The Challenge:Claudia is murdered! (It's great already!) Jason is of course suspect 1. Elizabeth calls her brother Steven b/c the evidence against Jason just doesn't seem right and he calls in an old med school friend who would be Temperance Brennan. She brings along FBI Agent Seeley Booth, and they work with Jason and Elizabeth (with Spin and Maxie) to prove he's innocent!!

We fussed the premise a bit, but hope you still think it's within the scope of the challenge.

Title: Enemies

Authors: Trabrasera and Blondie boots

Rating: overall R, for graphic violence and stuff, maybe some swearing

Summary: The FBI is called to Port Charles and Agent Booth brings his favorite forensic pathologist/anthropologist. There are two bodies with a lot of twists and turns and the killer is not who you think it is. Unless we suck and you figured it out.

Disclaimer: AU, it's mostly current except that Liz is still married to Lucky and pregnant with her second child. Bones is current to the 5/19/2008 episode which made me very angry. So there are spoilers, be aware.

And we don't own nothing, we like to borrow and then return. All respect to ABC and FOX, no sue, thanks. Archive: Yes.

Chapter One

"While I appreciate your concern for my health and well-being, Maximista, I have my own concerns that my coronary health is not-"

Maxie Jones took a deep breath and looked back at Damien Spinelli, trudging painfully behind her. Seriously, the trail was not that steep and they'd only been out in the woods for 20 minutes, tops.

"Spinelli, you are a pansy."

"No, no, Maximum, I am simply letting you know that my cardio-"

"Pansy, Spin, keep up."

Damien huffed and panted as he attempted to keep pace with the young Miss Jones. Unfortunately, due to his lack of familiarity with the terrain and terrible choice of footwear, he caught his foot on… Well, he caught it on itself and went tumbling down a hill.

"Spinelli! You moron!" Maxie turned and shouted as she saw him fall down the hill.

Damien couldn't exactly respond as he was clutching at the ground, spinning out of control. When he finally stopped rolling, and the world slowed down to a normal pace, Spinelli took in his surroundings.

"Maxie? Maximista? I… I think I have rolled into… There are bodies down here, Maxie."

Maxie scrambled down the hill, trying not to fall, herself. As she reached the bottom, she immediately whipped out her cell phone.

"Oh, yeah, those are bodies. Be careful, Spinelli, when you get up. I'm calling my dad."

The PCPD found that they were not adequate to the challenge of identifying the bodies or ascribing a means of death. So, the police commissioner was forced to call the FBI. Seeley Booth was sitting on a plane, Temperance Brennan in the seat to his right hand side.

"So, why are we going to The Middle of Nowhere, New York?" Brennan said, irritated.

"Two badly decomposed bodies in the middle of a forest. They need to identify the bodies and for some reason they don't think the bullet holes in their heads lead to their untimely demises." Booth didn't even look up from his magazine.

"A bullet to the brain would do it. Is there any reason to believe that wasn't the cause of death?"

"It was determined by the locals that they had been shot post mortem."

"Well, then what do they need us for?"

"Specifically they need me, I just like taking you on the field trips."

"I could be working. I left a dozen projects-"

"Hodgins and Angela have run off on their honeymoon, Zack was the Apprentice of the Gormogon, oh, and I faked my death and didn't tell you. You're stressed, you need to get away. You've been working non stop-"

"I don't feel that we can have a mature, logical and coherent conversation on this subject, so I'd just like you to drop it."

"Fine, Bones, but eventually even you have to admit you have emotions."

"I have emotions, Booth. I have emotions! I'm just… not ready."

"I guess. You let me know when you're ready."

"I might."

Liz sat on the couch clutching the phone to her ear. She had no idea where Jason was, he wouldn't say.

"I can't leave him, Jason. Not yet. He'll ruin everything we make, he'll never leave us alone," Liz said plaintively.

"I want to be with you. More than anyone. I'm not scared of him."

"I love you, Jason, I do. I'm having your baby, for God's sake. I've been cheating on my husband with you for six months." "He doesn't deserve you. He's a bastard."

