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Bobby took his shift to watch Sam and for the first time, he really was able to take in the damage first hand.

"Dear God Sammy." Bobby took his hat off as he sat.

Sam's breathing was still labored and he was still wheezing. They all hadn't been able to take time to look at all of Sam's wounds. Just a temporary patch up until everything was in order. They still had yet to... commander some hospital equipment and supplies.

Sam would definitely need pain killers. Lots and lots of pain killers. Bandages and ace wrap. Aloe vera for his burns. He needed to have his ribs wrapped. Bobby was sure that they'd need to set some bones. Most of the wounds had already clotted, but they'd still need stitches and peroxide so that they wouldn't get infected. And Bobby could see that the kid was going to get sick with the flu or God knows what.

Bobby was also left to his thoughts about how Ash was dead. Reliving his death all over again. Something also nagged him. Why the hell was Sam so scared of Dean or anything to do with him?


As soon as Ellen heard the news about Ash from Joshua she just left the room. She couldn't deal with it all right now. Everything was so overwhelming. Ellen opted to take a shower and think things over. Plus she was still pretty dirty from rescuing Sam.

Jo was kind enough to bring everyone's things in so she found some new clothes. Ellen heard Dean call out, but she was slightly preoccupied. So she collapsed on the bed.

Until she heard the screaming...


Dean was wandering around aimlessly. He wanted to find something anything that could possibly help Sam. As hard as it was, he finally went to the one place he had avoided looking. The stuff Joshua brought back...

He held started to gag but held it back. Everything was covered in sulfur or Sam's blood. But there was one thing that stood out. A black case. Dean opened it slowly there was a note inside.

"Hey! You all should see this!"

Joshua rushed in.

"Where's everyone?"

"Bobby's watching Sam, Ellen is in the shower, and Jo's unpacking."

"Oh." Dean was stuck with Joshua and still was refraining from beating his face in.

Inside the box were syringes lined up in some sort of order along with the note.

"You're going to want these. Withdrawal can be a bitch... Poor Sammy, hope you don't forget a dose. Get well soon Sam."

The note had instructions on how to ween Sam off the drug. Joshua and Dean were disgusted by the note. They would have ripped it into a million pieces if it didn't have instructions on it.

Dean read it over and over again before Joshua put a hand on his shoulder.

"Dean, Dean! Snap out of it."

"Why the hell are you not freaking out?"

"Demons lie Dean. Don't forget that. For all we know this might hurt Sam more than it'll help him."

"You're right."

Dean glanced at the note again and read the times that Sam should get a dose.

"Once every four hours for the first two days."

"Well... It's been longer than that. I guess demons do--"

They were caught off guard by moaning that turned into sobs that eventually turned into gasps and screams.

They looked at each other.



Jo woke up to the sounds of screaming in the room next to her. She rushed in instantly awake and watched as Sam screamed and moved on the bed like something was attacking him.

Sweat poured from his face. Bobby tried to hold him still but it only made things worse.

Jo rushed towards him hoping that she could find some brilliant idea that would help Sam. All she could do was try and whisper words of comfort that fell on deaf ears.

Ellen arrived soon after but only stood in the doorway in shock only to be pushed aside by Joshua.

"Jo. Bobby. Hold him still a minute." Joshua took out the syringe and plunged it into Sam's arm hoping for the best.

Sam's screams died down to moans and then he started to briefly mutter to himself before he went still and quiet on the bed. You would have thought he was sleeping or dead except for the fact that his eyes were still open and staring off into space.

"What the hell was that!" Jo stood to face Joshua.

"Uhh... well... the demons sort of drugged Sam and he's going through withdrawal..."

"You mean he's gonna suffer like this?" Ellen took a look at the needle.

"No...I don't know... I mean I don't think so."

"Joshua, you gotta tell us these things."

"Hey!" Joshua went to his own defense. "Ask Dean. He called out and I'm the only one that showed up. If you want answers, go to him because I'm frankly fed up with blame here."

