Mixed.Sentiments: So this is gonna be a slight modern time-ish story, but uh, it has KibaxShino. So, I hope you like it. Reviews would be awesome so that I know what to improve on and if my ideas are any good. xD

Never again

It was another normal day in Konoha. The local market buzzed with gossip and merchants reeling in innocent passer-bys. Young kids weaved in and out of parents' legs as they entertained themselves on the daily errands. The bright Konoha sun peeked through the window of the local high school. It gently stroked the cheek of a young boy sitting dreamily at his disk.

"Shino! Get your head out of the clouds! This is the 6th time this week I have had to yell at you."

The boy snapped to attention. He sank down in his seat from shame then lightly responded.

"Um, sorry, ma'am. I'll pay attention this time."

He glanced around the room looking from eye to eye of his fellow classmates. A blonde haired boy snickered then turned back to face the teacher. Shino shielded his face behind one of his bony, pale hands. A deep sigh escaped him.

The bell rang, piercing the students' ears. Chair legs screeched across the linoleum floor and chatter immediately broke out among the class.

"Tonight he's taking me to the movies." "How romantic." "I know, right? That's what I told him."

"Wanna come over this weekend?" "I'm working tomorrow. Saturday okay?"

"Damn, I got an 'F' again!" "Bummer, man."

Giggles and shouts filled the room. As each group of friends filed out the door, the noise followed suit. Shino lazily reached down for his book bag. When in hand, he stood up and started towards the door.

A shout from a boy outside startled him. His books fell to the floor with an unsettling thud.

"Shit." Shino closed his eyes and sighed once more. As he bent down for his books a sudden pain rushed across his back.

"Agh! What the h-!"

Shino was pinned on the floor by something very heavy. He turned his head to see behind him. A grey jacket stared him back in the face.

"Sorry, kid, I didn't see you there."

Shino mumbled to himself, aggravated.

"Nobody ever does."

The boy on top of him stood up slowly. Shino turned on his back before trying to return to his feet. An eager hand reached out towards his face. Shino met his hand with the other. It was so warm.

He was soon helped to his feet. The boy in front of him smiled, almost too happy, it was creepy. Shino examined the familiar face. Shaggy brown hair, red markings, tan skin, shining teeth.

"Uh, I think you're in my math class as well as this one."

Now that Shino thought about it this kid was in all of his classes.

"Wow, uh really? I don't think I've ever seen you before right now…"

Of course. By now Shino thought he would be used to this, but apparently he would never get over the fact that he was a loner. The kid that fills the empty space in a room. A blank face with nothing distinguishing. Personality veiled from the on looker.

The other boy fidgeted in the awkward silence.

"Um, I'm Kiba. And you are?"

Shino glanced back up at the content face of his attacker. In a quiet voice Shino returned the introduction.

"I'm, uh, Shino…"

Kiba patted Shino roughly on the back. Another large smiled filled up his face.

"It's a pleasure. Well, I'm kinda late for something but I'll see you again soon.'

Shino gave an awkward smile and sent the boy off. What an odd kid. I'm sure I'll never have to talk to him again though. Shino glanced down at his palms. Little beads of sweat crawled to the surface. In a strange rush, Shino wiped his hands across his pants and ran out of the school.

Mixed.Sentiments: Well that's the first chapter. I know it's kinda slow so far. Sorry about that.