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Hikari sat in her health class thinking about the conversation that Takeru was having with the principal about the fight. The whole school started spreading the news about the fight like a

wild fire and it made Hikari sick to her stomach. She was worried about Takeru possibly losing his scholarship for school and all the people around school could only worry about who beat

the crap out of whom. So far the rumors were Riley was defending himself because Davis pushed him or Takeru and Davis tried to jump Riley because they had enough of his bullying

ways. 'People can be so stupid' Hikari thought to herself.

"Psssst…hey Hikari is TK ok? I heard Riley punched him so hard he lost a tooth." whispered one of her classmates.

"Are you seriously asking me that?" Hikari replied rolling her eyes at the boy. 'Point made' she thought to herself. When the bell rung Hikari gathered her things and walked fast out of her

health class to see if Takeru was out of the office. Hikari made her way down the crowded halls to see Davis at his locker with his head against it looking pale in the face. Hikari quickly

made her way over to him to check on him.

"Hey are you ok Davis? What happened?" she asked as she placed a hand on his back as he turned to her.

"I just got suspened for a week…..a week Kari….a freaking week..." he screeched with anger in his voice.

"I'm so sorry Davis...I wish there was something I could do," she replied rubbing his back soothingly.

"Yeah well there isn't…my parents are going to castrate me when they find out." Davis said as he walked off looking dumbfounded through the halls of the school. Hikari felt so bad for her

friend and then she immediately began to worry about Takeru. If Davis was suspended for a week may be so was Takeru. Walking to the office she stopped midway when she saw Takeru

sitting on the bench with his hands covering his face as he was leaned down into his lap. Takeru looked up to see Hikari approaching him and he gave her a weak smile and hello. She

immediately wrapped her arms around him and kissed him.

"What happened baby?" she asked as he let out a frustrated groan.

"I have been suspended for a week…I could lose my scholarship Hika," he replied to her as he ran his fingers through his golden blonde hair. "My mom is going to have a field day with

this mess…I have never been suspended before and I get it because of a stupid fight I somehow get roped into," he continued as Hikari watched him vent with concern in her eyes.

"Stupid Riley," she responded trying to lighten his mood and Takeru faced her and let out a little laugh. And speaking of the devil Riley walked out the principal's office with a smug look on

his face and stormed out the main office in record speed bumping into an unsuspecting nerd causing the nerd to fall down on his ass. And Riley kept walking down the hall without a care

in the world.

"Stupid dick," Takeru murmured as he got off the bench and helped his girlfriend up.

"I don't know if dick is the right word to describe him Takeru...that's an insult to all dicks," Hikari said as her and Takeru walked out the main office hand and hand. Passing through the

hallways they came face to face with Riley who was standing in the middle of the hallways with his arms folded looking mad.

"Thanks asshole…you got me suspended for a week," Riley accused as Takeru pushed past him with Hikari to his side and choosing to ignore him because Takeru did not need to get in

trouble again. "Don't you hear me talking to you?" Riley yelled causing people to stop and stare and Takeru kept walking as Hikari looked back at Riley while Takeru gently tugged her

along. As they came out the school Takeru stopped dead in his tracks and looked at Hikari with his deep ocean blue eyes piercing her.

"I hate that asshole," he simply said looking back at the school and he continued walking.

"What are you going to tell your mom?" Hikari asked as they were crossing the street to the student parking lot. Takeru only shrugged his shoulders and took out his car keys that was in his pockets.

"I don't know…but if I lose they scholarship…I don't know what I would do," he replied back after opening the passenger door for her. Hikari quickly slid in and buckled her seat belt as

Takeru opened hi side door and slid in as well before placing his seat belt on. Throughout the drive Hikari thought of ways to console her boyfriend she turned her head to look at him and

she could see a nice looking shiner forming under his eyes. She reached over and placed a finger to the forming bruise as Takeru flinched.

"We are going to have to ice that babes," she said as she took her hand away from his face.

"I know…bad thing about it Riley looks unharmed," he laughed as Hikari shook her head.

"You should here the rumors spreading about the fight," she said as she rubbed her stomach slowly.

"I don't even want to hear them Hika… I'm pretty sure they said me and Davis lost," he said turning on his street. Just then Hikari's cell phone went of playing her 'Lady GaGa Poker Face' song.

"Ughhhhh Hika you should really change that song you know I don't like it," Takeru complained as she started texting on her phone back to Yolie who was still crying over Ken at the moment.

"Well suck it up Chuck this is my phone so deal," she said rolling her eyes at him.

"Yeah well I still think you should change it," he said shaking his head as he stopped at the redlight.

"Jeez Takeru first you made me change my Justin Bieber song now I can't have this? You so don't have taste in music man!" she said throwing her hands in the air.

"If Justin Bieber is good music I should just cut my ears off now," he said as the light turned green.

"Whats wrong with Justin?" she asked crossing her arms.

"Umm Everything…good music is Kings of Leon..good music is B.O.B…good music is…hell good music anything compared to the Beaver," Takeru argued as Hikari scoffed at his statement.

"It's Bieber buddy," she said as Takeru rolled his eyes at her and they suddenly busted out laughing at their little playful back and forth banter. Takeru looked over to Hikari as she stopped laughing.

"Thanks Hika I really needed that…you're the best babe," he said leaning over to capture her lips with his and he turned back to his driving. As soon as the pulled up to the apartment

complex Takeru could see his mother's car in the parking lot and he groaned inwardly at the awaiting confrontation. Climbing up the stairs behind Hikari he slowly walked not looking

forward to talking to his mom about what happened. 'I hope Takeru doesn't get into too much trouble' Hikari thought to herself looking back. Opening the door Hikari slipped in the

apartment with Takeru not faar behind her. As she came further into the apartment Takeru silently shut the door behind them and placed the keys on the table.

