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A Cinderella Story II: NOW YOU KNOW


When Sam said 'Then we lived happily ever after' did things really go her way?

Sam and Austin both go to Princeton for college. They are both very excited, but it seems nothing much has changed. Sam is still the nerdy girl, while her boyfriend is being ogled by half of the female population. Can they stick together to make things work? Or will Sam's kingdom come crumbling down once again?


I sat back as I watched the blue skies above, and felt the wind in my hair. I was happy, that was for sure. I looked at the boy sitting right next to me, I couldn't help myself. A small smile started playing around my lips as I took in everything I've gained. This time last year I was diner girl, nobody liked me at school, except for my over dramatic equally geeky best friend, and of course, the other workers from the diner, I would probably be working at the diner, getting bossed around by Fiona my step mum and her two daughters.

I still can't get over how lucky I got. No matter how much pain being in love with Austin brought me, there's no way in hell I would ever swap this with anything. I kept sneaking glances at Austin's beautiful face, already feeling the cravings I've been having. I want to kiss him, he knows it too. I'm biting my lips together just to keep from saying something stupid.

The scene during the last football game kept playing themselves over and over in my head. The moment Austin and I started kissing in front of everybody, the same moment the never ending drought ended. I could still feel the rain on my skin, his lingering touch as he kissed me like he's never kissed anyone before. I loved him. More than he'll ever know. I've never told him just how much, but I've got a feeling that he's got an idea.

Despite the fact that Austin was a closet poet, he was still a boy. And just like all boys, I'm afraid that he might be a little bit afraid of commitment. I know, I know, horrible isn't it? But I'm willing to bare it. That's just how much I loved him.

As we reached the Campus, I watched students, and numerous of U-Hauls as people unpacked their stuff. I spied some parents too. I felt a cold hand grab at my heart. I missed dad so much, but I knew that he would have been proud of me. A couple of months ago, I felt the whole world at my shoulder, especially after Fiona made me think that I didn't get in to Princeton.

I could someone looking at me, I slowly looked towards where Austin sat. I blushed a deep crimson color when I found him staring at me. He was gazing at me as if he hasn't seen me in a long while, I could feel the erratic beating of my heart. I felt Austin's hand as he held my hand.

The beating of my heart became louder and louder. Boom, boom, boom. I wondered if he could hear it, seeing as his face was only inches away from mine. I felt like I was going to faint. My mind started to clear, until the beating of my heart completely blocked out everybody else. "Yes, love indeed is light from heaven; A spark of that immortal fire with angels shared, by Allah given to lift from earth our low desire" Austin whispered in my ears. Lord Byron, I thought weakly as his lips went down on mine. Then my whole brain went in to lock down.

To me, nothing else mattered but this very moment. I wrapped my arms around his neck as his tongue flicked around the entrance of my lips, as if to tell me to open up. So I did. The kiss became explosive. He ran a finger up my arm, and I shivered as his touch lingered on my skin. I started feeling that feeling again. The one where it starts from my toes, all the way up to my roots.

We were getting carried away, right where we could be seen too. I pulled away, and looked around. When I looked at Austin, he looked a bit miffed. I don't know why he was so pissed off, but he climbed off the car and started unpacking our stuff. My heart felt like it suddenly stopped. The ringing started in my ears as I hopped off the car.

Despite the fact that I loved Austin with all my heart, and he seemed to be happy to have me as a girlfriend, I always feel like I'm walking on hot coals whenever I'm with him. I feel like one dreadful move could mean the end of our relationship. At that moment, I could feel my world being titled off it's axis. I felt unusually cold under the hot sun of New Jersey.

I approached Austin slowly, extending a hand to touch his shoulders. "Austin…?" I asked nervously. He spun around to look at me with the same irritation, I flinched slightly. I couldn't help it, my lips started to quiver. Instantly Austin's face softened, "Sam, please don't cry" he said, wrapping an arm around me. I felt that same jolt of electricity go up and down my spine.

"I was a jerk, I knew we were getting carried away, will you smile now please?" he asked gently, lifting my face up slightly. I smiled weakly at him as he pecked my lips gently. "I'm sorry too, I must look so immature to you" I added in a tiny voice. Austin was shaking his head, "Sam, you are anything but immature, now can we please just enjoy this?" he asked softly. How could I say no? So I nodded as I helped him unpacked.

We both started heading towards my room, it wasn't too hard to find. I had a permanent scowl on my face as I noticed all the girls eyeing Austin up like he was a piece of meat. "Baby, just relax, remember I'm with you, not them" he said, trying to distract me as we went up a flight of stairs, just as two blonde bombshells looked him up and down, and gave him a flirtatious smile.

