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7:15 Friday Morning at Takaishi apartment Brrriiiing...Brrriiiing...Takeru had woken up to the lound sound of his alarm clock waking him up to the last day of Junior year.Takeru stuck his head out of the covers, annoyed at the little noise maker he lifted his hands out the cover and knocked the alarm clock off his side dresser. Satisfied at what he did he turned to his other side dresser and looked at his picture of his loving girlfriend, Hikari Yagami. He and Hikari had been dating for 3 years and Takeru loved her even more with each passing day.Everyone always said that they were meant to be together, except Davis.Davis still tries to pursue Hikari every single day, but Takeru just laughs at him because he knows Hikari would never leave him.Takeru had gotten taller since we last remembered and alot handsomer.He became captain of the basketball team and now football team(not soccor if you get confused) in his sopomore year in high school.Girls was always jealous of Hikari because she was dating Takeru but she didn't care because she knows Takeru will always love her.Takeru also has gotten alot buffer now but still skinny, him and Davis was always in compitition over who has the best body(so far Takeru is winning).Takeru had gotten up from his bed and made his way to the bathroom to wash up and get ready for the last day of school.'Man,I sure hope this year goes out with a bang' Takeru thought as he entered the bathroom.
"T.K. i'm fin to head to work honey, breakfest is in the microwave!" yelled Takeru's mother Nancy.
" you!"Takeru yelled back from inside the bathroom.
"Love you too honey!"Nancy yelled back before slamming the door shut. After Takeru came out the bathroom 10 minutes later he turned the t.v. on then headed to the kitchen to eat.Takeru had put on a green shirt and baggy blue jeans with surpringly no hat. Takeru now uses gel on his hair to make it a little messy.(he had gotten that from Matt). While he was finishing up his pancakes his cell phone had rung.Takeru picked up the phone knowing it was Hikari. "Hey babe, whats up?" Takeru asked while he was still chewing his food.
"Takeru how many times have I said quit talking with your mouth full silly?" she asked forgetting how many times she had.
"I don't know? a billion?" he asked trying to be funny.
"Shut up silly,"she said while giggleling,"seriously we need to talk,"she added now sounding serious.
"O.K. meet me at our bench before school," Takeru said while thinking what was wrong with her.
"O.K.I love you Takeru," she said now sounding happy again.
"I love you too..bye,"he said before hanging up the phone. Alot of things came rushing through Takeru's mind all at once.'What's wrong' he asked himself. Takeru then realized what time it was then grabbed his bookbag and headed out the door to go to school.

Odaiba High School Hikari waited at the their bench for Takeru thinking to herself how she was going to tell him let alone her parents.'What if Takeru leaves me, what if he gets so mad with me he doesn't want to talk to me'she thought to her self.Today she had wore a light pink skirt that goes to her thighs and a white and pink sleeveless shirt.And her brown hair now came past her shoulder because she decided to let it grow. She sat down on the bench and put her face in her hands to think.Takeru saw Hikari sitting at the bench and walked over to where she was at.Takeru sat down beside her and touched her shoulder."Hey, are you o.k. sweetheart," Takeru said while looking at her deeply.
"Takeru..I..I..don't know what to say.It just happened," she said as she looked up with tears in her eyes.'Oh no did she cheat on me' he asked himself afraid of what she might say. Hikari looked into Takeru's blue eyes and started to cry."Takeru..remember when we were at Matt and Tai's apartment and me and you went into Matt's room?" Takeru started to think about that day.Matt and Tai were having a party at their dormroom apartment and invited everybody to it."Yeah I remember,"he said with concern.
"Well, the fact of the matter is that i'm..i'm..i'm pregnant," she said with even more tears flowing down her face.
"Hold up..I thought you were on birthcontrol?" he asked with a little confusion.
"I missed it Takeru! I missed the damn pill! O.K.!" she said with now a little anger. Takeru didn't know what to say but then he looked into Hikari's eyes and saw she was really scared.Takeru then embraced Hikari in a warm, loving hug. He gently rubbed her back to soothe her.
"It's o.k. babe..i'm not mad if that's what you're thinking. If I remember correctly you wasn't in that room by yourself,"he said kissing her forehead. Hikari looked up at Takeru with amazement in her eyes.
"So you're not going to dump me?" she asked him while still looking at him.
" sweetie I would never do that,"he said while taking her hands in his."I love you and I love this baby that we created,"he continued. With that Takeru and Hikari kissed each other with passion still having that spark that every relationship lacked.
"We can talk more later but we better hurry up and get to class," Takeru said while getting up from the bench.
"O.K."Hikari said while getting up after him.Takeru grabbed Hikari's hand and walked all the way to class together. Hikari felt relieved that atakeru took it well.'Takeru just turned 17 so he could get a job over summer and I can work with Yolie at her family store'Hikari thought to herself as Takeru dropped her off at her homeroom class. Hikari and Takeru never had the same home room since they started highschool, but her and Davis did.Hikari always complained that her and Takeru only had Health, P.E, and lunch together, sometimes the didn't have lunch together because the coach had them going over plays sometimes. Davis walked in homeroom with one purpose in mind 'how to win Hikari over from T.Q.'. He saw Hikari at her desk talking to her friends and walked over to her in a smooth way. Davis still had his spikey hair but no googles (school rules) and he was still on the soccor team but Ken is team captain because Davis would be a real ass if they lost a game, but he still is.Davis was widely jealous of Takeru's popularity around the school and wanted to win Mr.POPULAR but Takeru won that title because thet school voted for him. Hikari saw Davis coming towards her so avoid him trying to flirt with her she got up and went to the teachers desk to act as if she had a question.'This is going to be a long last day' Hikari thought to herself.

