Chapter 21: Through the First Years

A/N: this chapter is kind of Kagome's memories on the first few years, like on the show.

Kagome's POV:

I still can't believe it's been five months and a week since Inuyasha and I were blessed with little Izayoi. Inuyasha and I finally got married here in the Feudal Era a few weeks later and I even got my priestess duties back on track with some help from Kaede. Just like us, Miroku and Sango have their hands full as well with their son, Toru. It seems so natural now to have Izayoi and Toru in our lives, we couldn't imagine life without them.

End of POV

Miroku sat Indian style on a rock beneath a waterfall, washing away the hectic day and clearing his mind to relax. He closed his eyes to better concentrate. It was useless to clear his mind as he began thinking of all the wonderful things he had in his life. He had Sango who he loved very much and a beautiful son who he loved just as much if not more. He also had wonderful friends and all he could ever ask for. A smile crept on his upon his lips as he felt even more blessed, he wouldn't change it for anything.

"Thank you Lady Kagome, by the way how is your daughter doing?" asked the village woman whose son Kagome just helped treat.

Kagome smiled, "Oh good now, it was just a little cold, thank you for asking," she said as she gathered her things.

"Take care Lady Kagome," she bowed before Kagome exited her hut and towards her own. As she was about to enter, Sango opened the hut to hers and Miroku's hut, "Hey Kagome, do you mind taking a look at Toru please."

Kagome nodded and followed Sango in their hut. Sango picked Toru up in her arms and handed him over to Kagome, "He has somewhat of a fever and he hasn't settled down," she explained with worry.

"I believe it's something like Izayoi had, it's easily cured," Kagome handed him back to her and got some medicine from her bag. She had to force it in Toru as Sango held the 5 month old.

"Now if he gets plenty of sleep, the fever should come down and he will be fine within the next day," Kagome told her with a smile.

"Thank you, Kagome," Sango told her and gently laid her son on his bed.

"Well I better get going, see you later Sango," Kagome waved goodbye before heading out. She sighed, glad that her priestess duties seemed to be tapering off for the day. All she wanted to do now was hold her daughter.

She entered hers and Inuyasha's hut to see him struggle with Izayoi's clothes; it seemed he couldn't button it right.

"Kagome," he growled, "how do you put these clothes we got from your time on her anyhow?"

Kagome chuckled, forgetting that she had stuck him with getting things ready for their trip. She kneeled down and buttoned Izayoi up in her cutesy baby outfit. Kagome lifted Izayoi in front of her and started talking to her, "Are you ready to see your family Izayoi, they're going to love you."

Izayoi wasn't sure what her mother was saying, but she giggled her excitement.

"That's my precious girl," Kagome cooed as she hugged her. Inuyasha slung a bag over his shoulder, "Alright I think that's everything, are you ready?"

Kagome nodded then turned to Shippo, "Well Shippo, you be good for Miroku and Sango, ok?"

Shippo gave her a huge smile and nodded, happy that he was going to get to spend some time with his other friends.

"Shippo, good?" Inuyasha said then laughed. Shippo glared at him, "Hey I can be good," he defended.

"Inuyasha," Kagome warned, "I think I may still know the spell that Kaede enchanted that necklace with," she said still holding Izayoi as she went out of the hut.

Inuyasha fell silent and stared at her with his mouth hung open, " wouldn't do that, would you," he stuttered.

Kagome shrugged as she still walked, "Bye Shippo," she said. Shippo ran to the hut door and waved, "Bye Kagome, bye Izayoi," then he looked up at Inuyasha who was still standing at the door with a stunned face, Shippo smiled slyly at him.

Inuyasha took a deep breath before following Kagome, hoping she was only bluffing.


"What a perfect little granddaughter," Kagome's grandfather said as he held his great granddaughter. Izayoi giggled at the funny looking wrinkly man holding her.

Kagome smiled at the scene, loving every minute of it. Inuyasha dropped their bag by the door.

"Why haven't you brought her to see us sooner," grandpa asked with a hint of sternness in his voice as he handed Izayoi to Kagome's mother.

"Sorry guys, we've had a lot go on, the wedding, my priestess duties, Izyaoi getting sick, but since she's better we figured it was the perfect time," Kagome explained.

