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Name - Niu-rou

Appearance - Link on my profile or here's my sucky description: Short hair in the back that ends about mid-neck and her bangs go a ittle past her shoulders. She is a little flat chested and always wears her hat because she is very self-concious of her looks.


3rd POV

At Teh Cafe

"Ryouuuuuuuu! Not again!" Ichigo's complaining echoed throughout the almost open cafe.

The rest of the crew showed up out of now where to see what was wrong.

"He caught another victim! And this time he kidnapped her!" Ichigo was panicing and pointing to the girl passed out in a chair. Ryou seemed completly calm and didn't seem to realize what the problem was exactly. Just when every one was about to add a comment of their own, the girl stirred.

"Ngh, where am?" she started, then opened her eyes some more and slowly became more aware of her surroundings. "OMG! It's all so pink!" Turns and looks at Ryou. "It's the stalker!!"

At that point everyone looked to him for an explanation. Yet he was stubbornly stuck in denial, "I'm not a stalker!! You're a Mew Mew."

"I thought you said there was only us five?" Mint asked.

"Eh heh heh heh, about that exactly..." Ryou seemed to be losing his composure.

Then Keiichiro entered the scene, delicious as ever (couldn't help saying that), "Yes well, about that. We seemed to have accidentlly deployed some new DNA with out fully realizing it."

The new girl had to speak up, and that she did, "Well that sure is a fancy way of saying you screwed up! Now tell me what that all means!" (suprised I haven't used a swear yet? o)

Ryou and Keii gave the 'captive' the whole lecture on the aleins and what her job was, and how she has to go off and fight evil to save the earth. I'm too lazy to type it up, and I'm sure you've heard it too too many times too.

She was speechless. That is, for a few seconds. With the burst of energy from practially being told 'you have no free will' she protestd in the best way she could. Yelling, "I'm supose to go out and fight some stupid badly dressed alien!? What kind of boss are you, you butt-smudge(funny name)!?"

Ryou just stood there and then gave her a box. "Your uniform. Go and change for work. Now." He didn't seem to like the nick name, but can you blame him?

She glared at him, but changed none the less. When she came out she was dressed in the same uniform as everyone else, except hers was white. Her eyebrow twitched. "I have a bad feeling in the pit of me stomache."

FF The End Of Work

Your POV

During the hours that you slaved, working the cafe, everyone had already told you what DNA they were infused with. You told them that your name was Niu-rou, and were glad to find out that they didn't understand Chinese, except Pudding, but you swore her to secrectcy. I wonder how long that will last. You all had also become good friends with each other. Excluding a relation ship on friendly terms with Ryou of course.

"So, what animal DNA do I have?" you asked Ichigo as you two exited the frilly cafe. The day of labor was done and you two were heading home. Everyone else had already left though.

"Dunno. We should ask Ryou tomorrow." she replied.

"I think we'll have to wait till tomorrow. We have company." You were looking up at the sky at the visitor.

"It's Kish!" She clearly recongized the badly dressed floating boy (hott boy at that :3).

"How are ya my kitten?" he greeted. Then he took notice of you. "Hmm, seems we have a new friend eh? Who's he? Ya know, you really shouldn't cheat on me." And he sent out a jelly fish thingy from his hand which you assumed was a kimera anima. It immeadietly went into the trees and after some glowing, the tall oak tree fell over into the road and large, phenoix like bird emerged. "Now lets have some fun!" he shouted and then did his weird laugh.

Well, I have to say, you were pissed. Getting your gender confused by some cross-dressing weirdo? He's going down! With your anger refueled and the urge to punch his face in, you went to the offensive. Not caring the slightest about the giant flaming chicken that was attacking, you started a head long run for it.

"Niu-rou! Don't!" She tried to stop you, but that was clearly out of the question.

Although this seemingly suicidal attempt did catch Kish's attention. Focusing on your goal, you jumped up high, I mean unnaturlally high into the air, landed on the birds orange feathered head. The kimera anima immeadietly tried to shake you off but all that happen was your favorite hat falling to the ground. Then jumped off the kimera so you were right infront of Kish's face. You did what Ichigo should have done for a while now. You slapped him and hard.

"I'm a girl you cross-dresser! And don't you forget it!" you shouted with a flame of rage burning in your eyes. He didn't know how to take it exactly, and you landed gracfully on the dirt road.

"Niu-rou, trasform!" She yelled at you while she was fighting off the beast on her own.

