Code Geass

The Legendary Mercenaries

Disclaimer:Code Geass does not belong to me. Its belongs to is respective creators. Same with black lagoon. Only my Oc's and ideas belong to me.

In japan aka area 11 a man was walking to the Britannian viceroys office building. This man had white hair and red coat and pants along with other things like his belt with a skull in the buckle and his trademark sword on his back. He was slender yet well built

As he arrived to his destination two Britannian soldiers halted his advance more tried to hal his advance.

"Halt where do you think you're going?" One of the soldiers asked.

"Anywhere I fucking want dipshit!" The man kept walking toward the gate of viceroys office.

"Listen we got orders to not allow one in without the viceroys permission so back off before you get hurt or worse." The other soldier grabbed him by the coat not knowing how big a mistake he just made.

The man smiled like a demon looking at prey and swiftly broke the arm of the soldier who grabbed him. As the soldier was in great pain cause of his broken arm his comrade reached for his gun but too late the man was already on him and broke the other soldiers legs with swift kicks. The man smiled as if he was enjoying himself. He then began to beat them to a bloody pulp with his fists.

Other soldiers heard the screams and came running toward there comrades armed to the teeth and ready to take the man out for what he did to there fellow Britannians. The man prepared himself with a vile smile on his face he grabbed the hilt of his sword and one of his guns ready to make a massacre.

"Stop this at once!" a commanding voice gave orders to the soldiers.

"Princess Cornelia!" All soldiers kneeled before the approaching of there princess and current viceroy of area 11. "Please forgives us your highness but this man.."

"He is my guest thus is allowed to pass! Did you people read the invoice I sent?" Cornelia seemed angry.

"Uh well umm.." One of the soldiers suddenly remembered the invoice.

If a man wearing a red coat and possessing a rather large sword passes by let him in do not stop him do not approach or touch him just let him in.

"Uh please forgive me your highness I forgot. I'm so sorry!" The soldier kneeled in apology.

"Never mind take those two to the hospital at once. And soldier if this slip of mind ever happens again you being demoted will be the nicest thing I do to you. Understand?" Cornelia stared rather harshly at him if looks could kill the soldier would be dead now.

"Yes your highness." The soldier bowed to his princess. "Pardon my intrusion but may ask your highness who is this man?"

"His name is Diaz Cruz." Cornelia then personally escorted Diaz to the building.

"Diaz Cruz!? Oh my god one of the two leaders of Lagoon company aka the Devil of Roanapur." The soldiers spines felt a very terrifying chill this man was a dangerous and well known mercenary. "Why would the princess bring him here for?" The soldiers questioned this as they took there comrades to the hospital.

Inside the building Cornelia was talking on the phone about the two soldiers conditions. The doctor said they were stable now but will take lots of time to heal.

"Damn it Diaz you never change!" Cornelia was rather angry more like pissed. "You could have killed those two!"

"Hey! You know what happens when anyone touches my shit and fucks with me! They suffer the mother fucking consequences." Diaz spat back at Cornelia. "Sides they were lucky usually people that piss me off end up in the morgue."

After an intense stare down they both started to laugh and hugged.

"How you been Corni?" Diaz smiled at her

"Sigh I wish I could say fine but I'm not." Cornelia gritted her teeth in frustration something rarely seen by anyone even Diaz.

"How the fuck can you not be fine? You're the most skilled knightmare frame pilot I know outside of Roanapur. And an excellent ruler and tactician. How in the blue fucking hell are you not fine?" Diaz wondered this it was strange.

"Come with me to the conference room. I'll explain everything there." Cornelia dragged him to that very room.

They both arrived at the conference room two men where there waiting. These where Cornelia's two must trusted knights. Andreas Darlton and Gilbert G.P. Guilford.

"Your highness." Both men saluted to there princess.

"At ease." Cornelia sat down and introduced her guest. "This my friend and mentor Diaz Cruz."

"Ah so you're the bad asses that Cornelia talks so much over the horn. Not bad choices for knights Cornelia nice by looking at them alone I can tell there good. Gentlemen pleased to meet you." Diaz extended his hand.

