A/N: All of the dialogue is straight from the season 3 finale "Miracles"

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Before My Eyes

"You know how they say that your whole life flashes before your eyes at a near death experience? It doesn't. You don't see everything. Just the things you love."
-Ted Mosby; Miracles; "How I Met Your Mother-

Lying in a hospital bed in a full body cast is…much less awesome than I'd have expected. I mean, I expected it to be at least a little awesome; but aside from the fact that I got them to set my arm up for high-fives, it's really not that awesome. And there's nothing else awesome to make up for it, except for Ted's admittance of his wrongs and us making up as best-brothers (much more awesome than best friends, true story).

But, then, Ted had to run off and make up with his girlfriend (one upside of a full body cast is that it doesn't affect my ability to roll my eyes), and he left me alone with Lily and Marshall, as Robin was off re-mourning her dead dog…and once again coming to terms with the lameness of her parents in pretending a turtle was really "Sir Scratchuan" (Canadians, honestly!).

Not that I mind Lily and Marshall (aside from the fact that their relationship embodies everything I can't stand in a relationship), they're great. They come out with things like…well, like everything we wound up talking about in Ted's absence.

"Ted said that right before the accident, his life flashed before his eyes," Marshall said. "You know, all the stuff he loves, did that happen to you?" I, however, did not get a chance to answer, as Lily cut right in with her own response…leave it to the married couple.

"Oh, yeah," she said in an excited voice (an obvious attempt to diminish my already firmly established awesomeness). "I know what he saw: Boobs!"

"Scotch," Marshall countered.

"And money!" Lily added, excitedly. And as she spoke, out of the corner of my eye I saw the door swing open, and when I turned my head (as Marshall added "Suits" to this ever growing list of "The Awesome Things Barney Stinson Loves") I saw that Robin had returned.

And I started to remember that moment when the bus hit me, and the excruciating seconds afterwards when what I love really was flashing before my eyes, and what Lily and Marshall were saying became only a dull din in the back of my mind.

A suit of money.

What matters most is this woman before me, this beautiful woman laughing at the jokes that are being made at my expense.

A suit of boobs. A giant boob wearing a suit of money.

And what matters most is her laughter, and the way her face lights up, and the way her hair falls.

And the boob is lactating Scotch.

"I guess that's pretty much everything you love, right?" Marshall finished. And, before I realized that he wasn't asking about what I was thinking about, I'd given my response:

"Yeah, pretty much."

Because that list may have mattered to me before, when I was running down the sidewalks to reach Ted at the hospital, and even when I took that step out onto the street, but the minute that bus collided with me (wrecking my awesome suit), what I really love did flash before my eyes: Robin Scherbatsky.

(But, all that other stuff? The stuff Marshall and Lily were listing? Yeah, that matters, too.)