I didn't blame them. Austin Ames was a god, if there ever was one. He has Sandy blonde hair, that looked a little messy for wear, but looked natural on him, amazing hazel eyes that sometimes turned green, and not to mention a beautiful body that makes me drool whenever I saw him without his top on.

He was brushing his hair away from his eyes as he stared at me with an amused expression on his face. As much as I loved Austin, I could tell that he loved the attention a little too much.

As we reached my room, I slowly opened the door to find a very pretty girl with blonde hair, wearing a very short dress that didn't leave much to the imagination. She gave me one look and ignored me. I was speechless. Then she noticed Austin standing next to me, and her eyes sparked up, like somebody just switched her light on.

"Hi, you must be my new room mate" she smiled a fake smile. I knew she was directing the question at me, but her eyes stayed with Austin the whole time, and to my disgust Austin was staring right back at her. I wanted to smack him right there. He was staring at her boobs, shamelessly if I must add.

I waved a small wave as the girl looked me up and down with a smirk on her face. "I'm Isabel, what's your name?" she asked, her voice overly sweet as she gave Austin a flirtatious smile, at which point I was already silently planning of ways to smother her in her sleep.

I looked at Austin, and he dodged my gaze, looking at the pastel walls like it was the most fascinating thing in the whole world. Jerk.

"I'm Sam" I said politely. "Well, nice to meet you Sam, and who's your friend?" she asked sweetly. "oh, This is Austin…My boyfriend" I smiled sickly. I watched as her face clouded over, then she shrugged and walked out of the room without another word.

I grumbled loudly and walked towards my bed and started unpacking my stuff. Completely ignoring Austin. I felt a hand wrap themselves around me. I pushed his hand away. He dropped them dejectedly and let out an exasperated growl. "This is ridiculous! Come on Sam, don't you trust me at all? Give me some credit!" he yelled. I turned sharply towards him, my anger making me see red.

"Oh shut up, you were totally flirting with her! Like its not bad enough that your girlfriend is a freaky little frump, you just had to dangle it in front of my face!" I snapped at him. I was losing it, and I know I shouldn't be. We've only been together for 2 months. I'm surprised our relationship even survived the summer.

"God Sam, I'm so sick of this! This is becoming a stupid cycle!" he yelled loudly. I knew that he was right, but I didn't feel like admitting to my stupidity, so I played tough, and for once became an absolute bitch. "Fine then! If you are, then get the hell out of my life!" I said indignantly. I said the words that I would soon regret greatly.

Austin looked absolutely taken a back as he stared at me. Then maybe it was pride, he grabbed his bag and stormed out of my room. After a while I just stood there with all of my stuff still unpacked, feeling like my heart had been blasted in to smithereens. I picked up my phone, but just holding my phone made me cry. It made me think of so much memories that thanks to me, would probably be washed down the drain.

I dialed Carter's number and hoped to god that he picks up. I counted to three, but the phone kept ringing and my tears started falling. I knew my eyes were starting to turn red, and my nose was starting to look like the complete replica of a clown's nose. I was about to hang up when I heard Carter's familiar voice.

"Hello, this is Carter speaking"

I let out a squeak and started breaking in to sobs. "Sam? Sam? Are you there? What's wrong?! Sam?" Came Carter's worried voice. When I finally answered, my voice felt raw, and it sounded gravelly. "Carter I did something very stupid" I said in a small voice between sobs.

I started spilling to my best friend about the days happenings. I let out all of the bad emotions about Austin and being stuck in the same room with some horrible girl who wears weird long hair extensions, then finally I told him about my fight with Carter. I was in between sobs when the line started crackling.

"Sam, look my line is about to get cut off, I suggest that you go and find Austin. I know he cares about you, you guys need to kiss and make up and act like adults" he said rationally, "remember, this isn't high school anymore. He can move on quickly if he wants to" he added, not helping at all. "Thanks a lot Carter" I scoffed, "Sorry" he murmured. I sighed loudly. I knew he was right. But just because he was, doesn't mean what he was saying would be easy to do. Sorry seems to be the hardest word.

When we finally broke off, I looked at the clock. My room mate from hell hadn't returned, and neither has Austin. I tried to call him up to see if we could meet up, but his phone was turned off. I exhaled loudly and tried to keep my emotions in check. I got up and left the dorm. I headed towards Austin's dorm and knocked on the door hesitantly. A boy with long brown hair and a little too much facial hair opened the door. He looked lazily at me, then released a burp. "Yeah?" he asked in a low voice. I tried to look past him, but he was covering the whole door frame so I could see past him.

"Um, I was just looking for Austin, is he here?" I asked tiredly. I felt exhausted and emotionally drained. I gave the boy a don't-mess-with-me look. "Uh…he went to some party for newbie's or something…I think it up in the north side of the dorms" he said lazily, completely seeing past my evil glare. I nodded and started heading towards the direction he sent me to.

