Hey Everybody! I really like this whole write a sentence with a chosen word or short phrase format, so I decided to try it out. The words are at random picked from songs as I was listening along with the radio. I will use these for a couple of other fanfics-different couples and shows- and the sentence/mini-scene will be different for all. I write off the cuff, meaning this is the first and final draft- though I do try to go back and check for errors. Some of these ended up long so this will be split into four chapters.

Disclaimer: I do not own Teen Titans, though I tend to enjoy the fanfiction more than the show.:P BBRae all the way!! I don't own the songs mentioned, or Harry Potter.

Warning: Rated teen for mostly angst one won't understand until teens, some allusions to sex, and other times that aren't poignant to the young.

BTW- While most of this is funny and some angsty, I am a romantic sap at heart.


1. Democracy

"But we live in a democracy, Rae!"

"It is Raven, and while the rest of the country lives in a democracy-this is a marriage. You, as of two weeks ago, now live in a dictatorship. I am the only dictator."

"But Rae," he started ignoring her scowl, "I am a grown man, and I want to get my ear pierced."

"Do you want to spend the rest of your life sleeping on the couch?"

Beast Boy gulped, "No."

"Good," Raven said turning away from the store front.

"Can I get a tattoo instead?"

2. Name






"Beast Boy, we are not naming our son after a character in the only book you have ever read."

"There's a book out, too?"

Raven groaned.

3. Pray

Raven found herself praying for the first time, as she watched Beast Boy lying in the hospital bed fighting for every breath as the doctors and nurses tried to stop the bleeding Raven herself could not stop.

4. Work

"But why is it so much work, Rae?"

"All relationships, even friendships, require effort to be put forth by both parties."

"But I fell in love with you without effort."


"And since you already love me, no more work is needed. No work! No work!"

Raven couldn't help smiling.

5. Play

"C'mon. Ya know ya wanna Rae."

"It's Raven and no."

"I think you are scared."

"Excuse me?"

"Yep. You're scared you will lose to me."

"I have never and will never be scared to lose to you."

"That's because you've lost before."

"I have never lost to you."

"Yes you have."

"Have not."


"Beast Boy I will not continue this ridiculous, childish conversation any..."

"You lost your heart to me."

Raven froze, jaw slack.

Beast Boy let a smug smile adorn his face.

"Fine. I will play one round of this game with you if you be quiet," she sighed.

Beast Boy whooped and handed her a controller. He quickly explained the basic moves, but when he started going into the multiple button sequences she held up a hand for him to stop.

Raven beat him in less than a minute.

As he started protesting, claiming it wasn't possible and she must have been secretly playing the game when no one was around, she got up from her spot next to him on the floor and turned to leave the common room intending to go to her room.

At the entrance to the hallway she stopped and turned around, watching amusedly as Beast Boy continued his little rant about how unfair life was.

"Oh and Beast Boy."

Beast Boy stopped ranting, "Yeah, Rae?"

"I never lost anything. It was freely given." Raven then proceeded to her bedroom.

It was Beast Boy's turn to be stunned.

6. Let Me

There was an urgent pounding on her door. "Hey Rae, let me in."

"Go away I am meditating."

"Let me in."

"I told you I am busy."

"Rae, I am coming in with or without your permission."

"Alright, fine." She levitated back down to the floor and proceeded to open her door.

Garfield a.k.a. Beast Boy stood there, his eyes burning with something so intense she had to look away. She motioned for him to come in.

She closed her door, then whirled on him, "What do you want that is so important you have to interrupt me while I was trying to meditate?"

"You know very well why I am here. We need to talk about it, and what it means for us."

"Gar, there is no us and it was just a kiss, nothing more."

"So just a kiss makes you have to run off and meditate after blowing up the t.v.?"


"Dammit. Rae. It wasn't nothing. You and I both know that."

"So.. What do you want Garfield?"

"I want you to let me in. I want you to let me take care of you forever. I want you to let me mend your heart. I want you to trust me by letting me have and know you. I want you to let me love you."

