All he could taste was blood; it was his blood. He felt down his side and felt the dagger sticking out from his side as blood oozed down the side of his body. Attempting to stay standing, he moved his feet slowly across the floor of the old house. The loud banging at the door told him he had to hurry, no time to waste.

"Open the damn door Dean!" Sam yelled from the other side. Knowing that his brother was no longer his brother he inched his way across the room. Blood making it's way up his throat as he began to cough. More blood took over his tastes buds as his vision began to suffer.

"No." he said to himself as he reached his journal spread on the floor, as his knees gave out from under him. Falling forward, he felt the long knife shift in his torso. Yelling out as white hot pain ripped through his side once again, he choked on more blood.

"Open the fucking door, Dean!" Sam screamed from the other side, as he beat the door viciously with his fists breaking the skin on his hands.

"You're not Sam..." Dean said softly as he slowly fell forward to the ground, his cheek making contact with the wood floor. "Sammy..." He whispered as his eyes shut, blood loss taking over his body.

One Week Earlier.

"Dude, you know I hate Mississippi!" Dean said in a whiny voice as Sam entered the Impala with a bag of junk food settling in his regular seat beside Dean.

"You hate a lot of things dude, you always forget; I don't care." He said with a grin as he handed Dean a drink.

"Ha, ha." He said sarcastically. "Why are we even hunting a spirit if it isn't even pissed off yet?" He complained as he opened his drink and took a long sip.

"Because it's pissing people off and it's only a matter of time." Sam explained, seeing Dean about to protest he continued quickly. "And because I promised Bobby that we'd have a look." He added, knowing Dean could never say no to his oldest friend.

Letting out an audible sigh, Dean looked ahead facing the road ahead. "What do we know?" He said finally giving in to the job before them.

"They are friends of Bobby's, a young couple just bought this house in Brookhaven Mississippi, not too long after moving in did they start to notice strange happenings throughout the house; including mirrors breaking on their own, power surges and my favourite, blood on the walls." Sam said taking out his notepad to check his notes.

"Wait, I thought you said the spirit isn't violent? Sounds pretty violent to me?" Dean said as he pulled the Impala onto Interstate 55.

"I said it hadn't hurt anyone. Pay attention." Sam said hushing his brother as he continued. "Bobby said there haven't been any reported murders or deaths in the house, but there has been an owner who has disappeared 50 years ago. Local papers said he left town on his own accord but friends of..." Sam paused as he looked up the name of the possible spirit, "William Hunter Patterson, say that he was not the type to disappear at random, and called him a 'Light hearted, spirited man.'" he finished and turned in his seat to Dean. "Thoughts?" He asked.

"Yeah, let's go to Vegas and see if we can find any young light hearted spirits? Huh?" He grinned, knowing he wouldn't win, his smile faded. "OK, OK... Maybe this William Hunter... whatever dude is still here and getting restless. We're going to Brookhaven aren't we?" He asked as Sam smiled and continued to look through his research. "Brookhaven it is." Dean replied as he pressed his foot to the floor.