"Well we know you've had a lot going on Kagome," her mother smiled at her as she rocked her granddaughter lovingly.

"Yeah, we all have, but we're going to stay a couple of days here, if that's alright," said Kagome looking over at Inuyasha who looked like he was still a little afraid of what she had said.

"Of course dear," her mother replied. Kagome smiled; glad she had this time with her whole family.

It was an enjoyable visit that included of family dinners and conversations, shopping for Izayoi to which Inuyasha tried to convince Kagome they could just buy or make her clothes from the feudal era. But Kagome wanted to buy her daughter things from her time and by the time they left they had twice as much to carry back as they brought.


Kagome's POV:

It was interesting to see them grow, it had already been a whole year since they were born...

End of POV

"Dada," Toru said happily as Miroku walked into the hut from his day of demon exorcism in the neighboring villages. Miroku smiled and picked up his son, "Hey my big boy." Sango smiled as she got up from her sitting spot, "Hey, are you ready to go to Kagome's to eat?"

"Do you want to come Kirara?" Sango asked the cat demon who lay on the foot of her bed. Kirara yawned and made herself more comfortable, indicating she didn't.

"What's up with her," Miroku whispered to Sango.

"I don't know, maybe she's getting old," Sango looked at her disappointedly before they exited.

The two walked the little trip over, as Sango now held Toru. Miroku knocked on the door politely even though they were all good friends.

"Come in," came Inuyasha's voice.

Miroku opened the door and looked down to see Izayoi staring up at them, surprisingly standing on her own, "Hi," she said happily before she sat back on the floor and crawled over to her mother.

Miroku chuckled, "Well that was a nice greeting," he said.

Sango went over and handed Toru to Kagome who wanted to see him as she waited her soup to cook, but Toru had other plans. He struggled in Kagome's arms and reached his hands out to Izayoi.

"Ok," Kagome said surprised as she set him down next to Izayoi.

"Hi," Izayoi said cutely as she began to play with one of her toys. Kagome laughed and turned to Miroku and Sango, "That's the only word she'll say."

"Hi," Toru repeated.

Sango smiled at her son, "He's never said that before."

Izayoi handed Toru a toy and they played together. The proud parents watched them play before supper was ready.

Soon a small kitsune entered the hut, sneaking in, in hopes he wouldn't be caught, but then, "Shippo," Kagome said sternly, "where have you been?"

"Uh," he stuttered looking up at his friends, "Just out," he shrugged and gave her an innocent smile.

"I want you to tell me where you're going when you are gone so long Shippo," Kagome said fixing everyone a plate of food and bowl of soup.

"Feh, Shippo can take care of himself," Inuyasha said taking his plate.

Kagome rolled her eyes she still would like to know where he went, he barely spent time with them anymore, perhaps he's just growing up, and Kagome sighed at this thought.

She couldn't believe the babies were already one for that matter, it seemed like only yesterday they were born.


Kagome's POV:

Being a parent isn't always easy and sometimes gave us hard outcomes. Like when they were two years old.

End of POV

"Mine," Toru said angrily as he hugged Hiraikotsu to him and looked at his mother with a determined look.

"No sweetie, that's mommy's Hiraikotsu, mommy needs it," she said and although she was getting frustrated she kept the sweetness in her voice. Sango came closer to her weapon, she was already wearing her slayer outfit.

"Mine," Toru said holding the tip of the boomerang closer.

"Mommy needs it to slay a demon sweetie, please give it back," she said kneeling down in front of him. The door of the hut opened and in walked Miroku. Sango turned, "What happened?" she asked.

"The demons are gone Sango," Miroku told her. He was about to ask what her delay was, but then saw the problem, "Uh oh."

"Yeah, Miroku he can't keep taking our things from us, especially when we need them," Sango told him.

"Well just take them from him, he has to learn," Miroku explained going over to them, causing Toru to claim ownership again.

Sango placed a hand on her forehead defeated, "Then he'll cry."

"Well like I said he has to learn," Miroku took her boomerang from Toru and as Sango predicted he started crying. Sango started to pick him up, but Miroku stopped her, "Let him cry, it's all part of learning."

