Guys.. I feel bad letting u guys down.. I mean..he's dead, but he proberbly would want me to continue. So i decided I'll continue as long as u guys still want it.

Percy POV

"Are we there yet?" Thalia muttered for the 600th time. "Soon.. I hope."

---2 hrs later---

"We're here…" Athena said. "How we're getting on the ship? No plan? That's not wise!" Thalia asked, relieved we're finally here but nervous to see Luke, as well as getting pissed.

I went next to her, and put my hand on her shoulder trying to calm her down.

Athena was about to argue back and Derek announced.. "There's no plan needed. We're invited on."

I looked at the ship surprised, they welcoming us on.


"Well, well, well. Who do I see here… Percy Jackson 2 half bloods and a goddess. So.. how can I help?" A guy with blonde hair, around 15 asked them, after getting them on the ship.

"Aren't you.. Adrian? One of the undetermined ones?" Derek stepped forward and asked. "Yes, one of the abandoned ones that were never accepted by our parents!"He glared at Athena.

"We're here to see Annabeth and Luke."I stepped infront of Derek and demanded.

"Oh. My lord and my lady are currently absent to their.. engagement I believe" he paused and smirked before continuing. "However, my lord has prepared something for you." He snapped his fingers and there, was 200 monsters on board.

I'll write more and continue if u guys still want to read it.