Note: Chapter Four has a tiny more detail of what she had to go through.

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Summary: Mira had gone through many ordeals in the past. She was raped repeatedly by a man named Joseph, forced to watch children die under a vampires hand, forced to watch her now vampires parents suffer, was locked in a room while her brother was changed into a vampire, and was the personal sex slave of the master of the coven Joseph. Joseph was never found by the Volturi, so the Cullen's and Mirabella decided to just leave the past behind. And that plan couldn't have worked out better. Mira was now the reigning teen at PHS in her new home of Minnesota. At least…until a new teacher arrives. Then, her past comes back to haunt her. It seems even the strongest of people, can Never Forget.


"EMMETT!" I screamed as I chased my big brother bear down the stairs. He was holding a box of tampons in his hands while parading around the house with them. This was the third time since I moved into this house a year ago. I was a Junior now, and I just wished he'd show me some more respect. I mean, I'm nearly seventeen and I've been through way more shit that him! We were now in the dining room. Emmett was on one side of the table while I was on the other. "Give me the tampons," I sneered in fury.

"No," he smiled as he took one out. "I wonder if I could fit all of these in my butt. Do you think I could Mira?"

My eyes widened in horror. "Dad!" I screamed. Carlisle stood next to me with a book in hand. "Tell Emmett to hand my tampons over, please!"

"Emmett," Carlisle sighed. "Of all the things you could choose in Mira's bathroom and you go for the tampons. Give them back."

Emmett rolled his eyes and tossed the box to me. I smiled in victory, gave my dad a kiss on the cheek, and walked up the stairs as Emmett was lectured on the importance of tampons. I was almost sorry for him.

I walked past Edward and Bella's room and I heard creaking…and deep breathing. I made a face of disgust. It was Tuesday, great. That was the National Do It Day at the Cullen's. Seriously, that's when all of them had sex. I was going to call up Jason and ask him if I could come over. We started dating over the summer and now we'd be coming back as the reigning couple of the school. He was a senior while I was a junior. It kind of worked out since I was in all of his classes since I was way smarter than him.

I retreated to my room and reached under my bed for a bottle of blue liquid with silver streaks in it. It was the only thing keeping my human. I took a swig of it, making a face. It was way to strong, almost like whiskey. I put the bottle under my bed while the door burst open to reveal Alice arms with a curling iron and make up bag. My eyes widened in horror. "No!" I said while jumping away from her.

"Come on Mira," pleaded Alice. "You know you want to. Jason would like it."

"Are you peaking into my future again?" I asked.

"Yes well, there was another reason as to why you didn't want Emmett in your tampon box. You're not even on your period yet." My eyes widened. "Yes, I know about the condoms you have in there." She said it in a secretive whisper that made me scowl.

I smiled then. "And I know about daddy's credit card you stole to buy that certain something that no one knows about." I knew about her buying a castle in Romania and had kept the secret since January. I was rewarded with a scowl of her own. "Face it Alice, I'm way better at this game than you."

"We'll see Mirabella Cullen," she said before walking out of my room. I rolled my eyes and sat down on my bed. A dead rose that was in a face came to life and I saw Bella come into my room. That's how I always knew my favorite sister of all time would ever come to see me.

"Nice sex hair," I commented as she came in with shorts and one of Edward's shirts. "It really brings out the stench of sex on your skin. And your eyes, you can't forget the eyes."

"Oh ha ha," she smiled before sitting on my bed. "I wanted to ask you something before you leave for Jason. Now…answer this honestly and I'll give you a cookie later."

"Shoot," I said.

"I was wondering if I could plan your birthday party," she said in a hopeful voice. "I know it's in October and all, but I wanted first dibs."

I smiled. "Of course." She gave me a huge hug and I squealed. "No! I'll get Edward's herpes!"

"Hey!" said his voice from a few room downs. Bella busted out laughing along with me. Edward appeared in my room with just some boxers on.

"Ah! It burns!"

"Then don't look you little perve," he said while taking my sister away from me. I watched them exit my room and the bang fest started again. I grabbed my car keys and started my way downstairs.

Jasper was there and he embraced me in a hug. "Be safe and call me when you're on your way home okay?"

"Will do," I saluted him before walking outside and into my yellow Camero. I got into my car and pulled out of the driveway that was surrounded by woods. I put in a mix CD that Emmett made for me and the sound of Linkin Park filled the car. I sang along to it while I turned onto Jason's road. He lived fairly close to our house and he was already waiting for me. Edward had said that his thoughts were all about loving me and I loved that. It was really sweet.