Sango stood up and sighed just watching him cry, hating it came down to it.

"Besides, you shouldn't be fighting now," Miroku said as he came from behind her and put his arms around her and rested his hands on her stomach, "if we're trying for another baby."

Sango turned to him and took a deep breath, figuring he was right.

Kagome put a straw in a juice box and handed it to Izayoi who began to drink from it, knowing it was good for her to start learning to do things herself. Kagome smiled at her daughter. She had been a perfect little angel so far in her life time, she just hoped that the bad reputation that a two-year old got was just rumors.

Izayoi frowned and gave a angry grunt as she threw her juice box across the hut, where it fell to the middle of the floor and leaked out. Kagome's eyes widened and she looked at her daughter, her mouth gaped, "Izayoi," she said, surprised at her attitude.

Izayoi just giggled and clapped her hands at the mess she made.

Inuyasha had come in just in time to see his little angel's tantrum, "Whoa," he said going over to his daughter and picking her up, "what the…."

"Inuyasha," Kagome warned. Inuyasha had a tendency to say what he wanted, but now that their daughter was repeating things, she tried breaking him of that or at least for the time being.

"Yeah yeah," Inuyasha groaned, "so what happened?"

"Terrible twos," Kagome answered with a sigh as she cleaned up the mess.

"Dada," Izayoi squealed wanting him to play with her. Inuyasha smiled at her and began tossing her in the air and catching her. Izayoi laughed.

"Inuyasha," Kagome said, "she just made a mess, don't you think we should start punishing her."

"Ah Kagome, let her have some fun," Inuyasha told her continuing to play with Izayoi.

Kagome shook her head; he was going to have to learn that his sweet little angel was going to act up and need to be disciplined.


Kagome's POV:

Both of them grew into their own personalities, Izayoi had always been quiet and happy child, but Toru always seemed to get into miscief and sometimes took after his father.

End of POV

Inuyasha, Kagome, Miroku and Sango were outside talking as they watched three year olds Toru and Izayoi running around, playing with each other. They had grown to be close friends over the past year. They took their glances of their children for a few moments.

Izayoi ran up to her parents, "Mommy," she said, "Toru touched me," she put a hand on her rear for emphasis, it was apparent it made her a little uncomfortable. Kagome gasped, surprised. Inuyasha glared over at Miroku with a low growl. Miroku looked around nervously.

"Oh I'm so sorry Kagome," Sango told her, it clearly had only be for play, but it wasn't something she wanted her son to be doing even if he didn't know how serious it was.

"It's not your fault Sango," Kagome said and picked Izayoi up and positioned her on her hip, "but I really think Miroku should have a talk with him," she said before going into the hut to explain to her daughter what happened.

"You better monk," Inuyasha agreed, still glaring at him with a fatherly look.

Miroku laughed nervously, "I know." He looked over at Sango who was glaring at him as well with her arms crossed. He was certainly outnumbered. He got up and went over to his son who had started playing by himself with some toys in the grass.

"Toru," spoke Miroku, wondering how he would explain this, he wasn't exactly one to judge.

Miroku rubbed the back of his neck and sat down in front of his son, "Um, did you um, touch Izayoi son?"

Toru just nodded as he continued, "Well you…there's a certain," he sighed, this wasn't easy. By this time Toru stared up at him waiting on him to spit it out.

"Boys and girls have certain areas that are their own special areas…" Miroku began as Toru stared blankly at him.

"Izayoi doesn't want you to touch that special area, but when you're much much older, and please don't tell your mother I said this, you can touch a girl's area when you're ready, ok?' Miroku finished hoping he got the point.

"Ok, daddy," Toru said before playing with the toys again. Miroku nodded, "ok," he said figuring he got the message through.

He got up and headed back to Sango since Inuyasha had gone inside in case Kagome needed help.

"So did he understand?" Sango asked eyeing him sternly.

"I think so," he said looking over at Sango with a small smile, she was definitely not going to like this side of her son when his father had done it so many times to her and other women in the past.

'Oh why did the curse have to live on?' Miroku thought.

Kagome's POV:

It was exciting seeing thier first years of life, but made us even more curious on what was to come for our children, we only could hope they lived happy lives.


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