A/N: This is another one shot, NatsuYuki. This is in Miyuki's POV and the 3rd installment of my Kiss Universe.

Can I Kiss you?

I was walking along with Aoi and Yoriko. I was assigned at the Bokuto station for computer simulation of a program made by Kachou's best friend and I haven't been patrolling with my partner Natsumi for almost 2 weeks now. I miss it.

I miss patrolling…but most of all I miss Natsumi.

I watch Aoi and Yoriko laugh about something Yoriko said that I seem to miss. Then I saw her… There on a vacant field doing something, whatever it is I don't know. I've been Natsumi's partner for long and I already knew my friend and partner by heart. If I didn't know myself, I could say that I am harboring special feelings for her. She's been distancing herself from us, I said us because I think that's appropriate, I don't want to assume. But deep inside, there's this nagging feeling that says she is actually distancing herself from me, and it hurts to think that my hunch might have truth in it. My mind drifted when I felt a light tag and saw Aoi smiling at me.

"She is so quiet isn't she? So very unlikely of our Natsumi." Aoi started, I nod because I can't argue about that and Aoi is just stating a fact, "Have you talked to her?"

"Hm?" I looked at Aoi, what am I suppose to tell her?

"I asked if you've talked to her already."

"Why?" I really don't get Aoi, a sly smile etched on her/his face

"I smell romance when there's one!" Aoi answered me, Yoriko chuckled.

I didn't say anything instead I watch Natsumi. And then my eyes noticed a tall man leaning on a motorcycle, with his dark sunglasses on.

Nakajima Ken.

I thought for long I had special feelings for this shy guy, but then I notice that the feeling dwindled down as I keep on waiting. I'm losing my feelings for him, but still I wanted to know.

But then Natsumi was there. She had done so much for me since we've met. She saved my life many times and I can't forget how down I was when she left Bokuto to be a parade officer, not even the presence of Nakajima was able to alleviate that loneliness I felt, the incapacity I felt those times…

"Why do you say that Aoi-chan?" Yoriko asks the tall transvestite.

"Well for one, the way Miyuki looks at Natsumi. And two, I just can feel it!" She said then smiles at me sweetly.

"And I thought I am the one who loves to gossip!" Yoriko rolled her eyes then laughs; I wasn't paying attention anymore as I think of what to say to Natsumi. Perhaps Aoi was right, these feelings I have for Natsumi is more than just being partners or friends. The way I feel lonely right now because I'm not with her. We haven't even got to see each other in the apartment where we live.

So my feelings for Ken are diminishing, I know but I still have to prove that. And I want to explore these feelings towards Natsumi. Am I in love with her?

"Miyuki, from the look on your face and from how you look at Natsumi, I could already guess what it is you're thinking," Yoriko said after tugging at my arm lightly, "You know, if you want to know what kind of love you have for Natsumi, kiss her… here," then Yoriko points a finger to her lips.2

My eyes widen, what is Yoriko suggesting? That I kiss Natsumi on the lips? "But what if she doesn't like-"

"Then you will have to apply for a sick leave tomorrow," Aoi giggled at that "…for slight physical injury of course." Yoriko said flatly then she started laughing


"But Yoriko's idea is great, look Miyuki-" Aoi stopped walking and faced me, he/she held me on my shoulder then I looked at his/her face, "A kiss means a lot, if a jolt of electricity pass through your lips while it touches her, then you love her romantically, if there's none, you still love her, in a friendly manner."

"Is that true?"

"Yes!" Yoriko and Aoi simultaneously answered, then the two looks at each other and giggled, "It's worth a try." Aoi then said.

I watch the busy Natsumi again; my heart is pounding in my chest. I'm nervous, it feels like I'll be doing something illegal. But okay, I really don't like Natsumi slowly drifting away from me, I can lose Ken but not her. I have to try this!

I slowly take small steps towards Natsumi and felt my heart racing faster and faster as I cut the distance between us, I can hear Yoriko and Aoi giggle like high school students who've seen their crushes.

You can do this Miyuki, you can...

I'm so glad that Natsumi didn't notice me, already standing behind her and was surprised to see her working on a cross word puzzle. Natsumi solving a puzzle? Since when did she like solving puzzles? Then I notice her scratch her head, I bent over to look, I close my eyes as her scent assaulted my nose, that smell of Natsumi I miss so much, then I open my eyes and smile and look at the number she is trying to answer, "Black hole," I point my finger on the said number, "15 across that's the answer."


Miyuki? Yes that is my name, is that all she can say after almost two weeks of not seeing each other? I miss talking to her, I miss the strong, cheerful Natsumi and that's all she can say? I still smile at her "I've been around for quite sometime. I guess you are too busy with your puzzle you failed to notice me," I got no answer "Can I sit beside you then?" she just nodded. Natsumi really seemed quiet.

Natsumi? Why are you distancing yourself from me? I thought, my heart felt heavy just thinking about it, "I noticed you've been distancing yourself from us." so I think us is still appropriate than me, I really didn't want to assume. I sit beside her, "Is there something that's bothering you?" I asks because she's really so not herself, tugging her arm, I watch as she looks at me, the way I can see her throat move I figure she is swallowing lots of pooled saliva there, it's either she wanted to say something she can't because she's nervous or she doesn't want me there, "Natsumi?"



"Ah…no Miyuki, nothing's wrong."

I sighed secretly, I could feel that there is something wrong, but I respect her, and if she says nothing then there is nothing. "Okay." I saw her go back to her puzzle, I sighed deeply knowing that she couldn't see me and she is too focused on her puzzle. I looked across from where we are and watch Nakajima.

"You think Nakajima will be able to tell me about his feelings?" I asks her, I didn't like the uncomfortable silence between us, it's not normal, it's making me afraid. I need to hear her voice.

"He just needs courage to do so."


Perhaps she still thinks that I am the same shy girl secretly in love with a shy boy like Nakajima, "I guess," then I shrugged my shoulders, "I think I have waited too long for him."

I wanted to laugh when I saw Natsumi's face, her expression is so priceless, innocent and priceless. I know now, even if I don't have to kiss her? I know how I feel about Natsumi, "You know what?" She has the same expression. I wanted to kiss her there and then, I stand up and started dusting off my skirt then I stepped away from her "I think you should think of what you said earlier." She looks at me scrunching her forehead.

"Think what?"

"You said he needs courage to be able to tell me what he feels." I think you do need courage to tell me what you feel too Natsumi, I'm willing to risk my life with you if you want me more than just a friend.

"Uh! Yeah?" I watch that puzzled look in your face, smile then turn my back on you and started walking away, slowly. That face has warmed my heart. I need to see a real smile etched in that lovely face not that forced smile you're giving me; I need you to smile often at me Natsumi. Those lips? Is it soft? Will there be a jolt of electricity if I kiss your lips? I turn my head to look at her again, I can do this "I never want love to escape me twice…" I smile at her

She still has that puzzled look. For a very active woman, I assume she's not too keen with things like this, how did Tokairin get to her anyway? I saw her lips curved to an angle as I assume she is still trying to absorb the meaning of my last sentence, Natsumi? I thought can I kiss you? Should I ask for permission?

I put a finger on my lips then shake my head, "I have to!" I said just to myself then I run to her and without hesitation, I kneeled before her, face to face and without any words… I kiss her on her lips with my eyes closed. It was short but there is that electricity Aoi and Yoriko was saying. I open my eyes and saw a stunned, blushing Natsumi. I smiled as I've uncovered my feelings and learned why my Partner and Friend distance herself from…