Disclaimer: I don't own Twilight

Disclaimer: I don't own Twilight. Obviously.

The Video

Part One of Three

I started running, holding Bella in my arms. Her head lolled to the side as she fell asleep, due to the phenomenal amount of morphine Carlisle injected her with.

It took everything in my power not to speed off, leaving Alice and my father. I knew it was better for my Bella, as Carlisle supported her already-braced leg. I growled thinking about the suffering she had – was – going through.

Calm, Edward, calm. She'll be fine. Alice thought to me, her thoughts radiating comfort. It helped… minimally.

Several agonizing moments later, we gracefully stepped into Phoenix Hospital. The receptionist gasped as she took in the sight of a bloody, limp, girl being carried by an inhumanly beautiful creature also covered in blood.

"I'm her doctor, and I need a stretcher, pronto." Carlisle barked, and the woman picked up a phone and murmured something in it. I wasn't really paying attention; Bella was whimpering in pain.

Suddenly, a clean white stretcher was in front of me, and I gently set her down, Alice straightening out her leg.

Edward, let go. She'll be fine with me, I promise. Carlisle gave me a small smile, and rolled her toward an emergency operating room. My hand unintentionally began to reach to Bella, but I was cut off as Emmett and Jasper came through the door.

"We found something." Jasper spoke, and a diminutive wave of calm tried to enclose my body.

"What?" Alice stood by Jasper, shaking with the memory of the… experience moments ago. Was it only moments ago?

"A tape. It was in a camera directed to James' failed hunt." Emmett withdrew a tape from his pocket.

"We need to get back to the hotel anyway. There we can change… and watch the tape." Alice still sounded awful, but I felt the same. I needed to go, anyway. I might appear out of the ordinary with my blood-soaked clothing.

They paced out of the bleach-smelling hospital, leaving me behind. I took one glance, and then followed them to the stolen car. I could hear in their thoughts that the ballet studio was now in flames, alerting people to its presence.


We slid the tape into the cheap VCR, hoping for it to not be what we knew it for.

A white flash lit the screen, and we could see that… that… there we no words evil enough to describe such a being. My Bella stood a few feet behind him, eyes widening in terror, preparing her body for the pain. But that's not what scared my the most.

Her eyes came across as looking emotionless.