"Just everyone calm down a minute. This isn't helping Sam any." Bobby turned to look at him. "You did the right thing by coming in here Joshua."

"Thank you."

"Let's go see what this is all about then." Bobby headed to the door with Ellen and Joshua.

"Who's gonna watch Sam?"

"I'll do it." Jo volunteered. She needed to prove she could pull some weight.


"This is just wrong." Ellen took the note.

"Well I sure as hell haven't seen anything like it." Bobby looked at the note too.

"Yeah well, only God knows what's in this stuff, but it seems to work." Joshua was still holding the syringe.

"I heard the screaming... how's..." It broke Dean's heart that he couldn't be with Sam. "How's he doing?"

"He's pretty much the same as when we brought him in."

"I hate to say it, but I think we really need to get him some help. Fast. I was in there and I made a list of what we need already." Bobby handed over what he'd written on the back of a receipt.

"I'll go." Dean grabbed it.

Ellen grabbed his arm. "Not without back up you aren't."

"Why not. It'll get the job done faster."

"Tell me Dean. How many things can you carry at once?"


Bobby spoke up, "And what if one of those demons is out there ready to spring on you? You aren't going to help Sam by getting yourself killed or in the same position Sam's in."

"Then what do you suggest?"

"You and Joshua break in. Face it, you two are more in shape than Ellen and me."

"What about Jo?" Dean hated the idea of going with Joshua.

"She's been doing enough as it is. Right now she's watching Sam. Ellen and I could use a break."

"Fine. But we do it my way Joshua."

"Fine Dean."

They glared at each other.

"For Christ's sake GO!"

Dean and Joshua silently made their way out to Dean's car.

"Now let's hope that one of them comes back alive. They're still at each other's throats."

"Yeah. I'm gonna put on some coffee Ellen."


Jo watched Sam stare ahead. She noticed that some of the bandages needed to be replaced and that Sam still had a lot of blood and dirt on his face.

She went over to the first aid kit in the corner and got a damp wash cloth. Jo took off the bandages and cleaned some of Sam's wounds. As the dirt and blood came off she had to bite back a gasp at the amount of bruising still underneath and how badly Sam would need stitches.

Sam started to stir and weakly protest Jo cleaning and bandaging his face and arms.

"Sshhh... Sam it's ok. I'm just fixing you up until some one makes a hospital run."

Sam's eyes were still glazed over but he at least directed them to Jo's face. He was in there somewhere after all.

"Sam... Can you hear me?" Jo waited but was disappointed.

She finished fixing him up, but there was something clearly wrong going on inside of Sam's head. He was scared out of his mind, but he was ready to give up too.

"It'll be all right Sam. I'm here if something happens." Jo took her hand off of Sam's face to go to the corner chair and was surprised when something caught her wrist.

"Sam?" His fingers curled around her wrist.

"What is it Sam?"

He finally looked her in the eye. "...d-don't lea..." It was a sad and pleading voice.

"I'm not going anywhere Sam. I'm right over there." She started for the chair again but Sam still held on and she could feel him grip slightly tighten when she was out of his line of sight.

"...p-please..." Sam took a breath. He could hardly concentrate. "Can't...s-se-e y-you..." His breathing quickened. This was the one thing Sam had been able to latch onto that seemed even relatively safe and he wasn't going to let go.

"Ok Sam." Jo sat on the floor next to the bed. "I'm right here."

Sam's grip loosened and he went back to the place in his head where he felt safe and blocked everything out. But this time he knew that he was relatively safer than before. He still couldn't recognize the person. But it was still familiar.

Meanwhile Jo pushed back the thoughts of when Sam last latched on to her. And it wasn't the most pleasant experience. She looked at Sam again though and instantly felt guilty for even thinking about the event. It wasn't him then. And Sam was in more pain than she could imagine.

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