"Takeru…Hikari? Is that ya'll?" asked Nancy as she came out her room closing the door behind her.

"Yeah mom," Takeru quickly replied as he made a beeline towards his room and Hikari to hers.

"I got an interesting call today…care to explain," Nancy asked following behind Takeru.

"Ughhhh mom I'm sorry but that jerk was about to pound Davis for no reason..plus he hit me first in my book that's self defense…and I was defending myself before I could get hurt…but

because of that I got suspended for a week and I could possibly lose my scholarship," Takeru quickly vented as Nancy looked on dumbfounded and trying to comprehend what her son

just told her and she shook her head.

"No I wasn't talking about that call…the call I was referring to is about this expensive phone bill," she said looking at him with shock. "YOU GOT SUSPENDED!" she yelled causing Hikari to shut her door.

"Ughh I should really let you explain thing before I stick my foot in my mouth," he said looking down.

"You never been suspended before," she screeched as Takeru closed his eyes tightly.

"He hit me first mom! What was I supposed to do? Go into fetal position on the floor," he said back.

"Yes…I mean no…but Takeru suspension? You could lose your scholarship hun," Nancy replied with a groan. Takeru sat down on his bed looking down at the green carpet on his floor as Nancy sat beside him.

"I'm sorry," was all he could say and his mother placed her hand on his ad smiled briefly.

"One thing I have taught you in life is never let anyone walk over you," she said and ran her hands through his hair. That's when she realized that even though he was having a child of

his own he still needed his mom just as much as that baby was going to need him and she smiled at that realization.

"Well I gotta get ready for work mom…love you…and I'm sorry for disappointing you," he said as he got up.

"You didn't disappoint me honey…let's just hope you didn't lose the scholarship," she answered getting up as well and they both looked to the door to see Hikari standing there smiling.

"The baby is kicking," she said excitedly as though it was her first time feeling him kick her and they both laughed at her enthusiasm.

"Well that just means it's time for Nana to make dinner," Nancy said as she walked out the room leaving Takeru and Hikari alone in his room. Hikari grabbed Takeru's uniform shirt off the

chair as she saw he was looking around for it and gave it to him smiling. Takeru quickly grabbed Hikari and kissed her lips.

"I love you and if I lose this scholarship I will really work my ass off to support you and him," he said.

"I love you too…and I believe in you Takeru," she replied hugging him tightly.

"Well I gotta get to work..since I'm suspended maybe I can work mornings too," Takeru said as he let go of his girlfriend and took off his school shirt and placed his uniform shirt on. Hikari

smiled and walked back to her room where she heard her cell phone go off again and saw that Yolie was calling.

*Yes Yolie,* she answered as she sat on her bed.

*I tried calling Ken and he won't answer Kari… I'm scared* Yolie replied crying.

*Well maybe he is sleep…I don't know what to say Yolie…just try to get through to him* Hikari said lying back on her bed and she heard Yolie starting to cry over the phone and she immediately felt bed.

*Ok…I will email and text…whatever I have to do* Yolie said over the phone and hung up leaving Hikari looking at the screen of her cellphone. Hikari rolled over to her side and fell asleep

closely hugging her pillow to her body. 'I hope Yolie and Ken make it through' she thought to herself as she drifted off. As Takeru left the apartment he knew Hikari would be sleep so he

didn't bother her. It was like her everyday ritual, after school take a nap. Takeru walked down the stairs and decided he was going to walk to work today. Everyone always wondered

why Takeru never really drove his car around since that was a purpose for having one. He felt he always didn't need to depend on a car plus only uses it when Hikari doesn't want to walk

place. Walking down the busy streets Takeru thought about his scholarship. He needed to come up with a backup plan just in case things were screwed up. 'Stupid Riley' was all he

thought in his head. Takeru's phone beeped letting him know he had a text message ad it was form Ken.

-I'm going to kill Davis- K

-So what else is new lol- T

-I'm serious..he wrecked my relationship- K

-The kiss thing? Come on man it was a mistake Davis is sorry- T

-Well he got a dose when I came there this weekend when I was on break- K

-Look man get over it...Yolie loves you…so stop being a jerk…ttyl- T and Takeru ended the text conversation as he entered the diner. Walking all the way inside, Takeru stopped in his

tracks looking at the woman who was sitting in a barstool looking around. Hikari's mother in the flesh and it caught Takeru off guard for a bit but he then decided to walk up to her to figure out why she was here.

"Umm maybe you are in the wrong place Ms. Beth what are you doing here?" he asked as he approached her.

"Well I have come to talk to you," she simply said glaring her chocolate brown eyes at him. "I am getting married next month to the love of my life," she continued taking a sip of her drink.

"Married? Love of your life? Wow you sure move on fast," he replied scratching his head.

"Yeah well I just wanted you to let Hikari know since I can't stomach seeing her carrying your seed," Beth said as she placed the tip down on the bar.

"Listen… you can say whatever you want about me but you will not disrespect Hikari like that…for peep sakes she your daughter your own flesh and bone and you treat her this way!"

Takeru said with a clenched jaw and his hands squeezed into a tight fist.

"Well it is your fault we are like this… if you would have kept it in your pants she wouldn't be in this situation," she said standing tall in front of Takeru with fire burning in her brown eyes.

"Make sure you tell Hikari that she will have a new daddy now." As she walked off Takeru looked around and saw half the dinner staring at him. 'Wow my day just got better' he thought.

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