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Warnings: Shounen Ai.

Part 1: The New Kid.

The classroom was quiet. Everyone had their nose in their history book as the teacher was writting things in his notebook. Knock Knock. There was a knock at the door. The teacher got up from his seat and made his way to the door to open it. In the doorway stood a young boy. His hair was a dark blond, but his eyes were very dark. He had a nerdy-look to his face, but that made him attractive. Everyone looked up as the teacher beagan to speak.

"Class, this is your new class mate." he turned to the young boy. "Introduce yourself."

He blushed and started to introduce himself. "My name is Randy Mclain."

"Does anyone have any questions to ask Mr. Randy?" the teacher asked.

One young man in the classroom raised his hand. He had black hair and blue eyes. He was very handsome and butch looking.

"Anyone else?" The teacher said, not calling on the boy.

"Hey, Mr. Swann! That's not fair! I have a question! Call on me!" the boy whined.

Mr. Swann sighed and rolled his eyes. "Alright, Dee. What do you have to ask? Let's hear it."

Dee stood up and looked straight at Randy. "Are you oriental? You've got dark eyes." he asked.

"Actually, yeah." Randy started. "I'm half-japanese."

"Do you have a Japanese name then?" Dee continued the questions.

"Y-yeah, it's Rio."

"So you don't like being called Rio?"

"I don't really mind."

"Okay, Rio it is. I'm going to call you Rio." Dee said as he sat down.

Rio blushed and he looked at the teacher. Dee just stared at Rio and smirked. Mr. Swann looked at his seating chart to find an empty seat for Rio. "There's only one free seat, Mr. Randy. And it happens to be the attatched seat to Mr. Dee." He then pointed to the seat. All the seats had another seat attatched to it, that way they woulden't take long to choose partners for school assignments.

Rio blushed deeper as he walked through the desks to get to his new seat. As he took off his jacket, Dee examined his body. He was wearing a pair of slightly tight blue jeans and a button up shirt that had three buttons on the top unbuttoned. Rio sat his schedual on his desk and looked at it. Dee looked on with him. 1-2-3-4-5-6! Dee thought. They had six classes together.

Dee took out a peice of paper and wrote on it, flipped it upside down, and slid it over to Rio. Rio looked at Dee, then at the paper. He flipped it right side up and read it.

Hey Rio. I'm Dee Laytner. Where'd ya' move from? Japan?

Rio took the pencil from Dee's hand and Responded. Nah, I came from California.

Dee took the paper from Rio and squinched at it. Then wrote somemore.

What? I can't read your hand writing! Right bigger!

Rio read that and laughed under his breath. Sorry, I tend to write fast sometimes. I said "Nah, I came from California."

Really? My cousin lives there.He said it's kinda dull out there. That true?

Well, it can be boring.

Why'd ya come to NY anyway?

Well, it's kind of personal. But it was because of my mom's boyfriend.

He wouldn't leave her alone?

Close, but not quite. He wouldn't leave me alone.

Wow. What did he try to do?

Then the bell rang and everyone left. Rio stood up and looked at his schedual. "C'mon, you've got the next class with me." Dee said. Rio followed him to his next class.

Dee at down in one of the empty seats. "We don't have assigned seats in here. Sit beside me." Rio sat beside Dee and blushed. Is this guy hitting on me? I can't tell. He is cute, though. "So, what did he do?"


"Your mom's boyfriend. What did he do?"

"Oh! Well, he kinda-" but the bell cut him off before he could finish.

The teacher finished writing on the board and turned around. "Hola, class. How is everyone this morning?" Only a few people answered her with "Bueno..." She began to call the role. When she finished she looked up and saw Rio. "Are you new?" she asked him. "Yes ma'am." Rio answered. "Well come up here."

Rio stood up to walk over to the teacher. Dee couldn't help to look at his body. Oooo! He is soooooooo hot!! I hope he likes me too, I'd like to get him into bed. Dee thought as he watched Rio talking to the Teacher.

