This is going to be a short story about Jade and Valmont. It should end within…20 chapters or less depending how much work I get done. Jade will be 18, the legal age, and Valmont will be…hm…37 years old. Remember, this is a fanfiction meaning fiction written by a fan.

Idea: Valmont has a stroke of genius one day as he cleans out his desk; poison Jackie Chan's one weakness, Jade Chan. He sets up a meeting with the girl who blossomed into a woman those years he had disappeared. When he poisons her with the same poison that turns the person into stone in half a day, he begins to question himself and his heart. She has two choices; Join the Dark Hand to be free…or stay on the good side as a statue. Jade refuses to ask her family for help since they just got over anything and everything dealing with Section 13…so she must help herself.

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Running a hand through her shoulder length hair, Jade sighed softly. She glared at the evil paperwork before her, wanting more than anything to rip it all to shreds and throw it out the window. Sad to say, that was the last thing she actually do. It took weeks, perhaps even a month or two, to get these important documents.

On the top of the paper, which was the first out of a large pile, read in huge block letters COLLEGE APPLICATION. It was like they were reminding her every second what this stack of annoying papers was reminding her that everything she put on there counted. It dealt with her future, either ensuring it or destroying it.

Maybe to some people this thought was just a little overboard. However, many would agree with it full heartedly. She longed to go to one college near by and she only had one chance! If she messed up the paperwork then…then…she'd go nuts.

She had no scholarships because her grades were average and her performance skills in sports, which she played quite often, were average. Her chocolate honey colored eyes were a little odd but still did not stand out. Her clothes, which usually consisted of dark blue jeans and a light green jacket with some sort of odd shirt, were considered normal. Her hair was cut and layered, styled in a way where one of her long bangs would fall in front of her face and the rest was…well, layered.

In short, others saw her as normal.

They heard her as weird.

Just because she looked usual did not mean she was usual. In fact, she was unusual. There was a girl who told stories of demons, magic powers, and possessed masks ever since Middle School. Even though these strange adventures happened, she learned as she got into High School to stay silent. Sadly though, the damage was already done. Everyone branded her a freak, an unusual person who likes or does abnormal things that society considers frightening.

After all, who would accept a pretty girl who talked of magical fighting ninjas and worked for Section 13, a place few have heard of?

This didn't stop the great bold Jade Chan from talking to others though. It was true she had a lot of acquaintances…just not many friends. This suited her just fine but Uncle and Jackie sometimes got after her. They scorned her for not being friendlier, for sticking her heads into books when she should be having fun, etc.

Needless to say, she slammed her head against these papers and groaned. Section 13, Captain Black to be precise, had managed to get these things for her. Yet…she had no idea what to do. A break is what she needed; yes, a break.

Standing up, she stretched for a long moment. Her bones popped slightly, allowing her to feel like jelly. Wide awake now as she took a swing of soda, she fixed her dark green jacket which covered her shirt. Her Capri's were a dark blue; somewhat similar to the ones she had so many years ago. Placing her tennis shoes on, for she never knew what might happen to cause her to run, she started to head out the door.

As soon as she stepped out, she felt someone's eyes on her. Their gaze was burning, heavy, and…she shivered. It was familiar but she didn't know, didn't remember who could have such a glare like that. Acting cool though, she went on her way to go get something to eat at a fast food store near by.

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