Just your typical 'explanation fic'. ^^ Enjoy!



" Trunks?" Bulma stuck her head into her son's room. The six year old poked his head up over mountain of toys, his hair sticking out in disarray. His bright blue eyes peered at her quizzically. " Come on kiddo -Chi Chi's expecting us in an hour."

" Coming!" Trunks clambered over the stuffed animals, construction sets, workout gear and Fisher-Price toys, landing in a heap at his mother's feet. Laughing, she reached down and hauled him up, tousling his hour as he bounced past her, out the door and down the stairs.

Today was another one of his and Goten's 'play-dates' that their mothers had set up, in order for the boys to spend time together. After all - they were the only two demi-saiyajins their age in the world. It was good for them to learn about their power and heritage together.

Trunks patted the back pocket of his little cargo pants as he went. Butterfly net? Check. Marbles? Check. Itching powder for Gohan's bed? Check. Trunks smothered a giggle and flashed his mother an award-winning smile. It was going to be a good day.

Bulma grabbed her keys and ushered her son out as she locked the door behind them. Pulling out a capsule, she pressed the trigger and tossed it to the ground. It exploded in a puff of smoke and a sleek, two-man mini-jet suddenly appeared, taking up most of their expansive driveway. Trunks squealed - it was so rare when his mom used the jet. They must be running late. He raced up the ladder that had lowered and opened the side door. He bounced into his seat, buckling his seatbelt before his mother could remind him. Bulma grinned as she took the seat next to him.

" Anxious to see Goten, huh?"

" Uh-huh!" Trunks nodded enthusiastically. Bulma laughed and powered the plane up.


Normally it took a several-hour drive to reach the Son household, set back deep in the woods in one of the more rural and remote places on Chikyuu but Bulma had a speed demon residing in her that beat down her conscience when it told her to obey the limit. Once at the desired altitude, she opened the throttle completely and let 'er rip. Courtesy of Bulma's inventiveness, the little plane far surpassed anything made by any airline company and so only twenty minutes had gone by before she could see the familiar tree-line that marked their territory. She slowed up and headed for her usual landing pad - a crater Gohan accidentally made near the house during a sparring session with Piccolo.

Trunks unbuckled his seat belt and jumped out. He was mildly surprised that Goten wasn't there to meet them - normally the little boy sensed their ki and would be near the landing pad, jumping with his usual abandon and enthusiasm. Bulma kissed the top of his head and headed off in the direction of Chi Chi's house. Trunks waved absently, looking around. Weird.

He could feel Goten's ki, but he couldn't see him. Trunks squinted. What the heck--

" Hi Trunks!"


Trunks snapped his head up and watched open-mouthed as Goten floated serenely above his head on Nimbus. Goten grinned wildly.

" Isn't this great? Gohan said I could have it whenever he doesn't need it and the only time he said he's gonna need it is for school next year 'cause he's not allowed to fly!"

Trunks listened to his friend rattle on, looking at the little golden cirrus cloud enviously.

" Wow," he admitted. " Lucky!"

Goten blinked and suddenly the cloud was at ground level. Goten hopped off.

" Come on Trunks - you fly too! I don't mind sharing and then we can both use it!"

Trunks gaped at his best friend's generosity. " Really?"

Goten nodded, eyes shining. " Uh-huh!"

Trunks looked at the little cloud dubiously - it didn't look very solid to him. Still, the son of Vegeta was no chicken and he shrugged and jumped.

He immediately fell to the ground. Sputtering, he sat up. " What happened?"

Goten blinked. " You fell through Nimbus?!" His face fell. " But that means you can't ride it. So we can't fly together."

Trunks scowled. " How come you can fly it?"

Goten scuffed his toe in the dirt. " Gohan said that you had to be pure of heart to ride Nimbus. I don't know."

Trunks was silent. He remembered hearing Gohan and Piccolo once mentioning how much like his father he was, and as much as he loved his parents, Vegeta was definitely not considered all that pure.

" I think I'm too much like my dad," he said slowly. " So I guess only you can fly."

The five year old looked crushed. Then his eyes lit up. " Wait a minute! Wait here Trunks!"

Goten leaped onto Nimbus and the little cloud zipped away. Trunks watched, jealousy burning away at him. It wasn't fair! He wanted to fly too!

When Goten returned, Trunks looked up to see Icarus following behind. Goten beamed.

" Now you can fly Trunks! I can ride Nimbus and you can ride Icarus!"

Trunks managed a small smile and nodded. Climbing on to the dragon's back the two flew off.


