Anyone have any idea how long I've been on hiatus with this thing? I sure don't. Anyway, thanks a bundle if you're still here and waiting. It really means a lot to me. And just a fair warning this time, I might also be very slow on the next chapter too. I dunno. It just sort of happens.

Finally After All This Time

You quickly shot up and spun around to face the visitor. "Lewis?!" you screamed. "What the heck are you doing here?! And where's Sul-hee?"

He looked up towards the sky and ran his fingers through his deep red locks of hair. "She thinks I'm out for work, so what do you want to do?" he asked. His eyes clearly said what he wanted to do... something M rated no doubt...

"No! You're engaged! To my sister no less! And I'm too young for you!" you shouted again.

He smiled a wide cat grin, "Nope. I'm married now. See?" He showed you his solid gold wedding band with the words "only for each other" engraved into it.

"That's even worse!"

"But it turns you on," he said while raising his eyebrows.

(Warning: Use of Niu-rou's bad language with a temper)

You paused... Then snapped. "I cannot believe you -censored- said that you -more censor-! You haven't changed at all you -censorship- head! You're -still censor- married now too! Go and -bleep censor- around with my dip -bad word- of a sister and not try to screw my as you -naughty word-!" Yeah, you were kinda mad now.

"I'll take that as a no to dinner then?" he asked.

"You're completely hopeless!" you declared as you threw your arms up into the air. Then, as quickly as you could you ran towards the entrance of the park and dashed towards your house. "And just when Mom and Dad decide to take a vacation!" you whined while sprinting.

"You mean they aren't here?" Lewis asked, running right next to you.

"This is not happening!" You shouted and ran blindly even faster.

"Wait!" he shouted, "Niu-rou, look out!"

Hearing his frantic call placed your mind back into your body and you saw in front of you. A busy street with fast moving cars and you were running towards it. In complete panic you jumped as high as you could and with the speed you were going at, that also gave you distance. Easily you cleared the traffic and landed gracefully on the other side unharmed, yet anyway.

You looked back at Lewis and met his wide eyes full of questions and then determination to find the answers. You didn't exactly have a great feeling about that, so you took off again and dashed like a madman inside your house. You then locked all of the windows and all of the doors.

Exhausted and breathing heavily you slid your back down the door so you were siting on the floor. Not even five seconds later Lewis is pounding on the door.

"Niu-rou? Niu-rou please, come out. I just want to talk," he reasoned.

"Go away," you said loud enough for him to hear.

"I won't. I just want to talk."

"I don't."

"Please! Come on! I just-" he stopped and sighed. "I," he sighed again. "What was that anyway?!"

"Just go away," you muttered into your knees. "Go away..."

"Not until I get answers. We need to bring you to the hospital to see what's wrong too," Lewis explained forcefully through the door.

"No," you muttered louder. "I can't."

"You NEED to! There's something wrong with you and I'm worried," he pleaded.

Ignoring him, you dragged yourself up to your feet and sauntered off to your room, contemplating in the back of your mind how you were going to resolve this. There seemed to be no way out. Your secret was exposed. Stiffly laying down in your bed, you freely allowed sleep to take control and make you forget about the days troubles.

Next Morning

Cracking your eyes open you smiled to your self at the thought of a new day, but then frowned when reality came back and hit you full force. Lewis was bound to still be there, waiting. As you reluctantly got your stuff together for the day of school, you plotted in the back of your mind about how you were going elude him. When you got into the kitchen, you found a bowl of cereal waiting for you on the table. You eyed the bowl suspiciously and then proceeded to run around everywhere checking for an intruder and, more importantly, a Lewis. You checked the hallways, the bathroom, your room, your parents room, closets, the pantry, and even the dryer. There was no one to be found anywhere.

"Maybe I made it and spaced out. Yeah, that's right. I didn't even realize I did it," you rationalized while walking over to the table.

The cereal was soggy. Curse the need to search for intruders. You sighed deeply, swallowing the now soup which was once cereal. It was so soggy, you didn't even need to chew. You did need to eat it though because you needed something to help you through the day and wasting food was bad. So, after finishing the bowl that dared to be labeled breakfast, it was time to head off to school. There was no doubt in your mind that Lewis was still there, waiting outside the door so you needed another way out. Perhaps the back door...? No, he might expect that.

With a huff and a strong resentment towards the current situation, you climbed out the kitchen window only slipping once when your foot was in the sink and the skirt was caught on the faucet. Needless to say, your knee hurt from taking the small collision into the window sill. "God da-" you hissed, but cut yourself off. You didn't want to take the chance a certain red-head lecher would hear.

At School Cause Walking Is Lame And Boring

As you approached the main gates, your eyes scanned through the swarms of people looking for Mitsuru-kun. He had to be there, right...? Wrong. He was nowhere to be found. Your heart sank and you reached up to pull the edge of your hat down to hide your depression, but nothing was there. Now ticked and depressed because your crush was absent and a CERTAIN annoying, mid-drift flashing alien had stolen your prized possession, you walked into the looming building with heavy footsteps. School was boring enough already. Now there wasn't anything to help brighten that day. No Mitsuru-kun today.

Perhaps you were more worried about him than about your hat? Was that a good sign or not? You sighed, leaning on the other lockers and changing your shoes. What would Kish want with your hat anyway? Pictures and images slowly started to form in your head about what he was doing to it and because of such visualizations you cringed, paled, and gagged all in the time span of two seconds. That was impressive by anyone's standards. But doing this like that? And that! No, not that, sicko. But that! Oh, he was so going to get it the next time you saw him. Now angry, Mitsuru-kun was the last thing on your mind. You aggressively shoved your shoes into your locker and slammed the small door before stomping off to class. Just wait until you saw him next. And if you had anger to spare, which there was little doubt of, Lewis would definitely be getting a face full of fist too.