"Pleased to meet you Mister Cruz." Darlton shook Diaz's' hand. "Her Highness has told me much about you. For your deeds you should be knighted."

"Please don't call me Mister Cruz makes me seem like an old man. Call me Diaz." Diaz looked at Darlton's face. "By the way that is one major motherfucking badass scar man I need one of those in my face."

Darlton was weirded out who would want a scar like his but took the compliment well.

"I'm also pleased to meet you Diaz." Guilford shook Diaz's' hand as well.

"Hmm not bad at all stout, skilled, strong and is good looking too. Cornelia I recommend you marry this man immediately before some other woman take the initiative." Diaz smiled at a blushing and rather embarrassed Cornelia.

"Thank you sir!" Guilford liked the compliment.

Awight. I know you didn't bring me here for a social visit so tell who's pissing you off so I can kill him." Diaz casually said this statement.

"Yes here is the reason I brought you here." Cornelia activated the conference rooms screen which showed the result of the battle of Narita which to her were less than favorable.

"I am sorry you're seeing this Diaz I must seem like such a as you would say a fuck up." Cornelia still seemed ashamed much to surprise of her knights.

"No not all you're not a fuck up Cornelia. The strategy may seem simple in itself using the land against you but the positioning, timing of it all its the work of a real genius mother fucker this Zero is impressive strategically speaking. So my question is who did your father fuck over this time?" Diaz asks his friend for that answer.

"I don't know who Zero is I'm afraid. If we knew we could strike him when he was most vulnerable. Damn it all!" Cornelia seemed a bit infuriated that her brother killer and enemy of the empire was eluding her.

"Why so pissed Cornelia? Its just a minor set back. If that shit sack Zero thinks he got a good hit he is dead fucking wrong." Diaz smirked. "Especially now that yours truly is here."

"Hmm always as confident as ever I'm glad I can count on you." Cornelia smiles at him. "So what do you think of area eleven so far?"

"Its a shit hole. Its people are a joke especially those rebels stupid ass cause. I once pretended not understand there language. And two women called me Gaijin Gaijin. God that pisses me off." Diaz seemed upset his first impression of japan was not a good one.

"Hmm not a good impression I see. Oh well it matters little. Thank you for coming I'll call upon you when I need you go enjoy the sights if you wish." Cornelia hugged her friend and he replied the same way. "By the way is the rest of Lagoon company coming?"

"Sure if you want total overkill." Diaz replied to Cornelia's question.

"What ever it takes." Cornelia had a serious look on her face.

"Awight I'll give the rest of the crew a call. As for sight seeing why not maybe I'll beat the shit out off and possibly kill a few Japanese or eleven's or whatever there called now. Am I allowed to murder some of them." Diaz smiled really wanting to sate his bloodlust.

"No you can beat them up if you wish but don't kill them." Cornelia gave this warning no killing.

"Fuck! Ok Ok I'm on leash. See ya later just tell me when Zero shows up so I can shove my blade up his ass and see him cry like a bitch." Diaz waved see you later and left the conference room and was exiting the building.

"What do you think of him?" Cornelia asked her knights.

"Rude, crude with little to no tact and the manners of a wild dog. But there is something about him that exudes confidence and trust practically knight like qualities." Darlton measured this from Diaz. Guilford agreed with him.

Diaz left the viceroys building. As he was walking he pulled out his cell phone it was time to call the rest of crew.

"Revy, Dutch, Rock, Benny get ready guys cause this could be the best job we ever got. Hope this Zero gives us a challenge." Diaz walked away to see some sights and possibly beat people up.

Authors notes: Well my first code geass fic sort of a crossover with black lagoon but changed some things a bit to fit the code geass universe. Diaz is my oc based on devil may crys Dante(dmc4 version) but less demonic and a tad more villainous. He is called the devil of Roanapur cause of his tendency to go to the thick of battle, fight and kill simply for fun. Anyway enjoy my story.