Title: Why Trunks Doesn't Go To School

Author: Stormy1x2 (travelingstorm)

Rating: G

Word Counter (fic portion): 1245

Summary: Part of the Chibi Chronicles Universe. The title really tells you all you need to know.

Notes: This fic was first posted back in 2001 on FFNet and several mailing lists. 6 years later, I am finally cleaning it up, removing all fangirl-Japanese, and reposting it to LJ. Enjoy. :)


Bulma straightened Trunks' little t-shirt and stepped back, surveying her efforts with a pleased smirk. With his little cargo pants, black t-shirt, and slouched pose, he looked like the poster child for Gap Kids.

She nearly burst with pride – it was already time for her son's first day at school. It was amazing how fast time flew. Then she noticed the scowl on his face, and she crouched down to meet him at eye level, poking him on the nose, making him squirm.

"What's wrong honey?"

"Do I hafta go?" Trunks asked plaintively. His fist tightened on the strap of the Digimon backpack he held in one hand. The other was shoved into his pocket. A pout, mixed with a scowl, looked up at her pleadingly. "I wanna train in the gravity room with dad."

Your father will have you training in there nonstop soon enough. Bulma rolled her eyes at the thought, and then focused back on her son. "All children have to go school, Trunks. You'll have fun with other kids your age."

Trunks cocked his head to one side."Will they spar with me?"

Bulma suddenly had a rather vivid mental picture in which a fleet of ambulances raced to the hollow pit that used to be an elementary school. She looked sternly at her son. "No fighting at school, Trunks. Remember? We talked about this."

Her son pouted again, kicking at the dust at his feet sullenly. "Yeah, you said I can't fight 'cause I'm stronger then all of them."

"That's right." A horn outside beeped and Bulma gave one last ruffle of Trunks silky bangs before standing back up and nodding towards the door. "There's the bus. Be good!"

Trunks would rather have flown but he knew that would cause problems too. He didn't know why that was, exactly - after all, his mother and father's friends all flew. But he shrugged, picked up his and trudged out the door.


At the dinner table that night, Trunks looked up at his mother and father and handed over a small, folded piece of paper.

"What's this?" Bulma asked aloud as she read the note.

Vegeta raised one eyebrow and smirked, in between inhalations of food. "What did you do, brat?"

Trunks shrugged.

Bulma handed the note to Vegeta. "His teacher wants a meeting with me tomorrow night." Bulma looked at her son, who was busy chasing his peas around the plate with his spoon, mashing half of them in the process. "Did something happen at school today, Trunks?"

The purple-haired boy shook his head. "I remembered, mom. I didn't fight or fly." He scowled into his plate, stirring his soupy peas. "But it's boring there. I wanna stay here and train, or help you in the labatory again."

"That's laboratory," Bulma corrected automatically, a thoughtful frown creasing her brow.

Vegeta threw his napkin down as he finished eating, and directed a mild glare at his offspring."So ya wanna train, huh? Then move it, brat."

Trunks glanced at his mother quickly. When she nodded, he gave an excited squeal and raced after his father.


"Thank you for coming on such short notice, Mrs. Briefs," Midori-sensei said warmly. Bulma nodded as she sat down into the comfortable office chair.

"What was the problem?" she asked, concerned.

Midori looked surprised. "Did Trunks say there was a problem? I'm sorry – I didn't mean to give that kind of impression." She leaned forward and smiled. "Actually, what I wanted to talk to you about is more of a gift."


"Well, let me tell you what happened." Midori steepled her fingers together. "You see, it is a policy of this school to do standardized testing at the beginning of the school year to determine what level of reading and mathematics level each child is at. This is so we know where to help them improve. Each test is tailored for each specific grade, and a time period of one hour was allotted for the test." Midori leaned forward." Trunks finished his test in ten minutes and received a perfect score."

The teacher handed Bulma a copy of Trunks' test. Bulma scanned it quickly. Basic math skills - adding and subtracting - and the reading section was designed for basic comprehension: See Spot Run. Bulma blinked. "Well, I'm not surprised," she commented proudly, handing the test back. Trunks had been helping her with algebraic equations in the lab for almost a year now.

Midori was somewhat surprised at Bulma's calm demeanor, but then she shrugged, and pulled out another paper. "Okay...after finishing another little assignment that was handed out today, he doodled little pictures in the margins." She held it out.

Bulma took the proffered paper and scanned it quickly. Pictures of a scowling face with spiky hair, a fireball, and what appeared to be a house exploding decorated the sides of the paper. She also recognized the sword that Tapion had given her son, the logo on Goten's gi, and...

"My deluxe capsule container!" she exclaimed. She examined it more closely. "And with a different design - say, that just might work..."

"Mrs. Briefs?"

Bulma looked back up sheepishly. "I think I see what you mean."

Midori-sensei smiled. "I really think Trunks would benefit from being in a higher level - but even our gifted children's classes wouldn't present him with much of a challenge. Perhaps an older class...?"

Bulma frowned. "But the whole point of me sending him to school was so he could be around other kids his age." She pondered that for a minute. Then she smiled, tapping the paper thoughtfully. "I may have an idea."


Goten tackled his best friend excitedly.

"Mom won't let me go to school 'cause of the time I accidentally blewed up the doorway when it got stuck, and so she said I'm gonna learn stuff with you and your mom!" he chattered happily. Trunks grinned as he wrestled his best friend, the two of them rolling across the porch and tumbling off the stairs.

ChiChi watched the two of them fondly before turning back to Bulma. "I think this is a great idea, letting you teach them until they're older," she declared with a smile.

"Well, here there's no damage they can do that I can't fix, and without all the fuss a demolished school would cause. And here, Trunks will benefit more from helping me out rather then being bored to tears." She shuddered. "It would only be a matter of time before he started tossing ki balls around to alleviate the boredom."

ChiChi laughed, knowing better then to argue that point. "Well, the best part is, they'll have each other to play with. They won't have to worry about being different or fitting in." She considered something. "What does Vegeta have to say about it?"

Bulma snorted. "He won't admit it but he's proud of Trunks' intelligence. I think he's just happy that he'll be able to train him more."


Trunks and Goten broke off their impromptu match and sat up, each gasping for air. They were covered in leaves and grass stains and both couldn't be happier. Goten giggled, still ecstatic at being able to hang around with his best friend more often. " This is going to be a lot more fun then school, Trunks!"

Trunks nodded, already envisioning stuff to do in the weeks to come. " You bet!"