Chapter 5

"Xana…?! But why?"

The boy turned to Aelita. "Well it's the only name I know so far. Plus you've all only said his name in such a negative way…I thought the name could be given a little good to its reputation…"

"I think it's good…" Emily said, smiling. "I don't know everything that's happened here but I think you should go with a name you like."

"I dunno…It seems kinda weird to be calling him Xana…" Ulrich muttered.

"Well if it's such a bad name then I'll just have to have a different one…" The boy said, though sounding a little put out.

Yumi elbowed Ulrich in the side. "No…you should go with what ever you want."

The boy smiled.

Suddenly a shot rang out and everyone looked back to see several Creepers firing at them from the ledges leading up to the core of Lyoko.

"We could run for it." Odd suggested. "They're too far away to catch up if we ran."

"No, they're too close to the core. If we leave they might attack it." Aelita said.

No sooner had she finished talking, the boy, now christened Xana, ran past her and towards the monsters.

"Wait! We should all do this together!" William shouted, but Xana kept running.

Xana leapt up onto the platforms that lead up to the core and pulled out several kunai and his knife from their respective pockets. He threw his kunai at two of the Creepers. One of them was impaled in the head but the other one deflected the kunai with a laser shot. Xana ran up close and leapt over the Creeper, carving a large 'X' on the top of its head with his kunai. Both Creepers exploded before he touched the ground.

Suddenly a shadow fell over Xana as another Creeper loomed over him.

"He won't make it!" Odd shouted, raising his arms to take a shot at the Creeper. But just as he did that, he noticed a large bow being pulled taught right next to him.

Maïtena pulled the bowstring back as far as it would go and released the arrow, sending it speeding towards the Creeper. The arrow impaled itself into the Creepers side, and the force of the arrow knocking it aside, pinning it against the wall. Maïtena turned to Emily. "Your turn."

Emily flipped through her book quickly and stopped at a page. As she began to read the spell, the book glowed bright red and floated out of her hands, letting her use both hands to aim at the two Creepers approaching Xana from both sides. "Undecim Spīritūs Lūcis Coeuntēs Sagittent Inimīcum! Sagitta Magica!" Eleven bright arrows appeared around Emily and shot straight towards the Creepers, five to each Creeper and the eleventh into the head of the one that Maïtena had impaled in the head, making all three explode.

"Nicely done." William said as Xana came back.

"Alright, now that that's taken care of, Einstein can devirtualize use now right?" Odd asked, looking slightly down that Maïtena had beaten him to the spotlight.

"Not so fast, Odd," Jeremie's voice came floating out of no where. "We need to get Xana to a tower first. That way we can run the devirtualization program for him, to give him a body of his own."

"But how do we get there? We don't have enough vehicles to transport us all…" Ulrich asked.

"I'll go back…I've had enough for one day…" Maïtena said, and Emily nodded in agreement.

"I'll go with them," Yumi spoke up. "I'll take them back to school so that Jim doesn't get suspicious that so many of us have gone missing."

"Me too then," William said, quickly.

"Good idea," Jeremie's voice floated out to them again. "I'll devirtualize you four now."

Almost instantly the four of them disappeared, Maïtena and Yumi first, then William and Emily.

"Your vehicles are where you left them. So go and get them and let's finish this up." Jeremie said.

"You got it, Einstein," Odd shouted and they all headed towards the exit of the core chamber.

Odd and Ulrich got on their respective vehicles as Aelita and Xana got on the Overwing.

"I'm opening the tunnel now," Jeremie said as they descended out of the core chamber.

One of the tubes that connected to Carthage disappeared and they all flew into the revealed tunnel. They appeared in the ice sector and landed immediately, heading back towards the way tower that they had just exited.

"You two stay out here and make sure nothing happens," Aelita instructed.

"You got it, princess," Ulrich said with a nod.

"Just don't do anything you'll regret in there!" Odd shouted after them, making Ulrich smack him on the arm.

Aelita rolled her eyes as she helped Xana into the way tower.

It was a simple procedure. Everything ran smoothly and no monsters attack, making the run rather uneventful. Just before the program was completed, Jeremie devirtualized Odd and Ulrich, seeing as there was no need for them to remain on Lyoko. Soon after, Aelita and Xana followed. Just like going into Lyoko, Xana came out with his own set of clothing.

Xana wore a simply pair a jeans with a black hoodie with a red X.A.N.A. symbol on it. Everyone stared at the symbol.

"Are you sure you're no one suspicious?" Odd asked, his eyes narrowed.

"If he were anyone suspicious I would've seen in when I was going over the data earlier." Aelita said.

"If you say so," Ulrich said, but he looked skeptical.

They entered the elevator and rode it up one level to pick up Jeremie before heading to the surface.

"Now all we have to do is find somewhere for you to stay until we can get you enrolled in Kadic," Jeremie said.

"He can stay with me until then," Aelita offered. "I room alone so he can hide in there without any problems."

"Except for one…" Ulrich said when they got out of the elevator. "He's a boy and you're a girl…"

"So?" Aelita asked, confused.

"Obviously you don't understand the differences between boys and girls…and why they are separated…" Odd said.

"Of course I know the difference. The anatomy for one-"

"Aelita," Ulrich cut her off and sighed, shaking his head. "You've been with us this long and you still don't know…"

"But…it's the only course of action open to us…" Jeremie sighed.

"You can't be serious…" Odd said, looking at Jeremie with shock written all over his face.

"There's no other way…" Jeremie said, as they climbed into the sewers. "It's not like he's capable of doing anything prude or anything…"

"Excuse me?" Xana asked, looking confused.

"Nothing…forget I said anything…" Jeremie said immediately.