"What?" You were completely confused at the point of transforming.

"The words will come to you! Just do it!" Ichigo managed to say. With out warning, the kimera got the advantage over Ichigo and pinned her to the ground with it's talons.

"Mew Mew Niu-rou Metamorphosis!" You didn't know exactly what was happening. You felt as if you were changing into something, like part animal almost. When it was all over though, you had a new outfit. You had one hand in a fingerless white glove and the other was bare. You were also wearing white sandles that had back straps to them. For your main outfit, you had a strapless white tank top that had a zig-zagged edge at the bottom, which ended before your belly button, and loose white shorts that fell to your hips. You had those weird puff-thigys on your arms in white as well as the same kind of collar and band on your thigh as every one else, except it was all white. On your ankle was weird mark that you've never noticed either. It looked like a poof you'd see in the bend of a tropical flower A. You were snapped out of your daze from the changes when you heard Ichigo scream.

Suddenly, more words came to your mind, "Hao Staff!" Instantly, there was tall staf of glimmering silver in your hand. Not bothering to admire it, you leapt into action. (I'm well aware that I haven't told you what your animal was yet. :D Kukukuku!) More words came to your head as you approached the kimera anima. "Ribbon Niu-rou Slash!" you swiped down at it and silver blades of energy came from it and reverted the bird back to normal. The kimera anima was floating away when Masha came and ate it.

Kish gave his famous smirk and you regretted only slapping him once, "That really was fun! I'll see you later my kitty-cat! You too cutie!" And he teleported away, as always.

Then the colorful-ness started, "Get back here you bastard! I still haven't punched your face in!" Yes, when you're angery or are pissed off at someone, you swear.

Ichigo stood up, back to normal, and just stared at you.

"What? So I swear? Big deal." You didn't really care about anything except your plan to kick Kish's ass when he comes back.

Ichigo replied, still ooglying at something, "Not that. That." She wasn't being specific enough but sure gave enough info by pointing at your head.

Afraid to find out as you were, you put your hand on your head to feel almost tiny cat ears. Not a big suprise there, but they weren't cat ears. You didn't know what they belonged to. That is of course, till you looked at your tail. It was huge, white furry, and in a curl. That's right. You had the genes of an Albino Squirrel.

There was a pause...

"Get...It...Off!!" You started to yell and panic-run in a circle, "Get It Off! Get It Off! Get it Off! Ahhhhhhhh!"

"Uh," She didn't know how to get you to stop, and honestly, I know why. "You don't need to do that. Every one has a tail."

But that didn't stop you. Nor was it the problem. Yet you kept running and running trying to get away from the tail on you bosom. (XDD) Then you ran into a tree. But as big of an obstcle that was, you were still freaking out, just a little less now, "Ichigoooooo! Please! Tell me how I get rid of it! Pleaaaaaaase! I beg you!"

"Mou, Niu, your mew mew form's been gone for a while now."

"Oh. Well okay then. See you tomorrow! Bye!" And off you started in the direction of home. Weird huh?

Yet she wasn't going to let you walk away without explaining first. "Niu-rou, what was that freak out all about?" she asked.

You paused and froze like a stone statue. "If you really must know," You then went into a dramatic flashback mode!

"It all started one faithful morning. I was in rush to get to school on time and just made myself a grilled cheese sandwitch. Yummy. On my dash down the side-walk, sandwitch hanging out of my mouth there was something that coaught my interest. I spotted a squirrel, a fat happy squirrel, sitting on top of a fence, a nicely painted fence. Curiosty rising, I went towards that fat, happy squirrel on that nicely painted fence and stared. I stared at that squirrel with no reason at all, except that I could. Then! Without a warning, it attacked! Hooo! (She's really re-telling it like this) It lundged at me with it's cute fuzzy-ness and viciously did the unimaginable. It took my sandwitch. And stuffed it into it's cute fat little cheecks infront of my face. And then it tail-slapped me." You exited flashback mode and was about to cry at the memory, yet Ichigo didn't know how to react. You continued on, " Ever since that day, I have formed a sandwitch stealing squirrel phobia. It's sniffles truly tragic." You were at the brink of tears for some thing rediculous. Ichigo seemed to be in thought for a while.

"I've got it!" Ichigo exclaimed, "I know how to get you to over come your fear!"

1 Hao means 'good' in chinese. But seriously, you should look up what Niu-rou means, then message me on it, and I'll see if you're right. It's really funny, but Niu-rou sounds so pretty! XDDD