A/N: So technically I started writing this story a few weeks back…I think it was few weeks after seeing some spoiler pictures in the Sun and it inspired me to begin writing this

A/N: So technically I started writing this story a few weeks back…I think it was few weeks after seeing some spoiler pictures in the Sun and it inspired me to begin writing this. Now I am determined to have this finished before the seasonf finale airs so reviews are really appreciated and hopefully I will get this done. Oh and I hope you all like it too.


Rose ran, feeling the cold metal of the unusual gun as she gripped at it with hot sweaty palms. it had been designed by Torchwood - a defence against hostile aliens. A last defence, only allowed to be used as a last resort.

Rose turned a corner and slammed herself against the rough brickwork as another bomb went off. she glimpsed round the corner, searching for the others. She couldn't see them through the smoke filled air.

Willing it to clear, her breath hitched in her throat as she looked at what was in front of her. The after-effects of the bomb.

Debris cluttered the floor, overturned cars blocking her view, screams from nearby, a hand sticking out from under a pile of debris...wait, a hand?

Her eyes widened in shock before squinting, attempting to seek out familiarities in that hand but she can't even wait for her brain to start turning and solve the mystery because it would be too late. At least that was what she concluded when she rushed towards that hand after taking a quick glance for those who they were fighting against.

She fell to her knees and began to push off the fallen pieces of stonework and metal. Stopping in realisation, she breathed out, "Doctor..."

Quickening her pace, even though her arms were already aching she pushed off another block of concrete and another. When there was no more to lift, she began to drag him out away from the dangerous building she feared might avalanche more concrete on him. On them.

She checked his pulse. And was reassured by the steady heartbeats in his chest and the slow rising and fall of his lungs as they breathed in time to hers.

Looking at his face, she felt tears burn in her eyes. She hadn't seen him in two years and this was the first proper time they had been alone. So much for a happy reunion when you can reunite in a new founded apocalypse. When you're holding a gun in your hand and hear the screams of fear nearby. Not forgetting the fact that the man you love with all your heart is unconscious in your arms.

The sound of nearby coughs woke her from her thoughts. She looked down to see the Doctor, dazed and confused, roll out of her arms and onto the hard ground. Propping himself on his elbows as he tried to regain his balance, unsure of his surroundings.

She rubbed circles into his back as he coughed up dust. "Doctor, just take deep breaths."

He turned his head and looked up at her and with a raspy voice said, "Rose, what happened?"

"The bomb went off. I couldn't see where you had went to. I don't know where the others are. I don't know if they got caught in the crossfire. I just ran and then after it exploded, I saw your hand and I just - "

"Rose calm down!" His voice was clear cut and reassuring. She took a slow and steady breath but was soon replaced when she inhaled sharply at the sound of him coughed again, clearing his throat.

In the far distance, she heard a familiar screech. Looking up she recognised her mother along with Jack and Donna, she was almost sure her name was Donna, up ahead of them. The Doctor had seen them too.

She helped him stand up but he insisted he was fine when she looked at him with concerned after he doubled over coughing. She held hand the way as they walked towards the trio. She didn't want him to run. He was hiding the pain, she could tell even after two years apart. Yet it didn't stop him taking purposeful strides over.

"Rose!" she heard her mother call in the distance, "Look out, Rose!"

They turned on their heels and saw the familiar haunting sight of Dalek swimming in the sky. She gasped and felt the Doctor tug her hand shouting, "Run!"

Her muscles ached in incongruity as she strained them to push harder. To move faster. To get to safety.

The Daleks beams shot out in all directions as she and the Doctor weaved through cars, using them as barricades from the death rays.

Rose saw a blue ray shoot just above their interlaced hands and punch a hole in the ground. She tripped bringing the Doctor with her.

She rolls on the tarmac, slamming into the side of the parked car. She sees the Doctor hands scrape harshly against the floor as he tries to protect himself from damage but she knows without seeing them that they're cut and bleeding.

The back of her head is stinging from the impact of her head slamming against metal but she can't think of that because the Daleks are getting ever nearer and the Doctor is dragging her up by the arm and encouraging her to keep moving.

It is then she remembers the gun hanging loosely by her side and the two figures looming behind are not willing to wait while they run for their lives. Spurts of blue are flying around them. She shouts for the Doctor to duck behind a car and a second later a large gap separates them as she pulls at her gun. She risks a look around and sees only one Dalek.

Where did the other one go?

She stands up, her back against the side of the car. One deep breath and she turns and shoots. A direct hit.

Yet she sees the Doctor rushing towards her, pushing her out of the way yelling, "Rose watch out!"

Before getting a chance to turn she feels hands push her to the ground. He's up before she has time to blink shouting at the Dalek she hadn't notice sneak up behind.

"Come on!" She watches helplessly as the Doctor screams at it, "It's me you want so come and get me!"

He takes off at a sprint. The Dalek takes no more interest in her, now choosing to follow its greatest enemy. She clambers up. Her feet feel so heavy and if she took time to stop, she would feel the pain of bruises and cuts but she doesn't think. She just runs after the Doctor.

Her breath feels heavy as she sees the familiar brown suited figure up in front. A blur, never stopping for a moment. Yet the world seems to slow down for her in a second as a shot of blue burst out from the Dalek as it screeches, "Exterminate!"

She hears a mumbled shout of warning from afar. It isn't for her. It's for the Doctor but he doesn't hear. At least she doesn't see him respond.

She just sees the shot of blue hit him in the chest, forcing him to reel backwards. A shout of pain rips from his lips and slices through the air sharply. Hears it ringing in her ears. Feels the tears running down her face as she rushes forward. Sees him crumple lifelessly. Feels her hearts pounding in her chest. Sees him lying still on the ground.

She doesn't notice when Jack blasts the Dalek into pieces with a gun similar to hers. Doesn't care where her gun has landed as she drops to her knees in front of the Doctor. Doesn't feel anything other than the numbness spreading through her body. Doesn't care if the world is ending. She just cares about him.

Has to save him. Needs to. Must. Who will battle the monsters if the Doctor isn't there? Who will she fight for? Who will save the world if he isn't there?

She lowers her head, placing her lips on his as she pinches his nose. Breathes out. He isn't breathing. His hearts aren't beating. She places her hand on his chest. Pushes down.


Each breath, each push downwards, each moment went by and the Doctor wasn't reviving.

"Rose." She heard her mother but ignored her. She just had to get the Doctor breathing again."Honey he gone."


"No he not!" she cried, pushing down again.


"Rose you have to let him go. He's...he's dead." Her mother placed a hand on her back.

Tears prickled at her eyes but Rose wouldn't let them fall. It couldn't be. It couldn't be true. He wasn't. All he needed was her to revive him and then everything would be fine again. She couldn't lose him.

Not now. Not after being without him for so long.

"He isn't..." she said breathlessly. "He can't be."

Why did everything seem so out of focus? She felt like she was falling and no one could catch her. Her skin felt too warm. Her tears stung her eyes. Everything was spinning. Everything was...