OKAY, this is my first POTC fanfic

OKAY, this is my first POTC fanfic. I know, it's a short one-shot…okay, I feel I must warn you so I don't get flamers…

SLASH. Or at least, a hint of it. Anyway, that means guy/guy. Don't like, don't read.

I now know what I should have realized a long time ago.

I love Jack Sparrow.

Always have and always will.

I don't really care that he's nearly twice my age. It's not like he acts it.

And how could I care that he's a notorious pirate? After all, I'm one too. Sort of.

Really, I don't even mind the rum. Not much anyways. After all, the rum is as much a part of Jack as being a Captain is.

I love nearly everything about Captain Jack Sparrow.

Except the endless stream of woman he has to have with him at some point during most nights.

They're all prostitutes. And no matter what any of them say (because they all say it) none of them love him.

But I do.

I watch him as he watches that compass of his. The one that doesn't point north.

He glances up at me (perhaps he felt my eyes on him?) and again I get lost in those eyes of his. He smiles and a warm feeling starts spreading from the pit of my stomach to the rest of me.

But then he looks away again, to talk to someone else, and I blush ever so faintly. I decide to go look at the maps and charts again.

Of course, they're in the Captain's Cabin. Which is why I look at them so often.

I'm looking around at Jack's belongings, when a voice says "One would think you had memorized those charts by now." It's Jack. His voice makes me tingle.

I hear a 'click' as the door is closed. If not for the lanterns, it would be completely dark in the cabin.

"Just want to know the area, Jack." I say. His name tastes so good on my lips; I want to say it more.

I hear the sound of his rough pirate bots on the wooden floor as he walks forward. Soon he is right behind me.

"It's the sea mate. She always changes. Maps do you no good." He says with his lips at my ear. His hot breath fanned the side of my face. It didn't even hint of rum. But it did send pleasurable shivers up and down my spine.

"Why are you doing this?" I ask breathlessly as he starts to nibble my ear.

"Because." He states simply, as his hands move to my waist.

"Why?" I ask. He begins to slowly turn me around to face him.

"I'm Cap'in Jack Sparrow." He says, as if that answer would satisfy me.

For some odd reason, his answer saddens me. Maybe I was expecting him to tell me he loved me? No. I'm not stupid…

But now I'm facing him and his black eyes are smoldering as he looks at me. We are only a few inches apart.

Then he is pulling me closer, his hands still around my waist. Now are bodies are flush against each other, and its driving me crazy.

Then are faces are moving closer. As our lips meet my eyes flutter closed in pure pleasure.

I let out a small moan as his hand slips into the back of my shirt and his tongue slips into my mouth.

"CAPTIAN SPARROW!" some one (most likely Gibbs) shouts out on the deck. We pull apart quickly.

For a moment, we just look at each other.

Then he brings his hand up and gently cups my cheek.

"Another time then, dear William." He says, and softly kisses my forehead.

As I watch him leave, I get the feeling that there won't ever be another time.

A/N so, how was it? No flames please, you were warned. I was going for it COULD be from Elizabeth's POV, but then he says William…hee hee. Anyway, leave you're thoughts.