Dean woke with a thin layer of sweat across his forehead, before opening his eyes he felt someone sitting close to him. The ache in the back of his head was ever present as she shifted his head and slowly opened his eyes.

"Dean?" He heard, knowing it was Sam.

"Dude, my head is killing me." He said looking up at Sam who sat with a wet cloth in his hands covered in blood. "Are you alright?" Dean asked, confused by the blood.

"How's your head now?" He said putting a cold cloth across Dean's head.

"What the hell happened?" He said closing his eyes. "And whose blood is that?"

"You don't remember do you?" Sam asked, pressing the cloth across his forehead as if trying to keep Dean in the same position.

"I remember looking around the house, and then it gets fuzzy. Just bits and pieces." Dean took a deep breath pushing the pain out of his mind.

"You passed out dude, lost some blood too. Your ears and mouth..." He paused, "Let's just say it was unlike anything I've ever seen." Sam explained, keeping him as calm as possible.

"Where am I, Sam?" Dean asked finally opening his eyes up and looking around. Finding himself somewhere he had never been.

"We're at Linda's. She wanted to take you to the hospital, but I know how pissed you'd have been. " Sam answered honestly.

"Thanks Sammy." He winced, and moved to sit up. Finding himself dizzy, he felt grateful when Sam put a hand on his shoulder to steady him. "Dude, how much blood did I lose?" He shook his head, trying to find balance.

"Not a lot but you were holding your head. What happened to you?" Sam asked as Dean settled himself in a sitting position on the bed.

"I was looking in the hallway and then I thought you followed me, I turned to look and someone started screaming." He looked down trying to remember.

"The only person screaming was you Dean." Sam said, confusion written on his face.

"No, there was a voice, it was a girl. She kept saying 'get out' over and over, and it just kept getting louder. Then the pain started." He explained.

"Dean, I came looking for you because you were screaming 'get out' over and over until you passed out in a puddle of your own blood."

"No." Dean shook his head in disbelief.

"Yeah." Sam replied, a small smile creeping on his lips.

"No, it was a girl's voice."

"Enough said." He grinned.

"Dude, seriously!" Dean said, frustration gathering.

"Listen I'm not saying I don't believe you, I'm just telling you, you were doing the screaming. One thing is for sure, something evil is in this house."

"Yeah, and it's definitely not Patterson. It's a chick, and she is a BITCH!" Dean said, pressing his hands to his head, the pain still present.

"You sure you're alright dude?" Sam asked, as Dean moved to get off the bed.

"Fan-bloody-tastic Sammy. Did you call Bobby?" He said standing up completely finding his legs wobbly under his weight.

"Yeah, he figured we'd need more help. He's on his way." Sam stood next to his brother, holding his hands out in case he couldn't handle his own.

"Good. That's good. I need some aspirin or something, feels like my head is about to cave in. How long have I been out?" Dean asked, unable to remove his hands from his temples.

Before Sam could answer, he realized they were no longer alone.

"Oh Dean, thank god you are alright!" Linda exclaimed walking towards him and pulling him into another uninvited hug. "I just feel awful, this house is cursed!" She said, realizing how hard she had been holding him.

"Yeah... Linda, I need air." He said dryly as she released him from her death grasp.

"Right, right, so sorry." She looked from Sam to Dean, looking for some indication if he was really alright, when Sam just smiled in return, she relaxed. "Do you need anything? I feel horrible about this!" She said again, guilt covering her face.

"I'm fine, it's alright. Has anything like that happened before?" Dean asked, knowing they had to work faster then they thought.

"No I told you, it was just the bloody walls before." She said

"Awesome." Dean said dryly, as his vertigo hit the floor.

"Whoa!" Sam said grabbing him before he fell completely.

"That's new." Dean said as he brought a hand to his nose finding blood slowly seeping out in a steady stream. "What the hell?" He said as he examined his bloody fingers.

"Maybe we should take you to a doctor Dean." Sam said as his fear wore plainly on his face.

"I think your brother is right, this can't be good." Linda said taking one of Dean's arms with Sam and leading back towards the couch to lay down.

"Nah, it's fine. Just give me a couple minutes." He said dropping his head to his chest, praying the fuzzy vision would pass quickly. "Do we know anything else?"

"Yeah, while you were out I did some research. Apparently Mr. Patterson had a thing for young girls, he was charged with Rape a year before he disappeared but the charges were dropped when the victim went missing." Sam explained.

"Well that's definitely something." Dean said.

"I really think you should sit down, Dean." Linda said, putting her hand comfortably on his shoulder.

"I'm alright, besides I think we have some research to do." He said grabbing his coat and making for the exit. "Sam you coming?" He called as Sam gave nod to Linda and followed Dean outside of the house.

Dean made it all the way to the Impala before a wave of dizziness overcame him. "Sam, I think you should drive." He said putting his hand to his head.

"Ya think?" Sam said sarcastically as he grabbed the keys from his brothers hand. Easing himself in the car, Dean put his head back on the seat and closed his eyes. "You should really get checked out Dean." Sam repeated.

"I said no, alright. Drop it." He answered without opening his eyes.

"Fine, but don't come crying to me next time I find you unconscious bleeding from the ears." He was angry, it didn't surprise Dean as the car pulled out on the road. Before it rolled into gear, Dean looked up at the house and found the little girl staring at him, once again.

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