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Dean examined his reflection in the mirror. There wasn't even a scratch he could boast about left from the beating he took just hours before. "Holy..." This was impossible. Come to think of it, it was a miracle he was even up and walking around. 'This is fucked up,' a voice told him.

Great, more shit.

Dean walked through the house searching for clues as to what happened to the others. Big fat nothing. Just broken items from the fight and some passed out hunters.

Ellen was the first one to wake up. "Ugh... my head."

"Hey. What the hell happened Ellen? I woke up and everyone was passed out."

"Dean? What are you doin' up?" She stared at him for a moment. "What the hell happened to your face? Before you looked like you needed a really good plastic surgeon. Now... Well this is the after picture."

"Yeah. I just kinda wake up like this." Dean smirked but it fell flat. "I honestly have no idea what happened. I know I was all messed up but now it's like nothing happened. I've even got some scars fading."

"I wish we could just chalk this one up as a win, but I get the feeling this is something bad."

"Yeah, me too Ellen. But right now I think we should focus on Sammy."

"Agreed. How is he?"

"Sleeping right now." Dean sighed. "I want Joshua to figure out what's in the stuff we're giving Sam. Try and understand what's going on."

"You still want him around?"

"He was possessed. It wasn't his fault." Dean didn't like saying it but it was true.

"Glad you see that. When the others are up I'll get him on it."

Dean got up and headed back towards Sam's room. "You take care of the others. I wanna sit with Sam."

"Sure thing Dean."

Dean sat down next to Sam's bed and put his head in his hands. Sam was wrapped up in some nightmare, Dean was sure. The kid had been to hell and back and back into hell again. "You remember Dad used to tell me to look out for you all the time. Truth is that I'd always wait until you fell asleep to go out and play video games or hustle. It wasn't just that one time..." Dean cleared his throat, "Anyways I guess the point is that I've never been the perfect brother, soldier, or anything. I tried my best Sammy. I just can't protect you or anyone else." Laughter erupted from his throat suddenly, "I remember you used to watch Dr. Who, you still do I think. I understand why the Doctor hates himself sometimes now."

Sam groaned and stirred, "Can't s-save everyone D'n..." He felt so tired and everything was still fuzzy.

"Sam? You awake buddy?"

And in that moment all the pain came rushing back to Sam and he hissed wishing he was asleep again. He knew what to expect from the nightmares. Being awake was the tricky part. You know this isn't going to last... He's just giving you hope so he has something to take...

"Hey, easy buddy." Dean leaned over Sam. "I know you're hurting, just breathe."

Sam caught a look at Dean's face. No one can heal that fast... What if it's not Dean?

Dean noticed Sam start to hyperventilate. "What's wrong Sam?"

It can't be Dean...



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