First shot at some EdWin romance. For some reason, I only like the pairing the manga; it doesn't seem right in the anime. Anyway.

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Oh, using the manga up through Ch. 83 as canon. Spoilers; you've been warned.

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1. Savings Box

Winry rummaged around in her bag, brow furrowed in concentration. She knew she had packed that thing, so where the heck was it?

Five minutes later, she found it, wrapped inside a shirt. Said shirt was hastily discarded on the floor as she opened the tiny wooden box. Inside was a collection of bills and some change filled the box almost to the brim and rattled loudly as she shifted through it, trying to estimate the amount.

It was her Wedding Box, the one her mother had given her on her fifth birthday. She could distinctly remember unwrapping the bright paper and gasping at the intricate carvings of horses, flowers, and other designs that had been done by her mother's hand.

"It's your Wedding Box, Winry. You can put any spare change in it and soon you'll have enough for a fabulous wedding!"

Back then, she had believed that she could save enough for her 'fabulous wedding', and had dutifully deposited her change in it. She still dropped her change in it, years later, but it was more of a habit now.

She couldn't have been happier that she did. Winry didn't know how much was in there, but she really didn't care. The money was dumped into her purse and the box, now empty, went back into her bag.

It was depressing to see the little box so empty, but the money was needed. The military was covering Ed's hospital fees, but just fixing his body wasn't going to be enough. Ed needed emotional healing, too, and the best way to do that was to get his mind off his injuries.

She had thought talking would do the trick. But no. Ed was conscious and lucid, and so he was fully aware and reminded every day of what more he had lost in the fight. And that was working against him. While his body slowly recovered, the doctors had admitted that he was losing the will to keep going.

Neither Al's return to his body or the saving of Amistris seemed to be reason enough for the young alchemist to keep living.

"I don't want to live like… this," he had told her earlier that morning, an utterly lifeless look on his face. Even his eyes, the once bright and fiery, were glazed over and downcast.

Winry had tried to deny it; why would Ed just stop living after all of this? But when the blonde didn't fight another I.V. needle, Winry knew the doctors were right.

So Winry was now a woman with a mission. She grabbed her coat and marched her way out of the hotel room, jaw set. The money for her wedding would be gone by the end of the day, but if she didn't spend it, her very wedding would be gone.

After all, a bride needed a groom.

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