"I know, but he's a well-connected bastard. What kind of life would we-"

"Then we'll leave, go somewhere else. I don't care as long as we're together."

"I can't run away now, Jason…" she sighed. "I just can't."

"I have to go, Elizabeth. Think about it. I love you." And he hung up.

Liz sat alone, crying, stroking her belly. She didn't know Lucky was standing outside the front door, listening to every word she'd just said.

"Agent Booth, Doctor Brennan. I'm Mac Scorpio, police commissioner. Welcome to Port Charles."

Booth looked good naturedly at the commissioner.

"I imagine the circumstances could be better."

Mac sighed. "Double homicide, yeah, the circumstances suck."

"Are you going to amaze us with your interesting police terminology or are you going to brief us on the case?" Brennan said impatiently.

"Don't mind her, she's weaning herself off of caffeine." Bones gave Booth an evil look as the commissioner led them out of the terminal.

"What?" he whispered, "You want me to tell him this is just how you are."

Once in the car and on the road, Commissioner Scorpio laid out what he knew.

"Post mortem analysis of the bodies indicate that they were shot in the heads after they died. My M.E. states that there is significant signs of extensive trauma, presumably while they were still alive. So, I'm glad you're here, Doctor Brennan, we're a small town."

Booth looked out the window at the oncoming scenery.

"Do you have any idea who they are?"

"We have theories."

Brennan said, "You can't identify them? What about dental records, fingerprints and DNA?" "We haven't the resources for odontology, there was no skin left and we're working on the DNA samples. Now, I'm hoping the Fibbies will help us out with all that fancy equipment in Quantico."

"Just think of me as your link to the Federal Bureau of Investigation. After Doctor Brennan examines the bodies, will ship them off to Virginia."

"If they are who I think they are, you may have very little luck. Organized crime bosses don't usually leave behind dental records or DNA samples."

"Excuse me commissioner, are you implying that the bodies are somehow connected to the Mafia?" Doctor Brennan asked.

"Well, the only unsolved missing persons cases we've had in recent history would be Claudia Zacchara and Sonny Corinthos. And I'm not stating they had a connection to the Mafia, but they pretty much ran the local crime syndicates. Until they disappeared, that is."

"You're waiting until now to disclose their background. There's a whole unit dedicated to organized crime. This is not a simple identification of remains. This is-"

"Agent Booth, I have no idea who those two people were. I have no idea if their demise had anything to do with organized crime. I do know I have two bodies and two open missing persons cases. I did some simple math."

Mac sighed again.

"It looked, at the time, that Corinthos was getting out of the crime business. But Miss Zacchara, on the other hand, was nose deep. Any number of people, business rivals or someone holding a personal grudge, had motive to do them in."

"Such as?" Brennan inquired.

"I don't want to kill you with back story, but it was like this… About six months ago, the Zaccharas were in a power struggle with Corinthos and his people. Corinthos' son had recently been shot and it was assumed that the Zaccharas had something to do with it. That was spread further by a resident of this fair city who claimed Claudia Zacchara had confessed to setting up a hit. But further claimed Corinthos was the target, not the boy. This all came to light shortly after Miss Zacchara was stabbed. We still don't know by whom. Anyway, a few days after she was released from the hospital, she disappeared. So did Corinthos."

"You just let a stabbing victim leave the hospital with out escort?"

"She refused, what could I do. Like I said, she was nose deep in the dirty business. I think someone just caught her off guard."

"And Corinthos?" Booth asked.

"Well, as far as we know, he had in house trouble. So, someone inside might have gotten rid of him as likely as an enemy."

"Busy little town ya got here," Booth said sarcastically.

"Don't I know it," Mac said desolately.

Scorpio, Booth and Brennan entered the PCPD shortly thereafter.

Brennan was shocked to see someone she knew.

"Steven!" she called. "What are you doing here?"

He smiled at her, taking her hand.

