Yoshi slammed on his breaks, his fancy kart skidding to a halt. He had just finished racing his friends in Toad's Factory and was ready to call it quits for the day.

"Good race, Yoshi," commented Rosalina as she parked her bike next to the dinosaur. The Luma sat on her head, watching the dinosaur with a mixed feeling of fear and uncertainty. "If I'm right, you scored 55 points in this cup. That should put you in first."

Yoshi grinned and made a noise of thanks, knowing that the galactic princess probably didn't understand a word that he said. Still, there would be time for ceremonies later; right now he was absolutely tired, and he wanted to go home to take a quick rest.

As he started up his kart once again, he noticed that his fuel gauge was close to low. Knowing that he would pass a filling station on his trip home, he got on to the main road and waved goodbye to several of his friends as he passed them.

The filling station came into view, the large sign that indicated it to the motorists shining in the sunlight. Yoshi applied the brakes and began to slow down, turning on his turning signal in the process. He exited the motorway and pulled up to the one of the pumps, cutting off the engine as he did so.

He hopped out of the kart with an air of happiness, still excited by the news that Rosalina had told him. He took the pump off the handle and selected his fuel grade, replaying the last race in his mind as he placed the nozzle into the kart to fill it up.

It had been a hectic one. The race started off with Peach taking the lead, only to be nuked and obliterated by a blue shell that Yoshi was fortunate to receive. Yoshi took the lead shortly after that, maintaining it for the majority of the race. Rosalina, however, had approached him from out of nowhere and sent him tumbling after throwing a red shell, which caused him to fall back into third place. Angry that one of his best friends had done something so sly, he popped used a mushroom in order to get in front of Luigi, then focused on Rosalina. As if from nowhere, another blue shell appeared over the heads of the racers and collided into the galactic princess, sending her up into the air. Yoshi managed to dodge the aftershock just in time, putting him in first place with the finish line in sight. He crossed it with Luigi in second and Rosalina following in third.

The nozzle stopped pumping the gasoline as the tank became full. Putting the nozzle back in its original place, Yoshi looked up to see how much he would need to pay the cashier inside. His jaw dropped and his eyes shot open.