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Chapter 1:Sasuke The Prick And The Bet

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This time what I want is you
there is no one else
who can take your place
this time you burn me with your eyes
you see past all the lies
you take it all away
I've seen it all
and it's never enough
it keeps leaving me needing you

"Hinata? Hinata? HYUGA-SAN TAKE OFF THAT MUSIC DEVICE AND PUT IT AWAY!!" Hinata's head flung up as she stared into a blood-shot red eyed Asuma.

"Oh I-I erm Asuma-sensei..G-Gomen..," Hinata said taking out her headphones, and smiled nervously

Asuma sighed,"Second warning Hinata the third, and I'm conphiscating it and your parents will have to know,understood? "

Hinata nodded. "Hai,Gomensai again Asuma-sensei," She went and placed her I-pod inside her dull colored traveling bag and turned to 'pay attention', she couldn't help but chuckle, it was pretty funny seeing Asuma-sensei all red like that, he resembled a bright red tomato, well she really wasn't one to talk.

She didn't really need to pay attention in class did she?

She had learned this stuff already it was pretty much expected of Hyugas to be on top, she was the hieress of the Hyuga Corp so it was pretty much a requiriment, Biology class was her most boring class since not one of her friends were in it; Tenten, Temari and Ino, ( the toughest and most nicest girls anyway could ask for friends ) but instead it pretty much consisted of people she could barely stand to be next to.

Hinata could hear soft chuckles, she heard her name being said, than fallowed by a fit a of giggles, she turned one of her silvery pupils and caught a flash of glossy pink-hair

'Sakura?Ugh, doesn't she ever stop talking I swear one day I'll pull her out her pink hair strand by strand..' She thought visicously, obviously pleased with the mental i age she had engraved in her mind, ofcourse she would only think it she would never do it. She took a deep breath and breathed out, closed her eyes and thought about him, a small smile spread to her lips, she couldn't help but let a dreamy look come to her almost felt disgusted with herself, she was acting like those air-headed banshees.


'Damn,' Hinata turned her head to look at the commotion and it's cause. 'More like Sasu-gay-kun' Hinata laughed mentally at her own joke.' I need to tell the girls that they'll love it.'

"Ah so now you decide to join us Uchiha-san?"Asuma said, looking at Sasuke with a stern look on his beareded face. Sasuke looked at Asuma with a charming smile.

"Ah sorry Asuma-sensei I was busy helping out my neighbor who by the way is an elderly, feed her cats she has lots of them and bring her groceries."


Hinata twitched,'How could anyone actually believe that?I'm sure Asuma-sensei wouldn't even buy that-'

"Ah Sasuke your so kind don't worry about it just take your seat ok? " Asuma said, signing Sasuke's late slip.

'You gotta be kidding me right?!'Hinata thought sweat-dropping.'Are these people a couple of dead brains or something?'

Sasuke Uchiha was one of the top male students he was very handsome, envy of most guys and the hearththrob of all the girls in the school; that is except her, Tenten,Temari, and Ino ( an ex-groupie that manged to escape the brainwashing of Saucey-kun).She laughed inwardly again, another one she had to tell them.

Hinata couldn't understand why the girls liked him sure he was very handsome she'd give him that but nonetheless he was a jerk, had an ego that she couldn't believe could actually fit through the door and he was a horrible person, out of every girl in the shool Hinata found only herself, Tenten, Ino, and Temari who actually didn't swoon over she actaully did a survey.

It was pretty sad.


She was already gone, Hinata quickly got up and flung the bag over her shoulders, and made her way hastily across the she made her way across the class she felt a jolt of pain as a huge back-pack connected with her jaw and sent her flying about two feet, she landed on her butt, her eyes closed tight, and her chin throbbing with pain.

"Hey,white-eyes watch where the hell your going next time!"Hinata opened her eyes, as she looked dead into Sasuke's dark coal eyes.

"But you-"

"Whatever freak just watch out ok," Sasuke said before turning around and his fangirl groupies fallowed him giggling like hysterical maniacs.

'That fucktard is so dead'


(Hinata's POV)

I swear there is something wrong with that jerk! He's the one that bumped in to me!I felt my jaw, it was still a little sore no bruises that's good but that hurt! And the nerve! Not even bothering to apologize!? I threw my history books into my locker it landed with a loud clang as I grabbed my geomatry and english books from my locker.

"Bastard that prick!Manwhore!!" I said bitterly, alot of other colorful words I could remember was escaping my mouth.

Yes, I Hinata Hyuga can swear, too.

"Whoa! Hina-chan you have a colorful vocabulary now don't you? "

I turned around and one of my best friends, Tenten came walking to me a cheeky grin on her perfectly tanned face, her bangs hung in her eyes loosely as the rest of her perfectly colored brunnette hair was tied into two messy buns on each side of her head, Tenten was a tomboy, she was very pretty but it was hard to see that since she was just so boyish, but I wasn't any better.