Every step I took I felt like I was being dragged to the ground. My heart was beating so fast as I came closer and closer to the room. I could already hear the loud thumping of music, and the busy murmur of love, sex, and rock'n'roll happening in one of the rooms.

I stood outside the room. There were people standing around the opened door. Some nodded at me, while some strangers said hi. I gave them all a shy and nervous smile as I walked inside the dorm room. Who ever was throwing this party was screwed the next day. The chaos inside blew me away. But I war surprised, the room was so much bigger than an average room. It looked more like a suite than anything else.

I looked around the room, looking for Austin's familiar frame. But the crush of body was making me feel dizzy as I went through the crowd. I looked around and started to panic, where the hell was he? I flipped my blonde fringe out of my eyes as I desperately looked for a familiar mass of sandy blonde hair. Then I saw him, at least someone who I thought was Austin go inside a room holding a can of beer. I followed him out to find that the door lead to the balcony, where some couples were getting friendly with each other. I blushed slightly as I looked around and stopped.

I saw someone in the corner, wearing a black shirt, but with an all too familiar mass of blonde hair. I was about to approach Austin when I suddenly froze. He was bending his head towards someone, then next thing I knew, two pairs of hands went around his waist, then I was frozen in an awkward position between walking and putting my foot down.

The breathing space suddenly felt a little too crammed. I wanted to move, but I couldn't. He was just there, kissing a girl who wasn't me. Then they shifted sides and I saw who the girl was. Isabel. Isabel, the same Isabel who was my room mate.

Then as if she could sense that somebody was staring at her, Isabel opens her eyes and found me. She instantly stopped kissing Austin and tapped his shoulder and pointed towards me. Austin turned around and looked at me, his eyes filled with surprise.

Then something clicked in my mind. I quickly spun around and ran right through the crowd, not really waiting for Austin to say a word. I could hear him calling after me, but as soon as I stepped back inside the party, his voice was drowned out by the loud music.

I ran out of the door and kept running until I was out of the building. I bumped in to two intoxicated girls who scowled at me when I apologized. I tried to stop the tears from falling down, but I couldn't help it. After everything that we went through last year, I thought sadly. Images of us together playing in my mind at the worst times so that my tears kept cascading down like a dam inside my eyes just shattered.

"Sam! Sam!" Austin yelled out. How the hell did he catch up so fast? I thought as I tried to pick up speed, but Austin was fast. He caught up in no time, holding my waist and hugging me to him. I struggled to be freed until all the fight drained out of me, so I just stayed there in his arms, with my back to him, heaving uncontrollably.

He was breathing really heavily. "Why?" I asked in a broken voice. I tried to push him again, but he tightened his grip. "Please, Sam. That was a mistake, a moment of weakness…" he trailed off as his voice began wavering. I closed my eyes and twisted around, so I was facing him. I pushed to put distance between us, and he looked hurt. "That's not good enough" I said weakly, looking down. When I looked up I couldn't help it, I started crying again. He looked so wounded, that I wanted to hug him, but I also felt pleasure in knowing that I'm inflicting pain towards him.

"I love you, you know that?" I said, my voice breaking slightly. "But obviously it doesn't-" but he cut me off, so I put out a hand, and spoke louder, "It doesn't matter to you, or else you would have thought twice about it" I said in a much stronger voice. He was looking at me with a pleading expression that I looked away.

"I care so much about you Sam…Please, don't let this break us apart" he said brokenly. I looked away, and my eyes focused on a girl standing just a little away from us, with a very guilty expression on her face. I looked at Isabel, then at Austin. I pushed down all of the hurt, and tried not to think exactly just how much damage I was inflicting on my self.

I looked straight at Austin, and said sadly, "You should've said no" then walked away, pushing away from Austin, and ran back to my room. I buried myself under the cover and cried silently.

I ignored the door when it opened slightly, indicating that Isabel was about to come in. "I'm so sorry that this all happened, I didn't for that to turn in to this pile of shit" came Isabel's soft voice. "It's all my fault anyway. It's my punishment" came Austin's strained voice. There was silence, as I stopped breathing all together.

"Do you want to come in?" Isabel asked slowly. I didn't hear a reply, but I heard the door open, and two footsteps walked in. I held my breathe as a pained sound threatened to come out. I heard the squeak of the mattress as one of them sat on the other bed. I kept my eyes shut, hoping to god that they don't do anything while I'm on the same room. I heard light footsteps as somebody stood in front of my bed. Then I felt familiar soft lips touch my forehead. I pretended to sleep. Just when Austin was about to reach out to touch me, I twisted my body and turned away from him. I heard him sniff as he walked away.

"Thanks Isabel, sorry for dragging you in to all of this" he said in a raw voice. Isabel didn't reply as I heard the door shut. Another tear slipped out as I tried to fall asleep.

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