It had been a boring day for Wally Beatles has he sat behind the fake wooden panelling off his desk; he rested his cheek on his hand, doodling randomly on his history notes. The teen was determined not to let his eyes droop closed; he had already failed most of the exams this year. If he could, the young man would have had daydreams about when he was younger, but all his younger days seemed to be fuzzy and faded, and he couldn't quite pick out what had happened all those years ago. Afternoon sunlight streaked across the room warming his face, making the Auzzi lad all the drowsier. A squeak of chalk on the blackboard cut through the silence. Suddenly there was a slight tap on the door. His teacher sighed, and placed down the chalk, the whole class turned to look at who had just entered.

"Come in," the brisk voice of the teacher commanded, enough to scare anybody out of their shoes.

The door creaked open slowly and a head poked through, "Excuse me Miss," the girl asked, "Is 5F part of this history group?"

"Yes," replied Mrs. Margot, softening a little. "Are you Kuki Sanban?"

The Asian girl told her something in another language, and the whole class was surprised when Mrs. Margot replied in the same tongue, Kuki blushed. "Sorry Sensei, I've been in Japan for two years, and I'm just getting used to speaking English again."

Mrs. Margot smiled and turned back to the class, who had turned oddly silent, their teacher smirked. "Didn't think that I knew any Japanese did you?" half of the class shook their heads, while the other half, (the guys) couldn't keep their eyes off the girl. Wally could see it was making her rather uncomfortable.

"Kuki-san, take a place next to Wally," Kuki nodded, and there was a audible groan from some of the other boys, surprisingly it brought out a angry flair from Wally that he hadn't felt in a long time – only if he was beating up year above on the football pitch. Kuki walked in and sat next to him. It was then Wally realised how stunningly B.E.A-utiful she looked. Crystal black hair hung straight to below her waist, her large baggy green jumper seemed to fit and show off her curves in all the right places. He got a kick from behind and turned, ready to whack the persons head off, but realised it was one of his best friends Abby. Her blue eyes turned into glaring slits. Obviously it was the instant over protectiveness that Abby had whenever a new girl had shown up. Previously been bullied on her first day of her old school. Wally rolled his eyes, and turned back round in his chair.

"Finish the notes on the Cold War for homework," the whole class groaned, and the teacher rolled her eyes. "As it's the end of term in a few weeks I'm going to give to a end of term Project," yet another groan. "It's going to be on any aspect of the history of your backgrounds. Its going to be in pairs," another groan. "This project will have a five minute talk at the end, and every Wednesday we'll be in the I.T room four,"

It took a while for Mrs Margot to pair up the students; Wally still couldn't keep his eyes off the new girl Kuki. Suddenly someone jabbed him in the ribs, and he came face to face with a pair of black sunglasses. "You're staring," he hissed, "That isn't going to be good when Kyle's already got eyes for her," Wally's head snapped round so fast that his neck nearly clicked. A boy with messy black hair and glass like blue eyes was eyeing Kuki up. Wally's fists clenched at his sides, his friend sat next to Abby, who grinned back at him, Wally just rolled his eyes.

"We must be working together," he turned surprised to see that Kuki was still sitting next to him, she held out a hand, which he took, and shook slightly, (letting go quickly so she didn't realise that his hands were sweating.

"Wallabee Beatles," he introduced, "But cha can call me Wally," his Australian accent still strong.

Kuki smiled. "I'm Kuki-san,"

"San?" Wally asked confused.

"It's a honorific, at the end of a name," Kuki explained. "In Japan its reall important part of our culture to be polite," she shrugged. "But you could just call me Kuki –"

"Nah," Wally grinned. "I'll respect your culture, if ya respect mine, Kuki-san. Deal?"

"Yup, Wally-kun,"

"Now ya jus' confusin' me," Kuki grinned. The bell rang for the end of the first part of the double lesson. Everybody started to pack their bags so they could move quickly into the computer room. "Wha' we gonna do it on Kuki-san?" Wally asked casually as the class walked through the crowded corridors.

Kuki shrugged. "I don't know." Suddenly someone pushed past her and she tripped into the chest of Wally, they both stumbled back in each other's arms.

"Hey watch it!" a heavy American accent snapped, the couple jumped apart embarrassedly, two coal black eyes glared at them, suddenly lighting up as he saw Kuki. "Hi," he greeted in a casual voice. "What –"

"Martin back to you lesson!" Mrs Margot yelled, breaking up the fight that was about to start.

"Yeah, Beatles, see ya later on the pitch," he flashed a dazzling smile at Kuki, before he turned and swaggered off to his next class. Wally gritted his teeth, and entered the computer room, with Kuki staring after him in confusion, jumping at a light touch on her arm. Turning she saw it was the dark skinned girl, a knowing smile on her lips, the cap pulled down over her eyes.

"You just gotta watch him," she advised, as they made their way into class. "They're rivals you see, Abby says stay out of Martin's way, and don't let him get you alone,"


"That's a thing for only Abby to know," Abby told her quietly, ducking her red hat so she couldn't see her eyes, walking over to Nigel and taking the next monitor next to him. Quickly walking to the seat Wally had saved for her she sat, and logged into the computer with the address and username that the head of year had given her that morning.

"You alrigh' Kuki-san?" Wally whispered.

"Yah… anyway what are we gonna do this project on?" she quickly changed the subject.

"I dunno, kinda stumped," Wally thought for a minuet, "We could… nah," he shook his head to get rid of the idea.


"I was gonna say we could do it on art, but that's a bit sad really,"

"No, it's a good idea, I like it,"

"Ya do?"

"Uh-huh, you guys have some really interesting artworks,"

Wally's brain clicked onto something. "Don't you guys have these comics? And wasn't there a film out?"

Kuki nodded. "It's called Manga and the moving pictures are called Anime, I suppose we could do stuff on that for the modern art…" Wally nodded excitedly. "Yeah if I did Australia and you did Japan?"

"I'm cool with that," Wally replied, grinning slightly. What he didn't know that he was in for more than he bargained for.

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Preview - Chapter 2

"Abby," a strong English accent brought her out of her trance. Abby sat down next to him and angrily jabbed at the keyboard. "That time of the month again?" Nigel joked. Abby glared.

"That time of the year again!" she snapped. Nigel winced.

"Sorry," he apologised. "I know it's not that easy to forget,"

"You can say that again," Abby murmured, playing with her fingers. Without thinking Nigel put a soft hand on her arm.

"It'll be alright," he replied, it then took all his courage to ask her something that he'd been wanted to ask for a long time. "Abby look, I know I have just broke up with Lizzie, and all of that," Abby noticed the bald Brit was playing with his sunglasses. "I was wondering if you were –"