After the Teacher got his name down on her attendance sheet she told him to go sit down. When Rio sat down Dee had to fight the strong urge he had to put his hand on Rio's thigh.

It was like that all period, they didn't get a chance to talk and Dee just kept thinking about what he'd like to do to him.

The next period they had different classes. Dee had wood shop, whereas Rio had journalism class. Dee showed Rio where his class was and they went their seperate ways. But even though they weren't together, they were both thinking about eachother. Both thinking different things, but thinking of eachother none the less.

I wonder if that Dee was hitting on me. He might have just been being friendly. But he seemed kind of flirty. 'Course, that could have just been my imagination. Oh, I wish I could tell!

Sorry, but Dee's thoughts are X-rated and would be illegal to see in most states. ^-^

Nothing else really happened until 7th period, gym class. That was the class that Rio met Berkley Rose, a senior. One of the most popular boys in the school, even though everyone knew he was gay. People were talking earlier and betting if Berkley would take a Liking to Rio.

Rio sat in the boys dressing room alone, Dee wasn't in class yet.

"Konichiwa, Rio-chan." Rio heard a deep sexy voice say in japanese to him. Rio looked up to see an older guy standing in front of him. He had short blond hair and glasses. But the glasses made him look sexy. Assuming the boy knew japanese, Rio said "Anata dare na no?" The boy laughed nervously and sat down beside Rio. "Heh heh...I don't speak to much japanese. So I don't know what you just said." Rio smiled and said "I said 'Who are you?'" The bell rang. "OOOOHHHHHH!!! DAMMIIIIIIT!!!!!!" Dee screamed. "IS THE TEACHER IN THERE?" he yelled to his classmates. "No, he's behind you." The gym teacher said, standing directly behind Dee. Dee slowly turned around and smiled nervously. "Ah! Hey Mr. Bathe! My, you're looking good today! Eat those wheaties this morning?" Mr. Bathe stood there unamused by his remark. "Cut the crap Dee. Where's your pass?" Dee coughed. "I don't have one. Are those new gym shorts? Nice!" Mr. Bathe looked at his watch. "Dee, don't change the subject..." And they continued to argue as Berkley started to hit on Rio.

"I'm Berkley Rose. I've been hearing about you from some of my friends." Rio was flattered that people were talking about him, but confused why people were talking about him. "Hearing about me?" he said. "Yeah," Berkley started. "My female friends were telling me how cute you are. Hmph. They weren't exaterating, you are as cute as they said you were." Rio blushed. Boy, it was hard to tell if Dee was hitting on me, but this Berkley guy IS hitting on me without a dought! "Have you heard about me from anyone?" Berkley asked Rio. "Ummm...I think as I passed this girl I heard some girl comment on you. I think I heard her say your name." Rio replied. Berkely scooted closer Rio and put his hand on his thigh. Rio blushed deeply and looked around. No one was paying attention to them and Dee was still being yelled at by the teacher. "So, what do you think of me?" Berkley whispered in his ear softly. "B-B-Berkley...?" Rio muttered.

Just then, Dee was sent into the dressing room. He spotted what Berkley was doing and ran over to stop him. "Hey! Rose! Leave him alone!" Berkley just smirked at Dee. Then...He....Well...He kinda....Okay! I'll just tell what he did exactly. He reached his hand out and grabbed Dee by the colar of his shirt, pulled him closer and kissed him. Now, he didn't di this out of love or anything. He just kisssed poor Dee because he knows Dee hates him and he wanted to annoy him. Everyone in the locker room froze, some in shock, most just were grosses out.

"DEEE-SENPAAAAIIII!!!!" JJ screamed as he ran towards Dee. JJ latched himself onto Dee with the death grip from Hell and yelled some more. "Dee-senpai! How could you let him kiss you?! I thought you loved me!" Dee struggled to pry JJ loose. But it was no use. "JJ! Get off of me! I-DO-NOT-LIKE-YOU!!!!!!!"

It was from that moment that Rio Mclain knew his new school was FAR from being normal.

Soon to come-Part 2: Dee's sleepover!