Raven couldn't believe what she was hearing, but one look in his eyes and she knew he meant every word. She took a deep, calming breath.

She released it. "Okay," she said then crushed her lips to his and saw his eyes widen then close as his arms wrapped around her.

7. Tears

She thought her tears would never stop as she lay there in her dark room, until he came to tell her she would never be alone.

8. New

As the truth regarding his purple-headed teammate was revealed, Beast Boy realized one truly learned something new everyday. No one ever promised it would be a good thing.

9. Once More

"Say it...again," she panted, writhing beneath him, "Once more..."

"I love you forever Rae," he said as he ran his thumb across her sweat-slick brow.

10. Began

When people ask her when it had all began, she usually said after the Malchior incident, if she answered at all. However, she knew it started long before that. Somewhere along the way after he declared he would get her to laugh at one of his jokes.

11. Dance

"Hey Rae wanna dance?"


"Aww..C'mon..dance with me..," he whined.

"Beast Boy I DO NOT DANCE."

"Yes you do, all the time. Everyone does."

"Did you hit your head when I threw you through the window yesterday?"

To Raven's shock, Beast Boy started belting out,

"Life's a dance you learn as you go

Sometimes you lead sometimes you follow

Don't worry about what you don't know

Life's a dance you learn as you go"

He finished waggling his eyebrows at her.

"I don't know you," and she walked away.

(a/n: I believe the song is by John Michael Montgomery or Clay Walker, I think. I haven't heard the song in years so I don't even know if the chorus is exactly right, but it's close. Anyway it's country and by a male.)

12. Friends

"Can I ask you something Raven?"

Raven looked up from the book she was reading, surprised at hearing him sound so serious. She nodded for him to continue.

"Do you think of me as an animal or as a human?"

Raven was puzzled as to where that question had come from. She must have let her puzzlement show.

"There was an article in the paper asking that very thing."

"Oh. Beast Boy I don't think you should worry about something someone you don't even know wrote about you. You are a superhero. The people you save and protect could care less about what you are, just as long as you are doing good."

"But I want to know what you think."

Raven sighed, "I think of you as a friend. Just like I do Starfire and Cyborg instead of as an alien and a half-machine."

Beast Boy smiled, "Thank you Rae. I think of you as a friend too, not as an half-demon from another dimension."

"Thanks ever so much," murmured Raven as she went back to reading.

13. All Too Soon

It was over quickly.

It came all too soon.

'I can not believe I waited so long for this,' thought Raven.

Her green teammate was much more vocal, "I can't believe I waited all summer for this. The other four were so much better."

"Yeah. It is strange that the longest book had the shortest movie," she replied.(a/n: y'all were thinking something dirty weren't you, shame on you. :D)

"But hey, didn't you tell me that they were all hurt at the end, and that Hermione almost died making Harry castrophic."

"Catatonic, and yeah but I guess the movie makers don't care about leaving important parts out."

"But didn't you say that was one of the best parts in the whole book."

"Yeah it was, but they sold out to Hollywood's big light production."

"Well what do we do now."

"Watch the original so we won't be as disappointed."


14. Gone

They say you don't know what you've got until it's gone.

The empath never truly knew what this meant until she showed up-the blonde. Upon hearing the blonde giggle at the green one's joke, the empath's eyes glowed red.

15. Home


Garfield caught his two-year-old son as he rushed head first to meet him.

Garfield hugged him close as the boy's mother and his wife came into the entranceway. He gave his eight-month pregnant wife a kiss, and thought 'Ah home sweet home'. Happy he finally found home along with Raven.

16. The Ring

"With this ring I thee wed."

Raven gave a big sigh of relief. She and Garfield had agreed upon saying the traditional vows. Well, more like she decided and he had to go along. She had been very hesitant, all right fearful, of what he would say if given the chance to say his own vows. She didn't need any tacky jokes or embarrassing incidents brought up. No, not on her wedding day. So she was very grateful he had finished. Then she saw him take a breath.