Hikari came into math class feeling a little sick but hey she's pregnant what do you expect.She sat down to her seat and layed her head down in her arms."Well,Well,Well..if it isn't little Hikari.Whats wrong did T.K. finally dump you?"asked a voice in front of Hikari's desk.Rema Houhj, the girl that despised Hikari for some reason and Hikari didn't like her neither.Rema liked Takeru since freshmen year but Takeru never liked her type, which is snobbish, sarcastic,and acts as if somethings stuck up her ass.
Hikari looked up from her arms and gave Rema a 'not today bitch' look. "Listen I really don't feel like talking today so I suggest you get out of my face Houhj,"Hikari said while sitting up.Rema just put her hands on her hips and left to go sit in her seat.'Yes this is definantly going to be a long day' she thought to herself. Meanwhile, in history class Takeru was just sitting in his desk thinking about what Hikari told him.'Wow I can't believe i'm going to be a father..what am I going to tell my mom' he thought to himself.'Well it doesn't matter what she thinks. I love Hikari and the baby was concieved in love' he thought to himself. Takeru was to much in thought to notice Yolie sit next to him.Yolie turned to Takeru and snapped her fingers in his face.
"Earth to T.K. T.K. come in," she said while still snapping her fingers in his face.
"Huh..wha..oh hey Yolie," Takeru said after snapping out of deep thought.
"Hey Teeks,whats got you thinking hard?" she asked while taking her book out.
"Oh nothing really, but i'm pretty sure Hikari will tell you when she gets ready," he said while flashing her a charming smile.
"O.K.," she said as she flashed him a smile back. Yolie still looks the same as she did before only thing different about Yolie was she and Ken had just started dating. Cody had became a little jealous but soon got over it, why Davis doesn't take pointers from him the world will never know.Mr. Kyse finally came into the class with his briefcase in hand."Sorry i'm late class just came from a meeting.So lets get started by taking up your history books," he said while erasing the board. Everyone in the class room let out a joyful 'YEAH'.All Takeru and Yolie could do was laugh. Takeru turned to Yolie and tapped her on the shoulders.
"Hey Yols can you tell Hikari that i'm going to be a little late for lunch?"he asked after getting her attention.
"Sure thing Teeks, why are you going to be late anyways?"she asked while passing her book up to the front.
"Coach wants to have a meeting for the basketball team for some reason,"he said while pssing his book up.
"Oh," she said while getting out some paper to write it down so she wouldn't forget to tell Hikari.
"Thanks Yolie," he said while giving Yolie another smile."Hey where's Ken at? I didn't see him this morning"
"Oh he had to go to Kyoto for some kind of convention along with Izzy,"she said while getting up from her desk.
"Hey T.K. what you got planned for the summer?"asked Jeorge who was behind Takeru.
"Nothing man just I guess get a job. How bout you?" Takeru asked while turning around to Jeorge.
"Chillin know hit the party scene..and score on hot chicks man," Jeorge said while leaning back in his seat. Takeru just turned around and shook his head at what Jeorge said.Yolie came back and sat down in her seat and let out a huge groan.
"I am so ready to graduate right now,"she said while putting her head on the desk as if she was tired.