"I live here. But I was just as shocked when the DA said you were coming with the FBI. And I have to say, I'm impressed. Double doctorate in forensic anthropology and pathology, working at the Jeffersonian Institute. You're big time, kid."

Booth frowned at the interaction.

"You haven't done so bad yourself. I heard you were just enlisted by Quantico. I didn't know forensic entomologists were in that huge a demand," she laughed.

Booth really frowned and then asserted himself.

"I'm Special Agent Seeley Booth, and you are?"

"Pardon me," he said, courteously, "Doctor Steven-Lars Webber, local, and the only specialist in yelling distance. They were lucky I was still here, I was just visiting my sister and grandmother and was leaving soon."

"Are you working on the case?"

"God, no."

"Then what are you doing here?"

"Booth, you're being rude," Brennan said.

"The PCPD were trying to get me involved, but I'm due at Quantico in a couple of days."

Brennan looked at Booth and then back at Steven.

"Well, currently, my forensic entomologist just married my forensic artist and are out of town. So, I could really use your help. I'm sure Booth could make a few calls and have you assigned to this case temporarily. Couldn't you Booth? If you wouldn't mind, Steven?"

"No, no problem, happy to help."

Booth looks at the two and grunts, "I suppose. For Hodgins and Angela, so you don't have to ruin their honeymoon."

"How considerate of you."

The three stood there in a tableau for a moment until Steven spoke.

"Did you want to see the bodies now, Temperance?"

"Of course, let's get to work."

Booth eyed the two suspiciously, but followed.

"Well, the first body is male, early to mid forties, Cuban descent. The other is female, late twenties to early thirties, Italian descent. From first glance there is significant skeletal damage and my opinion is that the bullets were not the cause of death. But I don't have any facts, so my opinion is irrelevant."

"Tell us something we don't already know," Booth said sarcastically.

Brennan shot him a dirty look

"After examining the bodies, I see two possible situations. The first theory being that there were two killers. My second, that the female was the focus of the attack and the male was peripheral." "What do you mean?" Booth asked.

"Well, she has multiple skull fractures, a shattered mandible, broken clavicle. Her scapula, sternum and all her ribs are broken."

Booth whistles. "I get what you mean."

"I'm not done. All of her fingers are broken, and there are defensive breaks at the radius and ulnas in each arm. In comparison, the male has similar defensive breaks in his left radius and a single skull fracture. There are bullets lodged in his scapula, but they appear to be much older than the others."

"Would the skull fracture have killed him?"

"I can't say for certain with out more examination and with better equipment than I have at my disposal."

Steven puts in, "If this were my lab, I'd be offended. But as it stands, it's true."

"At any rate," Booth began, "Someone really hated this woman to do all this damage. The man seems to be a side note in comparison. So, maybe the man here walked in on the killer and the woman and the bad guy just got rid of him. Or, the man and the woman were together and the killer incapacitated the man before killing the woman."

"Are you just going to repeat my theories back at me, like a sounding board?"

"That's how I roll, Bones. I don't function like you squints," he said, smiling at her.

"Obviously or you wouldn't need us," she snarked right back. "We need to talk to the commissioner."


"Agent Booth what in heaven's name are you saying."

"It's very simple, Commissioner," Brennan said, speaking before Booth could respond, "I'm having the area of the crime scene airlifted to the Jeffersonian Institute for further study."

"That's insane!"

"It's just not practical to bring the team to Port Charles. If I want the forensic evidence I need to lift the area."

"Oh, she'll do it whether you approve or not, Commissioner, so I say let her have her way."

Brennan continued as if not interrupted. "And Doctor Webber, once Agent Booth makes a few calls-"

"One call, Bones, I need to make one call."

"After Booth makes 'one call', Doctor Webber will accompany the bodies to the Jeffersonian as well, with FBI escort, of course."

"Well, it's nice to see you've planned my day."

"Yeah, she's efficient like that," Booth sniped.

"Well, gentleman, I have things to do."

She left with out so much as a backward glance. The men exchanged looks and Booth followed her out