watched him with wide blue eyes. "Don't break, don'tbreak," Minato muttered like a mantra as he drew him closer. Once Naruto was settled against his shoulder, Minato relaxed a little. He could do this.

The three of them were at lunch when Rin's cell phone rang. She ignored it; she never answered her phone at the table, a lesson taught to her by her father. When it stopped, Kakashi's started.

Obito, Kakashi and Rin shared a look—they all knew who it was—and the other two sighed while Kakashi fished the phone from his pocket. "Hello?"

"Kakashi, I need your help. Actually—Is Rin there?"

Kakashi dutifully held out the phone to her. She held it carefully, trying not to smear the mayonnaise from her sandwich. "This wouldn't happen to be a baby emergency, would it?" She was usually the first pick for the new parents to call when something went wrong.

"How'd you guess?" Minato asked dryly and Rin could hear Naruto making sounds in the background. "No, Naruto, don't—"

Rin waited patiently while Minato got his son out of whatever trouble he'd gotten himself into. He was his mother's son, for certain, with her knack for trouble. Kakashi and Obito kept eating, but kept glancing back up at her in case they were needed.

"…Okay, I'm back. Now, hear me out—" She had said 'no' to him before when he asked her for favors, so it was a fair thing to tell someone.

"What is it?"

"…How do you change a diaper?"

Rin pinched the bridge of her nose, inhaling deeply. "You're telling me you haven't done it in three months?"

"For good reason."

"It's not rocket science, sensei, you can figure it out." Rin hung up, slightly grumpy at having her lunch interrupted.

Obito arched an eyebrow at her. Despite being the misfit of the Uchiha clan, he'd certainly gotten some of their traits right. "You feeling okay?" Rin was usually the picture of politeness.

"He needs to learn to do it by himself. He's a grown man."

"Or you're just tired of getting midnight calls." Kakashi suggested.

"Or that," she agreed.

"You guys wanna tell me why you're hanging out by my front door?" Kushina asked, one hand on her hip.

Rin, Kakashi and Obito looked up. They were sitting against the wall outside of Kushina's apartment, legs stretched out and Obito dozing on Rin's shoulder.

"…Minato called you for help, didn't he?"

Rin smiled slightly. "Your husband's hopeless."

Kushina laughed. "Oh, I'm aware. Now, let's go in before he ends up blowing up my house."

She helped them up after Rin shrugged Obito off. Obito blinked up at them blearily. "We done?"

"Not quite. C'mon, spiky."

Obito followed them up with many grunts and groans of he how was too old for this before nearly running into them as they stood frozen in the open doorway.

"Minato?" "Sensei?"

Minato's head poked up from the couch, hair in disarray. "Hey," He greeted, keeping his voice down.

Kushina bent to brush a kiss across his lips before taking a look at their son, sleeping sprawled out across Minato's stomach. Her brow furrowed with a frown. "Minato…"

"Yes, dear?" He asked uncertainly, looking over at his students who were a mixture of muffled laughter and barely-concealed grins.

"Why is our son's diaper duct-taped?"