"Hey Mira!" said a little boy that appeared in the doorway. He had the same blonde hair as Jason, but his eyes were green instead of blue.

"Hi Anthony," I smiled as the four year old ran over to me as I got out of the car. I pulled him into a big hug and carried him over to Jason. "Has Jason been a good boy?"

Anthony smiled. "He made me a PBJ sandwich…and read to me!" Anthony was such a sweet little boy. I loved him almost as much as Jason. I gave my boyfriend a kiss on the lips and then gave Anthony a kiss on the forehead.

"Why don't you go find mommy and ask her if I can read you a bedtime story tonight?"

"Okay!" he shouted as he ran into the house. I turned to Jason who had a loving smile on his face. He approached me, taking my hands and swinging them a little.

"I missed you," he murmured as he planted a very loving kiss on my lips. "I can't believe school is tomorrow," he groaned as he embraced me in a hug. "I just wish this summer would never end…" He inhaled my scent as I kissed him on the forehead. "Now I have to worry about college and everything!"

"I'll be right behind you."

"No," he said. He continued in a very hushed voice. "You'll be a vampire once you graduate." Yes, he knew about the whole vampire situation. He didn't know about Joseph though. I was going to wait to tell him that. Oh, but it was hilarious when we told him. His face was priceless. And when I told him if I wasn't Aro's reincarnated daughter he'd be dead, oh that was even more priceless.

"Well, maybe you could be a vampire too," I smiled. He face fell and he paled. "It's just a suggestion you have two years to decide it."

He smiled again before kissing me lovingly on the lips. "Come on, I bet Anthony is going ballistic without you."

The whole day passed with all smiles. Jason and I spent the morning just hanging out in his room and cuddling and…doing things that I know my brothers wouldn't approve of at all. Then Anthony came in and made us watch Shrek. We ate lunch, Anthony took his nap, and now it was nine o'clock at night. I kissed Anthony's forehead as he finally drifted off to sleep. It took about an hour to get him to go to sleep, I didn't mind though. Children were very dear to my heart.

I walked down the stairs to see Jason and his mother helping his father sort through medical papers. His father, Dr. Gregory Smith, worked along side Carlisle. They were really good friends and he even knew about the vampire situation, his wife didn't. That plump, loving woman was too sweet to know.

"Anthony's sleeping," I said as I bent down at kissed Jason. "I have to go before mom and dad start to worry."

"Drive safely," said Peggy, Mrs. Smith. She got up and hugged me with love. "Thank you for watching over Anthony."

"It's no problem."

I hugged Greg and was escorted out into the front year by Jason. We stopped in front of my car, looking into each other's eyes. "I'll see you tomorrow okay."

I nodded, kissing him before going into my car. I pulled out of his driveway and sped down the street. I was just about a few minutes away from the house when my phone vibrated. "What is it Alice?" I asked.

"MIRA! ARE YOU…" the rest of her sentence was block out. Because in front of me, a few hundred yards in front of my car, was a man covered in blood. I used my heightened sight from the potion I took and the man's hair was drenched in blood. Then I saw his facial features and spun the car so that I didn't hit him. The car stopped and I looked out the window. Antonio, my vampire brother, smiled sadly at me and disappeared out of sight.

I dropped my phone, getting out of the car and ran to the exact same spot Antonio had just been. The fresh blood still stained the road. I looked around frantically. He had gotten out! My brother had gotten out! Why did he run though?

"ANTONIO!" I screamed into the air. Hot tear ran down my cheeks as stood up. "ANTONIO!" I clasped to the ground, letting my sobs fill the air around me. Cold arms encircled me and I looked to see Emmett holding me. "I…I saw Antonio! He ran though, why did he run?"

"Shh," he instructed. "Just control your breathing and I'll get you home. Rosalie take the car home." Without warning, I felt the wind pass through my hair and my body clutch to Emmett's. He stopped in a matter of seconds and now I was in the living room of the house. I saw the whole family out of the corner of my eye as Emmett carried me up the stairs. I huddled into his chest as he walked into my room sat on the bed with me on his lap. "Shh…everything will be okay."

"But I saw him," I croaked. "He…his body was drenched in blood."

"I know Alice saw in her vision," he whispered. He kissed the top of my head and stroked my hair.

"He ran away from m-me. W-why?" I asked.

"I don't know Mira," he whispered. "I don't know."


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