Lunch time finally came, everyone gathered at their usual table.Yolie and Hikari were the first ones to the table, then came Davis and Cody. Cody was still the shortest of the group but he had gotten a little taller. He also had gotten a little more wiser than the rest of the group, including Davis. Hikari kept looking around for Takeru.'Where could he be' she thought to herself.
"Oh, Kar T.K. told me to tell you he would be a little late," Yolie now remembering what Takeru told her earlier.
"O.K. I was beginning to wonder where he was..Umm..Yolie can I tell you something?" Hikari asked while turning to her best friend."well all of you I mean." she added. Everyone looked up at Hikari.
"Sure you can Kar," said Yolie.
" and see..umm,"Hikari said while struggling to get it out.
"Go ahead Kar," said Cody who was looking at her with concern.
"O.K...well i'm pre..pregnant,"she said looking down at her plate of food.
"Whoa..thats huge Kar,"said Yolie who was now rubbing Hikari's back.
"Yeah, that is huge,"Cody said while he was still looking at her.
"Whoa..I didn't even know you and T.V. were like that,"Davis said in a state of shock.
"WHAT! Hikari Yagami is PREGNANT!"yelled Rema from behind them who was holding her lunch tray in her hands.
Everyone in the cafeteria looked over at Hikari's table and started whispering. Hikari looked up from her tray to Rema who was just standing there with her mouth opened. Cody, Yolie and Davis turned to Rema not believing what she just did.
"I knew you were a slut, I knew it. That's why T.K. never left you, because you're screwing him.HA!"Rema said as she embaressed Hikari in front of the whole cafeteria. Yolie had stood up from her table and got into Rema's face.
"Listen here, the only slut around here is you and if you don't want to catch a fist in your face, I suggest you move on,"she said with her hands on her hips. Rema stepped back and scuffed at Yolie,"Bitch," Rema had said as she walked off. Yolie had sat back down to comfort Hikari.
"Don't worry about her Kar that girl is a real bitch," said Yolie while sitting back down beside Hikari. Cody and Davis both looked around the cafeteria and saw everyone still looking. Davis couldn't take no more of it.
"IS THERE A PROBLAM!" Davis yelled to everyone in the cafeteria so they all went back to their lunches probably talking about Hikari. Then Takeru walked through the cafeteria doors along with Jeorge after coming from the gym. Takeru then walked over to the table where everyone was looking at Hikari. Takeru sat down beside Hikari trying to see what was wrong with her.
"Hey whats wrong?" he asked looking at Cody then Davis.
"That bitch just blurted out to the whole cafeteria that Hikari was pregnant," said Yolie annoyed.
"What? Hikari are you o.k.?" Takeru asked while rubbing her back. Hikari just sat up then looked at Takeru as if he already knew the answer.Takeru had gotten up out his seat and walked over to Rema's table and sat down. 'What is he doing?' Hikari asked herself. Then they saw Takeru's leg go out in the isle while someone was walking and next thing you know the whole plate of food went flying through the air and landed on Rema's head. Everyone in the cafeteria was laughing including Hikari, Yolie, Davis, and Cody. Takeru had gotteh up from the seat and walked back to the table where Hikari was.
"Takeru I can't believe you just did that," Hikari said while still laughing at Rema. Rema had ran out the cafeteria crying and yelling at everyone while they were still laughing. Takeru just smiled and kissed Hikari on the forehead and kept on smiling.

Yolie and Hikari were walking to their lockers talking about the baby while going through a sea of students."You and TK are gonna have such a cute baby," Yolie said in an aww.'Well while you think about that I have to figure out what i'ma tell my parents,' Hikari said to herself while in deep thought."And if its a girl you can name her Yolie," Yolie continued while putting in the combination to her locker."In your dreams Yolie,"Hikari replied while smiling at Yolie's comment."Well, it was an input to a list of names," said Yolie."So are you goin' to tell me how you got pregnent?"Yolie asked with curiosity."You know how I got pregnent Yolie,"Kari replied to her friends dumb question."Duh Kari I know how you got pregnent, i'm not an idiot like Davis, I was like sayin when?and I want details," said Yolie while closing her locker shut."Well if you must know it was the night at Matt and Tai's party...

