A/N Hello there! So this is my first Lizwin short Fic and I have a feeling that I'm going to get a lot of grief for it but just bare with me.

It is set during Edwin and Lizzie's High School days… and that is all I'm telling you. Lol

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"Don't walk away from me, Edwin!" I shout as I chase after him.

"Just leave me alone Lizzie!"

"No! What is your problem?!" He groans exasperatingly and runs down the stairs. Becoming even more confused I grab his arm and pull him back.

He looks me square in the eyes and forcefully says "Get off me Lizzie!" as he pushes me away.

"Lizzie, Edwin what's going on?" George asks as he enters the living room.

Ignoring George completely I take hold of his hand and say "Just tell me what I've done!"

"I said don't fricking touch me!" He shouts, yanking his arm back and pushing me away again.

"Edwin-" George tries to say but I cut him off.

"What the hell is wrong with you?!" I shout, getting more annoyed by the second.

"You! You are my problem Lizzie!" He shouts in my face.

"What?" I shout back "What have I done? I saved you-"

"I heard you Lizzie! I heard every word you said" He interrupted turning on me, his chest heaving and falling with every breath he took. "So I don't want you to touch me… I don't want you anywhere near me!"

"Ed… just calm down" I try and reason with him. I've never seen him this angry before.

"No I won't fricking calm down!" He screams before looking her me up and down with a disapproving shake off his head. "I don't even know who you are anymore"

I look away then trying not to show how his words stab at my heart. "What are you trying to say?"

There is a slight pause "You want to know the truth Lizzie" He asks. I nod slowly. "I hate you. There I've said it" His words hit me hard, ricocheting through my body, wiping my thoughts clean out of my mind and finally exploding in my heart, breaking it into pieces.

"W-w-" I stammer as I stare at him blankly. In all our many arguments as hostile as they may have gotten no one has ever said they hated the other.

"I hate you! I can't handle your games anymore and I refuse to let you dominate me anymore… I don't know what I ever saw in you."


Taking a deep breath to hold back the tears I say "So that's the truth huh?"

"Yeah, I unlike you can tell the truth" He pauses to run his hand through his hair "Are you happy now?"

I lost it then and broke down, giving in to the tears and heart ache. He looked away from me once I did but I saw the tears brimming in his eyes.

"Lizzie" George tried to comfort me but I took a step away from him.

Watching Edwin pace in front of me I had to say one last thing before I walked away. "You may hate me Edwin but I never lied to you. I was always myself around you and the feelings I have are real" I pause to let out a sob before moving closer to him so only he hears what I say next "So I hate you too because hating you is easier then loving you"




3 months. 3 long months of hostility and silence from both Edwin and I. We have hardly spoken and whenever we did it was to exchange some nasty remark that just made things worse. So in the end we stopped talking to each other all together and went our separate ways.

Now I am a senior and part of the 'sporting crowd' at school. But others say I'm one of the popular people and I guess it is true. I know all the jocks, the cheerleaders and I play for the Lacrosse Team. On the weekends I play Hockey and Soccer. I'm a good student who aims high and my life doesn't involve Edwin in any way.



3 months. 3 months exactly since our fight to end all fights. Since the infamous Lizzie and Edwin unity came to end. Since I lost my best friend, lost my first crush and finally lost my family.

Dramatic I know but that's how it felt.

A lot has changed in those 3 months. Now I'm a senior, I no longer live at home and unlike Lizzie who is 'popular' I prefer to stick to my own crowd of friends instead of having such a superficial life.

"Ed where the hell did you put my deo?" Derek shouted as he passed me.

"I haven't touched it" I reply uninterested. Derek moved out after graduation and is now at University. Yes the Derek Venturi made it to university (with Casey's help of course) and now lives in a one bedroom apartment that I share with him.

"Ah, found it" He announces picking up a can of Lynx from the pile of papers he has on the desk. I nod and return to my calculus homework.

As I said a lot has changed in 3 months.


A/N: Okay so I know it is a bit (or maybe a lot) far fetched but stick with it. Also I apologize right now for confusing the hell out of you.
So tell me what you think so far whether good or bad because I'm not 100 happy with it.

P.S I just wanna defend Edwin before you start hating him by saying that there are always two sides to a story.