Title: Pregnancy- A Curse and Blessing

Description: What happens when two characters gets pregnant at the same time? It means double trouble, please R&R, I'd really appreciate it :)

Disclaimer: Inuyasha and its characters belong to Rumiko Takahashi.


Chapter 1: Do Old Feelings Really Die?

Sango giggled as Miroku nibbled on her ear playfully, "Miroku," she said through her laughter, "cut it out…stop," but it was too hard for him to take her seriously when she was laughing.

Their playing continued until they heard a crash from outside. Both stopped a little alarmed, but then Miroku continued what he was doing, uninterested. "Miroku, Mi..Miroku, what do you think that noise was?" she couldn't help from smiling as he moved to her neck. Her curiosity was trying to keep him off of her even though it felt so good.

"It was probably just a stray dog or cat, come on Sango," he pulled her to him, "I would have sensed a demonic aura, so would you," Sango wasn't fully convinced and used her hand to barely press on his chest, but he was so good at persuading her to stay put.

Miroku moved even closer to Sango, his body almost touching hers and he began kissing her neck again. Sango took a deep breath with her mouth opened, letting him take charge, forgetting all about the noise at this point.

But then they heard an urgent knock on their hut door. Yet again Miroku didn't want to let Sango go and she was taken back into the pleasure. Then another knock sounded.

"Miroku, Sango, are you awake," Kagome called from outside as quietly as possible.

Sango looked at Miroku with a sorry kind of look before getting up and fixing the top of her kimono back onto her shoulder and fixed her hair. She stopped at the door before rubbing her hands down her skirt as to get the wrinkles out.

She opened the door to find a distressed looking Kagome waiting meekly for the door to open, she looked as though she was a child who had had a nightmare and wanted comfort from her parents.

"I hope I didn't wake you," Kagome said looking from Sango to Miroku in the background.

"No, it's ok, we weren't asleep," Sango replied then got a good look at Kagome's expression, "What's wrong Kagome?" she asked kindly.

"Can I talk to you Sango," Kagome asked with a hint of begging in her eyes, "I really need to talk to someone."

Sango nodded slowly, "Of course," she then turned to Miroku, "Can we talk in here," she asked him hoping he wouldn't complain.

Miroku sighed looking at Kagome, "Yeah."

As he stood, Kagome told him, "Inuyasha is still awake if you want to go over there," her eyes stared at their hut floor blankly; she didn't even like saying his name at the moment.

Miroku and Sango eyed each other curiously before he finally headed out. Sango turned to Kagome, "Do you want some tea or anything," she offered, not really knowing what to say. Kagome shook her head, still gazing at the floor, "Hmm mm," she replied.

Sango was going to offer her to sit down, but Kagome obliged herself and settled down on Miroku and Sango's furnishings.

"So what's going on," asked Sango concerned, she was sure she hadn't seen her this way before, that is not since…oh no, could this have something to do with Kikyo again?

Kagome didn't know how to start so she just started rambling as she started crying, "Inuyasha and I had a huge fight and he brought up Kikyo and we were talking about our future, but he can't stop thinking about her even though he's with me now and…," she was sobbing harder now.

'So that must have been what the crash was,' thought Sango, 'her telling him to sit.'

"Oh Kagome," spoke Sango caringly as she tried calming her by giving her a friendly hug, "well you don't know for sure, why don't you just talk to him…" she wasn't sure what to say in these sort of situations, what were the right words?

Kagome shook her head as she pulled from the hug and looked her seriously in the eyes, "What if he still loves her, I don't think I can take that anymore," she sniffled the last of her crying away.

What if those old feelings hadn't died?

"Well Kagome, you've stood by him all this time and understood what he was going through, if you really love him…"

"But Sango, Inuyasha loves Kikyo, there's no place for me in his heart," she whimpered at the thought.

"Yes there is, he loves you Kagome."

"But what happens when we get our life going together, I can't stop thinking what he could be doing with her when he's not with me," Kagome shook her head, trying to block the image of him kissing Kikyo.

Sango honestly didn't know what to say for her, Miroku wasn't perfect and still flirted with other women, but she was sure he would never actually go all the way with them.

Either Kagome could let it go and still worry where he goes off by himself or make him choose resulting in things turning out rotten anyway.

It was a no win situation for any of them, including Kikyo and Sango couldn't answer her questions.

So after comforting Kagome the best she could, she finally felt able to return to her own hut next door, still a bit confused.

A few minutes later Sango smiled as she saw Miroku reenter the hut, smiling at her as well.

But before he did anything else he asked, "Was Kagome alright, she still looked a little sad."

Sango's smile faded, "She's going through a rough time with Inuyasha, she thinks that he still has feelings for Kikyo and it has her worried," she explained.

Miroku shook his head, "He shouldn't go around playing with her feelings like that."

"Yeah," Sango totally agreed as she stared at the floor in thought, hoping her friends would be alright.

She looked back up at Miroku and was surprised to see a seductive smile and one eyebrow rose which made her smile again.

"Now where were we?" Miroku asked teasingly as he made his way onto their bed where she sat.

Sango's smile grew; strange that she had once been so shy towards him, now it seemed so natural and right. Miroku kneeled down at her and put his hands on her cheeks and kissed her passionately.

Soon both were on the floor, finishing what they had started.

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