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"What things?" John asked. His heart hammering with excitement.

"Oh, I don't know, come to the back and we'll discuss it."

He disappeared down to the bar.

John still had his back to the wall, he stared after the barman, what on earth...?

Was he finally going to be doing something? Earning a way to get to heaven?

Was he going to live?

The cigarette in his left hand burnt down, singing his fingers. He let go with a startled yelp. Sucking on his fingers he stomped down the stairs. It was habit, he liked to annoy Midnite anyway he could.

The bar was fuller than usual, and the muffled conversation had grown louder, demons and angels littered the tables, their eyes glowing.

The door to the forbidd3en room was open and John walked slowly toward it. He felt eyes on his back and whipped around, Jack was standing in the door to the stairs, a cigarette in one shaking hand. He looked old, far too old and tired for his body. And he was once again reminded that Jack wasn't quite human.

John shook his head, trying to free his thought from the younger boy. This was his chance to learn something, to do something, and he was standing, thinking about a friend?

Disgusted with himself he turned again and with one decisive step crossed the doorway into a hall.

It was huge, white marble glowed with cleanliness, and statues, paintings and an assortment of curious objects littered the floor in messy piles. It was beautiful in an empty, alien way. Everything was so old.

Some things looked like they belonged in an art gallery, others looked like they should be selling for a nickel in a yard sale.

Midnite stood towards the back, rummaging around in an old, scratched dresser. It was the only thing in the massive place that looked used.

It was completely different from the club behind John, and he looked around just to make sure that he had not stepped into some different world. John went into a complete circle staring at all the wealth and splendor, hidden away in some dirty bar. It had been here all this time, just sitting.

Midnite turned around and laughed, his voice growling in the back of his throat.

"So Johnny-boy, you like it?"

"I think I told you once, never to call me that." John didn't look at him but was studying a vase on an antique table lying on it's side, little signs and figures were scratched deep into the wood, it was gibberish, nonsense. And in the center was a raised ring of gray stone, rough cut, around it the wood had been scorched.

Something gold glinted in John's vision, he frowned and bent closer to see what was shining. Nothing was there. He reached out a finger, and tried to rub at the area, he only succeeded in getting his finger dirty.

"Don't touch that." Midnite snapped, surprising John out of his curiosity.

He stood up quickly and put his hand behind his back, "I didn't"

Midnite eyed him suspiciously, "Come here."

John walked over, rubbing his hands on his silk pants. Midnite held out an envelope and a large folded paper.

"Some friends are holding a package for me. I want you to go and get it."

John looked at him. His mouth open. What ever he was expecting it wasn't this.

Midnite didn't spare him a glance, instead he was shoving some more papers at him.

"here's a plane ticket, and you're holding a map, the location is marked. Your instructions are in the envelope. I've given you six thousand dollars-"

John held up a hand. "Wait a second, where am I going? Why do I need all this. What the hell is going on?"

'It's all in the envelope Johnny-Boy." Midnite said bringing out a small back pack and putting all the paper inside, john could see clothes in there as well as a plastic flower and a toothbrush on the outside pocket.

Before John could realize what he was doing, he had pushed Midnite backwards into a statue of a cupid.

"Don't call me Johnny-boy. Ever." He said quietly, his voice hoarse with anger and resentment.

There was silence in the hall for a moment. John looked away in embarrassment. "Sor-"

Suddenly his head snapped up, his jaw cracking up into his skull. "Don't you ever touch me."

John spluttered his hand clutching at his throat, he was being dragged upwards by his bottom teeth. He couldn't talk only choke.

"Do you understand me Johnny-Boy?"

John couldn't nod but the hold on his throat eased a little.

"You leave now, there's a cab outside waiting for you and I want you to wear this." He pulled out a necklace with a silver triangle surrounded by a blue stone circle.

He yanked it over John's head, pulling the leather cord tight around his neck.

"Don't disappoint me Johnny-Boy."

John collapsed onto the floor, taking deep panting breaths. The door to the club slammed closed, a little blur of violet silk fluttering around the corner.

John scrambled to his feet, massaging his jaw, He grabbed the backpack next to him and followed midnight, kicking the strange wooden table as he went.

"Fine, but I'm going to buy some real pants." he muttered to the hall, and he spit on the shiny white marble tiles.

"You'll wear what's in the bag." Midnite's disembodied voice told him from the doors of the club.

Cursing John walked in and out of the club, not once looking towards the bar. It was pouring outside but there was a cab outside, as promised.

And John had a plane to catch.

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