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Summary: Natsumi thinking about her feeling for Miyuki

A/N: This is an old story of mine. Now that I have Wingweaver edit this story, I gather all my courage to finally post this here. This is the first installment in my Kiss Universe, the other three is still in progress (for editing). This is a one shot story and the upcoming installments as well. This story is in Natsumi's POV. Rated...K! (No, not Korina, no pun intended!)


I could hear them coming, their giggles can be heard from where I am, now. Damn these feelings! Just imagine me...a prolific, active and strong police officer, a woman who never turns her back on anything -

Anything but this...

I can't remember the time I actually felt like this, 'go weaken the knees', 'tachycardia', 'hot flushes', whatever… I've never even felt these when I was with Tokairin Shouji.

Well…after sometime, me and Shouji finally decided that we really didn't fit together. He wanted his life the way it is. He loved nature, he loved to be one with it, while I enjoy being here in my job, yes, I do enjoy my job and I enjoy my partner's company.

I'm not sure what about her I enjoy, all I know is that every second we're together brings me joy, brings me this pleasure that I never wished to end. The first time I set my eyes on her, I knew she was something.


I'm trying hard to put my mind from thinking… thinking about her.

I bought a cross word puzzle along the way from my apartment and I'm desperately trying to solve it, and my head is aching already from trying to solve a very hard puzzle and from trying hard to put her out of my mind.

I guess I did quite fine with the last cause of my headache because I did not notice her on my back.

"Black hole," the soft voice said on my back, pointing her finger on a segment of the puzzle, "15 across that's the answer." I looked at her and felt my body melt as I saw her leaning down on me… smiling

"Miyuki?" I ask dumbfounded. I guess the cat caught my tongue

"I've been around for quite sometime. I guess you are too busy with your puzzle you failed to notice me," She smiles at me again, "Can I sit beside you then?"

I nodded, not finding my voice to give her an answer.

"I noticed you've been distancing yourself from us." Miyuki asked after she situated herself beside me, she is looking at me her eyes bore a happy expression and satisfaction.

Silence, what could I say?

"Is there something that's bothering you?" She asks again, lightly tugging my right arm that is next to her.

God Miyuki! I can't tell you. I am afraid you'll stay away from me if you knew


"Ahhh -" Tsujimoto! What the heck are you doing? Answer her! Damn! Answer!! My brain screamed at me as I tried to find my voice which I seemed to misplace, "ah…no Miyuki, nothing's wrong."

"Okay." she accepts my answer, shrugging her shoulders.

There was silence as I turned my gaze on the puzzle I am doing, yet my brain is so aware of Miyuki being there beside me, I can't concentrate. I can't even find the number where she told me the answer, but again…

What was her answer?

My peripheral vision is working perfectly right now as I tried to look at her through that. She wasn't facing me or my puzzle, she's looking far away and then I hear her sigh. I followed her gaze and find that she's looking at, Nakajima. My heart felt cold all of a sudden as if it is being drowned in ice cold water… then suddenly it stop. It really hurts to see the one you love loving someone else, but what can I do? I decided a long time ago to be content being her friend, partner in crime. I knew I'll never occupy her heart the way she occupies mine, I'll just be Natsumi, her friend, her confidant. I returned my gaze at my puzzle now nothings clear.

"You think Nakajima will be able to tell me about his feelings?" Miyuki looks at me.

I look at her and forced a smile, "He just needs courage to do so."

"I guess," Miyuki looks at me and smiles sweetly, "I think I have waited too long for him."


"You know what?"

"Huh?" I look at her standing and dusting off imaginary dirt in her blue skirt,

"I think you should think of what you said earlier."

"Think what?" I don't understand you Miyuki

"You said he needs courage to be able to tell me what he feels."

"Uh! Yeah?" I answer with a puzzled look in my face.

She didn't answer instead I watched her walked very slowly away from me.

"I never want love to escape me twice…" she said as she moves much farther.

What did she say? I didn't get it. But then she explained it further as I felt her lips brush mine. It was a simple peck and I was too stunned to realize what she did. The last thing I knew, I was looking at her face smiling then she turned around and she walks away from me. I can feel my face burn then touch my lips that which still feel her lips,

"Miyuki…" I mumbled, smiled and let a finger lingers on it.