Missing Scene - He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not

Honesty is the Best Policy

By zeilfanaat

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Warning: Huge spoilers!

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Spoilers: He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not

Summary: With all the confessions made in the episode "He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not", the ending just cried for more.

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A/N: Missing Scene - He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not. I'm first going to go through the relevant bits of the episode, for the people who haven't had a chance to watch this episode or show, but will occasionally be adding a couple of thoughts as well. The parts in italics are straight from the actual episode, the normal parts are my additions or interpretations of looks.

Finished: 31st of May, 2008

Part 1

The week had started off great. Twyla, Tippy's cousin, and Jinx, Twyla's boyfriend, had visited the clinic to tell doctor Hebert that his investment in Jinx's algae company had paid off – his investments had been quadrupled. Jinx proceeded to invite all of them to come to the Cancer research funding kick-off, of which Jinx was a big contributor. Everyone agreed.

But later that day, Twyla arrived at the clinic again, and told them that she and Jinx broke up. Everyone thought they belonged together. So when they were going to the party, they tried to figure out a way to let them see the light. They decided to try and make him jealous, except through a couple of unfortunate events, Junior (Putney) joined them and escorted Nancy, and Clint ended up as being the one to make Jinx jealous. While the plan to make Jinx jealous, worked, Twyla unfortunately thought she had fallen in love with Clint.

Captain Steven Doss summarised the situation, "Junior thinks he and Nancy are a couple, Twyla thinks she and doctor Cassidy are a couple. And Jinx is out of the picture. It would appear that our little tactical manoeuvre wasn't the success we were hoping for."

Nancy and Clint decided they'd have to nip it in the bud, before it could get further out of hand.

Unfortunately, when Clint went to talk with Twyla, he was afraid of being too insensitive, seeing as she'd just been dumped by Jinx. Then his pager went off, so he didn't get a chance to actually say it. Back at the clinic, Jinx arrived, intending to fight doctor Cassidy for Twyla…

"Jinx?" Tippy asked, seeing who had just walked into the clinic. "What are you doing here?"

"I came to see doctor Cassidy," Jinx said shortly.

"Hey Jinx, how're you doing?" Clint asked with a smile.

"Don't you sweet-talk me. You stole my girl. And I intend to do whatever is necessary to win her back." He took off his jacket. "I challenge you," he said, moving his hands in a defensive position. "Put 'em up," he indicated Clint's hands.

"Jinx, I ain't gonna fight you," Clint tried to reason with the man.

"Well, I guess I'll have to force you," Jinx said, and he took a swing with his right arm… straight into Nancy's clipboard, which she'd instinctively moved in front of Clint's face.

"Oh," Jinx exclaimed. "My hand, I think I broke it!"

"Oh my," Tippy said.

"Jinx, I'm, I'm sorry. It was just a reflex," Nancy stammered, although inwardly, she had to admit she was glad it was the clipboard he'd hit, and not Clint's face.

Clint took Jinx to a room, and examined his hand, which fortunately wasn't broken. Jinx apologised for his behaviour, and explained that he just couldn't stand the thought of losing Twyla. Clint told him he didn't have to apologise, and he summarised their plan. They decided to try and come up with a plan together, to get Twyla back with Jinx.

That's how Clint, Nancy and Jinx ended up in Clint's apartment that evening.

"The problem here, Jinx," Nancy said, "is that deep down, Twyla is feeling unappreciated, and I think she is translating that into feeling unloved."

"All I did, was answer the question she asked me. 'Do you like my hair like this?' Truthfully. Whatever happened to 'honesty is the best policy'?" Jinx asked in exasperation.

"Well, whoever said that knew nothing about human feelings," Nancy countered.

"So, I should be dishonest with her?" Jinx frowned.

"No, we're not saying that," Clint interrupted. "Are we?" He looked at Nancy to check.

"No, but there is a way to read a situation and respond accordingly, without being dishonest. You need to figure out what she needs to hear at that moment, and then respond truthfully with something to fill that need."

Jinx put his hands up in a surrendering motion, and said, "I'm afraid this is way over my head."

"No," Nancy responded, "No, no, Jinx, it's not. Look. Just, just watch us, ok?" She turned to Clint, pulled up her hair, and asked, "Clint, do you like my hair this way?"

"Yeah, looks good," Clint nodded enthusiastically. Immediately Jinx interrupted. "But I didn't like it when Twyla showed it to me. I can't lie to her, I don't want to lie to her!"

"No, I don't want you to lie!" Nancy said, "You just have to tell her something that's good and something that's truthful." She pulled up her hair again, and looked at Clint.

"You don't like it like this."

"Yeah I do. You look cute."

"No wait," Nancy said, letting her hair fall back down. "I'm trying to show Jinx how to respond in a situation like this."

"Oh," Clint nodded. As she pulled her hair back up, it suddenly dawned on Nancy what Clint had said, and that apparently he'd meant it.

"So, do you, do you really like it like this?" she asked, suddenly serious.

"You have so many great qualities about you. I mean, you make me laugh all the time, you're very caring; I find you attractive all the time," Clint told her, and Nancy smiled. "But, this is not my favourite."

Nancy's face fell slightly as she realised he was now role-playing. "No, I mean… do you, do you really like it this way?"

"Are we role-playing now or not?" Clint asked confused.

"And you always find me attractive?" Nancy asked.

"Yeah. I guess I do," Clint replied truthfully.

"Yeah you do, what?" Nancy questioned, "Always find me attractive, or like my hair this way?"

Clint's eyes twinkled, as he spoke. "Both."

A smile spread across Nancy's face. Then Jinx spoke up, interrupting the moment.

"What am I supposed to be getting out of this? Because, I don't know what's going on," Jinx interrupted.

"Ah, right. Ok, ehm. Maybe I should try this with you." Jinx nodded, and Nancy put her hair back up. "Jinx, do you like my hair like this?" she asked, then gave Clint a strange look. Clint sat back, and watched. The evening was spent giving Jinx hints and advice. While they didn't have time to talk to each other privately, both Nancy and Clint had something to think about.


A/N: I know, not a lot of new things in this part yet. It could be that you've already seen this episode, so then a lot will be a repeat, at least in the first two chapters. The third chapter has a lot more of my own input. Hope you enjoyed - zeilfanaat