"And renew my promise to get you to laugh at my jokes."

Well, it could have been worse...

"And to keep your bed warm every night," he said waggling his eyebrows.

And that's when she smacked him upside the head.

He just continued to grin goofily at her.

17. Practice

"Aww..C'mon Rae.."


"But ya know what they say 'practice makes perfect'."

"For the last time, no. I am still sore from last time."

"But Rae, that's just because you are out of shape."

"I advise you to start running," she glowered.

"But Rae.. I even got you something so you won't flounder," he said laughing at his own joke and holding out an inflated yellow ducky innertube.

A scream tore through the tower.

Robin and Starfire turned at the sound and caught sight of a green and yellow blur pass the window.

Raven walked into the kitchen.

"Umm..Did you toss Beast Boy out the window?" asked Robin.

Raven nodded while fixing her tea.

"Was there a reason?"

"He wished to go swimming."

"Will friend Beast Boy be okay?"

Raven shrugged, "I guess. He shouldn't drown, he has an innertube."

18. Never Knew

Beast Boy couldn't move as he watched in horror as Mumbo Jumbo impaled Raven with a pole. He saw her eyes widen and then her whole body went limp. There was so much blood. He rushed towards her as the others fought Mumbo. All he could think of was 'She never knew'. 'All this time and she never knew how much I love her.' 'And she never will."

19. Our Song

It was night and everything and everyone was quiet.

Two lovers lay entwined on a bed bathed in moonlight. She was almost asleep with her head on his chest. He was not asleep yet. Something was on his mind and it wouldn't let him sleep. She could sense he was bothered by something and wouldn't sleep until it was solved.

"What is it, Gar?"

"It's really kinda silly..just go to sleep..it's nothing."

"Spit it out or you're sleeping on the floor."

"Okay...well it's just, we have been together for three years and we don't have a song. Everyone else does. I just wondered if we need one."

"That's it?"

"Well, yeah. Told you it was silly."

She yawned, "We have a song, Gar."

"We do? How come I didn't know? What is it?"

"Our song is the beating of our hearts."

"Oh..love you Rae."

"And I love you. Now go to sleep"

So he fell asleep listening to their song.

20. Eternity

Raven was meditating mid-air in the common room when she sensed him.


She cracked an eye open. "What is it? I am meditating."

"Do you love me?"

She raised an eyebrow, "Yes, as I told you this morning and for the past year."

"Until when?"

"What do you mean?"

"Until when will you love me?"

"Gar are you actually serious?"

His ears drooped.

Raven sighed and levitated down. She cupped his face in her hands.

"Gar look at me."

She waited until he did.

"Garfield Logan I will love you for all eternity."

He gave her an ear-to-ear smile. "Eternity's a really long time, right Rae?"

She just nodded and gave him a quick kiss. "Now can I get back to meditating?"

"Yeah. Thanks. Hey Rae?"

She cracked an eye open at him, for she had already assumed her former position.

"I love you for all eternity too." He smiled then bounded off.

She smiled.

21. How Long

He wasn't sure for how long she had loved him. He knew he had loved her since the moment he saw her. But it didn't matter. As long as she loved him that was all that mattered, not the how.

22. Remember

He knew he was in trouble when he saw that look on her face. He remembered seeing it only once before, complete with the glowing red eyes, when he went in her room and got sucked into her mind. He started running.

23. Forever

He promised her forever, so there was no way he was going to die here in the middle of the battle.

24. Always

Man! She was always telling what to do. Today it was "Quit playing that stupid video game and go clean up your room". He grinned to himself. He really wouldn't want it any other way.

25. Honey

"And get me some honey too," yelled his wife.

"Okay. I'll be back soon."

"Just hurry up, we're starving in here."

Garfield Logan just shook his head going out the door. Man sometimes having a pregnant wife sucked. Like having to go out in the snow at three in the morning to satisfy her cravings.

Pickles and Honey.