She wrapped her arm around my neck and smiled down at me."So what's wrong shorty? Who's neck do I need to ring? Huh?" I couldn't help but chuckle she was always so protective.

"It's just Sasuke that heartless bastard he almost knocked one of my teeth out in Asuma-sensei's class with his back-pack it was like he had a bunch of fudging rocks in there! He hit me and he had the nerve to actually tell me to watch out!!" I practically yelled at her, a few people stopped to stare.

"Awwh Hina-chan!" She hugged me. "Don't worry hes a jerk and soon he'll get what's coming to him." She ruffled my hair, she knew how much I hated that chicken style butt-head, I'm not sure if that made sense but whatever! He stole his hair style from a chicken there I said it! Oh boy that felt good..

"Hina, just take your mind off that lifeless jerk it's a free period and Ino and Tema are getting restless so we gotta go meet them ok?" She told me, I nodded.

"Oh and boy do I need to tell you this joke I came up with," I told her, giggling.


(Sasuke's POV)

"I'm sorry I hate chocolate and is that really supposed to be cookies? Try again this time actually make them look like real cookies." I said handing the girl her confession gift back into her arms. I ran a finger through my hair and gave her a small smile that she practically melted for.

Boy did it feel good to be King.

"H-Hai..I-I'll t-try ag-agian Sasuke-k-kun," She said, a red blush visible on her face, as she scurried away.

"That was nicest letdown he had said, ever," I heard Naruto whisper to Shikamaru.

I grinned."What Naruto haven't you ever gotten a confession?" I told him, he glared at me.

"Ofcourse I have!"I knew he was lying. I sat down next to my friend Neji who had a bored expression on his face, his white-eyes looking nowhere in particular.

I turned my attention to Naruto."It's not really my fault I can actually make any girl in this god forsaken school fall to my feet and worship it."Naruto was about to speak but he shut his mouth because he knew he was speechless right there, in that subject.

"Hn."I heard Neji say.

I turned to him."What?I'm lieing," I asked him, grinning.

"It's just that not every girl will swoon over you,so techinacally you aren't really 'King' " Neji told me like a know - it - all. I glared at him, what the hell was he talking about every girl liked me--

Oh yeah, that one.

"I'm just saying my cousin isn't into you, she hardly cares for you wait scratch that she doesn't care what happens to you." Neji said looking straight at me.

"HAHAHA So the Teme really can't get every girl!" Naruto said grinning, mockingly at me, and I saw Neji smirking trimphuntly at me, and Shikamru was snoring..again.

I wasn't about to be out-beaten by this guy no way!

"Whatever, I bet she's just playing hard to get anyway."I said trying to execute the subject but he just wouldn't back-off!

"So Uchiha you aren't all high and mighty are you now?" Neji taunted.

"Ahaha, Sasuke sucks!!" Naruto was laughing, I twitched.

"Shut-up Dobe!!" I yelled and threw my book at him, he ducked and stuck his tongue at me.

This was all Neji's fault!!

"Oh yeah!!Well I bet you I can make her fall for me!" I yelled at him a confident smile on my face, Neji smirked at me.

"Care to make that a bet?" He asked me.

"Hell yeah!!"I told him smiling like an idiot, God I feel like Naruto, Neji took out his hands and held it up in a handshake.

"I wage 10,000 yen that you cannot seduce my younger cousin." He said grinning at me.

"Oh yeah?!10,000 I can!"


(Noyone's POV)

Laughter could be heard through out the resting area of Yoshino High. "Hina that's so funny!" Tema said wiping her giggled.

"I suppose." She wrapped her arms around my neck and gave me a light nuggie.

"Awwhh Hina-hime soo kawaii!!"

"Ah look, if it isn't the freakshows."The girls all stopped and stared, Sakura was standing there with her two other groupiies grinning behind her.

"Oh come on Sakura just leave us alone why don't you?"Ino said getting in the pinkette's smirked.

"Ah so Ino finally became lower then trash thought it wasn't possible?"

"Ok,Look I don't what's your problem just leave ok?" Temari said letting go of Hinata.

"Seriously get a life stop chasing boys and bieng an iggnorant bitch ok?"

"Suna bitch,who was talking to you huh?Barely legal." Sakura retorted back.

"Why you-" Temari said ready to pounce,and would have clawed out Sakura's eyes if Hinata hadn't stopped her.

"Yeah hold that barbarian back." Sakura smiled.

"Tema she's not worth it ok?" Hinata said, calming down her friend.

"Yeah that's right white-eyes calm down your animal."

"WHAT!?" Now everyone was holding Hinata down from ripping Sakura.

"Hina calm down ok?"Temari said, and Tenten were tring to calm her down, while Ino turned to look at Sakura.

"Leave!"She told her strictly and Sakura turned around laughing with her friends.

"I can't believe you were ever friends with that pink-haired bitch!" Temari told Ino.

"Well she wasn't always a pink-haired bitch..she had brown hair."


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