"NUMBAH FOUR!!" There was a furious yell, but the youngster didn't hear it, he just sat there, in the rain. Water dripped down his nose and landed at his feet, he hugged the tattered rainbow monkey to his chest and buried his face into its fur. Pulling his legs up to his chest he created a protective barrier.

"FOUR!!" there was a bellow from his leader. "Four where the bloody hell are you? You didn't get a chance to say goodbye to –"

"I DON'T WANNA!!" Four bellowed suddenly, the rainbow monkey falling to the floor with a soggy splash. "SHE'S GONE!! I'M NEVER GONNA SEE HER AGAIN; EVEN WITH THE HIGH SCHOOL WE'LL HAVE OUR MEMORIES WIPED!! I WILL NEVER REMEMBER HER!"

The whole tree house was silent, Numbah Two stood there with his mouth hanging open, Numbah 5 looked up from the floor, her eyes puffy and red, her red cap on the sofa, showing how vulnerable she was at this time. One was just standing there, eyes cast low to the ground.

"Look –" he started.

"No I won't!" Wally yelled, "I cruddy well won't!" he didn't see the anger flare in Numbah 5's eyes. The young lad kept up his rant until somebody very angry slammed him up against the wall.

"Don't you ever talk to Numbah 1 again like that Numbah 4," Wally struggled surprised at the strength the girl had. "Go after Kuki," her voice was a deadly whisper. "Abby knows that Kuki loves you. An' Abby knows that you're too stupid to work it out for yourself."

"I could say the same for you and –" Abby suddenly slapped him hard around the face, much to the shock of the other operatives.

"Don't bring Nigel into this," she hissed in his face, still obviously upset that he was going out with Lizzie.

Wally tore himself away from the angry girl. "Fine!" he snapped. "I'll go and cruddy say goodbye!" He stormed out of the tree house and into the rain, his anger over powering him. Quickly he jogged around to Kuki's house, people stared at him but he didn't care. His clothes where wet, and he was shivering violently as he reached Kuki's front door. He went to knock but realised he was too late; the normal sleek black car was gone. Spinning around quickly he saw the car turning out of the road. If it did he was definitely to late, and Kuki was gone forever.

"KUKI!" he roared, setting into a sprint down the road. "KUKI!" still the car didn't slow, "KUKI! KUKI! KUKI!" he repeated the name again and again, and it seemed like forever until the car finally slowed to a stop. By now he was out of breath, and rested on a nearby lamppost. There was some mumbled Japanese that he couldn't quite pick up. Kuki stepped out of the car; she rushed over to him, shocked at him dampened appearance.

"Wally?" she asked surpised.

"Who do ya cruddy well think it is?" he snapped, Kuki stepped back, tears coming into her eyes. Wally cursed under his breath. "I came ta say goodbye…"

It wasn't unexpected for Kuki to throw her arms around his neck and squeeze all of the air out of the shorter boy's lungs. "Oh Wally!" she buried her face into his neck. What was completely unexpected of the Aussi boy was that he hugged her just as tight back. "I'm gonna miss you the most Wally," she whispered into his chest.

"Me to Kooks," he used the nickname that was only for her, in their own time.

"I'm sorry I never told you!" she wailed.

"Don't be!" he snapped, Kuki looked at him surprised. "It's not ya fault!"

Something was shouted from the car. Kuki tensed. "I've – we've – only got a minute," she translated. "Otherwise we're gonna miss the plane."

"I wouldn't mind," Wally joked. "Ya can missed the cruddy plane for all I care!" At least that raised a smile from Kuki's face. Wally gulped, it was now or never. "Kuki,"

He was suddenly cut off by her lips on his, she was about to pull away, but that made Wally only deepen the kiss further. Gently one of his large hands entangled in her soft black (and now wet) hair, the other finding it's way to the small of her back. Softly moving his tongue he requested entrance, this was an entirely new experience, only deepening it further than Wally thought was possible. As their tongues touched and Wally's world exploded around him. For the couple it felt like they had frozen in time as their tongues danced.

Apparently it was only a minute as Kuki's father called for her to get into the car. Both pulled apart, saring at each other, shock, surprise, and something else that Wally's brain couldn't quite register clouded Kuki's eyes.

"I'm sorry," she whispered, the rain mixing with the tears that fell down her face. Now it seemed they were both being much more adult then they should be about this. She was about to turn, but Wally grabbed her wrist.

"I'll write, email – call," he told her desperately.

Kuki put a hand up to his cheek, leaned forwards and placed a gentle kiss on his lips. "Don't stay up," she whispered. Wally looked at her confused, and squeezed her hand. There was another shout from her father, she turned quickly and ran to the car, only looking back once, to the sodden boy that she had left standing in the rain. Slipping into the car she shut the door behind her, Wally watched as the car turned the corner, what he didn't see was Kuki's face pressed to the window, to hide the waterfall of tears cascading down her cheeks.

So much for a new beginning.

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