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Martha came to a sudden halt, turning to face him full in the process, "I'm what?" gasped Martha.

Jack studied her for a second, suddenly feeling like he was walking on eggshells; that and the sudden déjà vu he was receiving. There had been many a time when he had opened his mouth, completely sure that what he had been saying was in fact true, but found himself instead on the relieving end of a slap.

And he didn't particularly want to get slapped again. Especially when he had avoided them for so long. Sure there were the punches a couple hundred deaths and even more kisses between now and the last time he had been slapped. No, he decided, he definitely didn't want to be slapped. Not by Martha, who if he was honest, look like she could give a good slap in the face when she wanted to.

"Pregnant?" He smiled at her, "I mean I thought. You know, with the…"

"The what?" she asked, offended.

Ok, this was definitely not going good, "Well, the glow."

She shook her head, "The glow?"

"You know, the pregnancy glow. People from the 51st century can see that glow. Plus that and the smell you give off…" She gave him a pointed look, "You are pregnant, aren't you?"

She met his gaze for a moment before nodding.

"Oh may I be the first to say Martha, congratulations." He smiled, and wrapped her up in a hug, spinning her around in the process,

"Now," He set her back down, "It's not mine is it?" he joked. She hit him on the chest in response, "Because you know…"

"Jack!" warned Martha. He stopped talking but couldn't help but keep grinning, "It's not that obvious is it? I only found out myself last week."

"And you've been keeping it to yourself for all this time?" She nodded again, "shame on you Martha. And we could have been out celebrating in style."

"While the world comes to an end around us?"

"Ah, you need to go out in style. What better way than that?" Martha laughed, "Now, who's the lucky fella?"


Rose came to an abrupt halt, and Donna managed to stop just in time to avoid banging smack dab into her.

"It's in the next room over." Rose stated, looking up in distain, "Now all we have to do is find a way in."

"How the hell are we going to do that?" commented Donna, staring at the cascade of rubble blocking the entrance to the other room.

Rose crouched down, her head scanning the mound for any chance of a way in, "Over there." She pointed, towards a hole larger than the others.

Donna scoffed, "You wouldn't be able to fit a toddler through that thing."

"Yeah, but maybe we can widen it." She stood up, contemplating, "Might need Jack's help though."

"Right," Donna reached into her pocket and pulled out a mobile, "Well, let's ring him then."

Rose quickly took the phone out of her hand, "Here, let me. I know exactly where we are so it'll be easier to find us." She pressed in the numbers and took a step away. After a minute, she put it in her pocket, "I can't get through. The signal must be bad or something."

"So what do we do?"

"One of us will have to stay here while the other looks for Jack." Donna nodded, "So Donna, you should go and look for him. I'll stay here and wait. Maybe look around for any other ways in. I won't go in until you get back, if I do."

"And don't try and get through that hole!"

Rose smiled, "I won't."

"Good. I don't want anything collapsing in on you."

"Either would I."

"Good." Donna nodded, "So where do you think Jack and Martha will be?"

Rose shrugged, "Dunno. I don't think they'd be that far away from us. Maybe you could take the stairs and have a look around. I'm sure you'll come across them soon enough."

"Right." She held out her hand. Rose raised an eyebrow; staring blankly at her, "Phone?"

"Oh." Rose smiled tightened slightly as she dug through her pocket producing Donna's mobile phone. She handed it over, "Here you go."

Donna muttered a final warning about not going in before she turned and took off up the nearby stairs. Rose turned towards the cascade of rubble and began moving around it until she came to a side entrance and smiled, trying to ignore the small burst of guilt that had suddenly attacked.

It's better this way. No one can get hurt. Everything can be back to how it was…well, kind of how it was, but this way the world had a chance to be saved and the Doctor…well, and he would be…

Rose knew she had to do this so she walked to the door, not noticing Donna peeking out through the door with a phone to her ear.


Jack's brow furrowed as he listened to what Donna was saying. What was Rose planning to do? Why did she fell the need to do this on her own?

"We'll be right there." He ended the phone call, grabbed Martha's hand and rushed towards the stairs, quickly explaining what was going on to dispel her protests.

"Come on!" he urged, finally having made it down the stairs. He turned left and ran once more; slightly surprised Martha could keep up with him.

"Jack!" Donna cried out up ahead. They stopped running immediately, "Martha!"

"Where is she?" Jack demanded.

To be continued...

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