Trunks was silent on the way home. Flying on Icarus was fun, but the larger dragon didn't have nearly the speed or manoeuvring ability that Nimbus did, and so he and Goten were kind of limited as to playing games like air tag or racing. Trunks brooded thoughtfully and then nodded firmly. Since he couldn't fly Nimbus, he would just have to learn on his own. It couldn't be that hard, right? Everyone he knew, except his mother and his grandparents could fly. And he knew that when Gohan had first learned to fly, he had been even younger then Goten! Trunks narrowed his eyes in determination.

Bulma watched her son out of the corner of her eye. " Trunks? Is something wrong?"

Trunks, startled out of his stupor, looked at her, flashing what he hoped was an innocent smile. " I'm fine - just thinkin'."

" Uh huh." Those big eyes didn't fool Bulma. " I wasn't born yesterday kiddo - what are you up too?"

" Nothing bad momma, I promise." Trunks looked at her pleadingly. Bulma sighed, seeing the honesty in his suddenly open expression and gave a reluctant nod.

" Okay, I'll stop the third-degree. Just promise to keep the property damage to a minimum, okay?"

" Okay!"


Vegeta snarled and punched the air repeatedly. It was part anger and pure frustration that made him lash out so violently, sending waves of air pressure to batter the landscape. Stupid gravity machine - it should have been able to handle such a minor ki blast. He disregarded the fact that the ki blast had been his strongest attack and the gravity level to which the room had been set had been higher then anything he'd tried previously.

Anyway, until such time as the woman could fix the blasted thing, he had to resort to training outdoors. He leaped into the air, kicking furiously.

Gradually, an awareness brushed over his own and he paused in mid-air, casting his eyes about in an attempt to see what had distracted him. Then he spotted his son standing next a large tree, staring up at him intensely. Vegeta's eyes narrowed as he floated down.

" What do you want, brat?" he asked gruffly, folding his arms. Trunks blinked.

" Nothing. I was just watching you."

" Hn." Vegeta raised one eyebrow. " Watching what, precisely? You've been doing this for two days. Why watch when you should be training instead?"

Trunks shrugged. " I needed to figure out something. " He smirked and Vegeta was again reminded of how much the boy resembled himself. " I think I understand it now."

" Understand what?"

In response Trunks closed his eyes. Mild curiosity won out over Vegeta's normal impatience and so he waited to see what his son hoped to accomplish.

Trunks' ki raised a bit but he kept his eyes closed. His little fists clenched and his still-developing muscles bulged out a little in his intensity. Vegeta was growing somewhat impatient and was about to say something when all of a sudden, his son floated into the air.

It was only a few feet but it was still quite a feat. Even Vegeta had needed instruction when he first learned to fly as a child, and here his son had picked up the theory behind it simply by watching! Vegeta masked his pride at his son's achievement as the boy suddenly fell to the ground. Trunks scrambled to his feet, breathing a little heavily but the smile on his face was enormous.

" I did it! Did you see Papa? I did it! All by myself!"

" I saw Trunks," Vegeta said roughly. Trunks looked up at his father and saw the pride in his eyes, even though his face remained impassive. He grinned.

" I didn't do it long though," he sighed. Vegeta snorted.

" It was your first attempt brat. You did well."

Trunks beamed.

" Now do it again."

Trunks nodded and focused again. This time he flew even higher. Slowly, he tried turning, redirecting his ki behind him to push him the way he wanted to go. He laughed out loud at the fact he was flying and started to fall again. This time though, he frantically threw his energy underneath himself and slowed his descent enough to touch down gently. He looked up at his father again. Vegeta was smirking, but the tone behind it was much softer then usual.

" Good work son."


Goten waited impatiently for the plane to land. It was their play-date time again and he was determined that this time, they would do something both of them could do. He had the feeling Trunks didn't have as much fun last time as he did.

Trunks jumped down from the plane door, and Goten ran up to him.

" Whatcha' wanna do today, Trunks?" Goten asked. Trunks grinned.

" Where's Nimbus?"

Goten waved his hand. " Over...somewhere. we don't have to fly today Trunks - I know Icarus wasn't that fast."

" No, it's okay!" Trunks said hastily. " Call Nimbus - we can still have fun with it."

" Okay," Goten agreed, a bit doubtfully. He whistled and the little cloud flew down, landing next to the boys. Goten hopped on and flew up a little bit. He looked back down.

" I'll go get Icarus--"

He stopped. Trunks wasn't on the ground. Goten whipped his head back and forth.

" Trunks?"

" Up here!"

Goten peered up and stared in shock at the sight of his best friend flying upside down and waving cheekily at him. " Hi!"

" When'd you learn to fly?" Goten demanded, as soon as his voice returned. Nimbus zipped up to Trunks' level. " How come no one showed me?"

" I showed myself," Trunks informed him, swiping at Nimbus and watching the golden vapours disperse. " No one showed me."

Goten clapped his hands in amazement. " Wow Trunks! You can fly!"

Trunks nodded. " Let's race Goten!"

" 'Kay!"