flashback Matt and Tai's apartment was so crowded with noise and people.Hikari was dancing with a group of friends,including Yolie, in a small circle in the living room to the loud techno music playing in the background."Hey, any of you guys want some punch?" asked Hikari when they stopped dancing."No we're cool," they all said in unison. Hikari walked over to the punch bowl and immediately spotted Takeru over at the corner talking to some of the college basketball team and sipping on his punch.Hikari walked over to him and hugged Takeru from behind."Hey you,"Takeru said after turning around."I've missed you today,"he continued after giving her a kiss."I've missed you to,"she said still latched on to him.Takeru slowly removed the strand of hair over Hikari's eye and kissed her again.Takeru came closer to Hikari's ear and whispered,"You wanna go somewhere and talk?" Hikari blushed madly and whispered back into his ear,"Yeah,lets go."Takeru grabbed Hikari's hand and headed towards Matt's room.After going inside the room Takeru closed and locked the door behind them while Hikari went over to the bed and sat down."So are we gonna talk?"she asked while crossing her legs."Sure,we can talk all night if you want,"Takeru said while walking over to her. Hikari laid back while Takeru laid on top of her and started kissing her neck and up to her lips.Hikari started pulling off Takeru's shirt as well as hers.Then Takeru reached over the bed and turned of the lamp.After about 20 minutes Hikari and Takeru walked out the bedroom smiling hand in hand. Takeru had went back to his friends while Hikari went back to her group of friends...

end flashback "Oh yeah I remember that night.Wow Kari 20 guys are some freaks," Yolie replied laughingly.Hikari just smiled at her friend and laughed to.After going to their lockers Hikari and Yolie headed to thier final day in Art class. Hikari walked in the classroom and recieved ackward stares from her classmates.Hikari went over to her seat and sat down while Tia walked up to her."Hey Kari, hows it going?"she asked sitting down beside her."It's alright I guess,"Hikari replied smiling slight and noticed Tia was looking at her stomach."Listen Tia,I know you heard I was pregnent,"she said."Yeah,but hey we all make mistakes,"Tia replied cheerfully."No, it's not a mistake Tia, the thing was I wasn't careful but it doesn't make it a mistake,"said Hikari while looking at Tia."I'm sorry Kari I should have never said that,"she said putting her head down in shame."It's ok Tia as long as your careful," Hikari said rubbing Tia's shoulders."If theres anything you need Kari you can tell me...haha..I can even babysit for you,"Tia said while smiling."Thanks Tia, i'll keep that in mind,"Hikari said smiling back.

After school had let out Hikari went to go find her boyfriend.She spotted him beside the gym talking to some of his friends. Takeru had turned around and saw her walking up to him."Hey, you ready to go?" he asked when she walked up. Hikari had nodded and took his hand in hers and walked off."So I figured i'ma go ahead and get that job as a waiter over there at the expensive resturant down town and I could give you most of the check," Takeru said while still holding Hikari's hand."TK don't give me all of your check,"she said worridly."It's ok alright, and thats final,"Takeru said while stopping in front of her cupping her face in his hands."Its final Takeru,"she replied smiling at her boyfriend.Hikari and Takeru kept walking hand and hand down the street talking about what they are going to do."So how are you goin to break it to your family?"he asked stopping infront of her apartment door."I don't know,but i'll figure out what to say,"she said while looking at the apartment door."I can stay if you want me to,"Takeru said touching her shoulder."No, it's ok, i'll call you later on,"she said now hugging him tightly.'Oh Takeru what are my parents going to say?'she asked herself."Alright then,call me later,"he said while still hugging her."I love you,"Hikari said giving him a kiss on the cheek."I love you too,"Takeru said while opening the door for her and letting her in."Bye,"Hikari said while closing the door and Takeru waved his hand slightly good-bye at her before she closed the door.Hikari turned around and faced the empty apartment before her and sighed loudly. 'Man I have to figure out what to say' she said to herself while heading to her room.Hikari was feeling very tired now after a long day at school so she laid on her bed and sighed again.And two minutes later she had fell asleep dreaming of her life with her baby."KARI!!" yelled a voice from inside the apartment.Hikari had woken up from her sleep with her eyes half opened she thought she had heard her name."KARI!!" after that she knew it was Tai."WHAT?"she yelled back sort of aggrevated."DINNERS READY!"Tai yelled back at her. ."Hikari slaowly got uo from her bed and the felt sick to her stomach.Tai was arranging the yable when Hikari came out her room."You was out like a light when I got home, you ok? The question kind of cought Hikari off but she said yeah. Hikari and Tai's parents came home after Tai set the table and began eating."So how was your day kids?"asked their dad who was sipping his drink while looking at them both."Yeah,I finally got captain position on the soccer team at the university," said Tai who was looking at both parents while scarfing down on his fish."Tai, manners dear and good job," Beth, their mother said while getting up to retreive the dessert."Yeah son good job,"added their father Tom."What about you Hikari, anything happened today?"asked her dad changing the subject.'Ok Hikari,it's now or never' she thought to herself." see..well I..I-" she started."Kari just spit it out honey," interrupted Beth who was now coming back and sitting down." i'm pregnent,"Hikari said with her head down and all she heard was forks dropping.

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