You get a cookie if you see the connection between Death and Matt's penny.

You get one even if you don't though, because I don't actually expect anyone to see into my head and follow my train of thought because I couldn't even follow it when I wrote this.

Except Shadow and Hikari, because they seem to understand my thought pattern better than I do, so I expect them to get it. -throws cookies out to the readers-

Death tasted like a copper penny, in Matt's opinon.

A newly made copper penny, shiny and pretty and tasting so bad but you couldn't help but to give it just a small taste, see if your friends were lying when they said it tasted pretty good.

It always tasted bad.

Death should taste like cigarettes, he mused. Nicotine tasted a hell of a lot better than copper, at any rate.

L was dead.

Mello was gone. Near was a ghost.

Matt was alone.

He flipped a penny into the small fountain.

Make a wish, Matt.

He walked away from the fountain as he heard the tiny splash the coin had made. Blue-green eyes and blond hair. Black leather, silver crucifix. Mello.

That was his wish.


As the bullets hit and he went down, he smiled.

Death really did masquerade as a copper penny.